Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

13 Borrowing Strength From Xiangyu, The King!

Chen came from a village, and his family’s financial situation was not in a good shape. Before all of this, Chen had always skipped class to work at a part time job to buy an iPhone for Yao Bingbing. Sometimes, he would simply eat a bun instead of having a proper meal. As a class counselor, Lin Xiang had been very concerned for Chen. They had met at the school cafeteria twice, and she had offered to buy Chen a proper meal. It may not be much, but for Chen, that was a very warm-hearted and timely assistance! Chen was determined to rescue her from this tough situation.

“Chica! Your brother owes us some money, and today is the due date! Pay up, or you’re coming with us!” A burly man was yelling at her.

There were three more followers behind him. All of them were looking at Lin lustfully. Their eyes were running up and down her curvaceous body.

Lin Xiang was twenty-four years old. She was one of the researchers of Green Vine University. Due to her excellent results, she was offered a tutoring job at Green Vine University. That was how she became Chen’s class counselor. Compared to other university girls, Lin Xiang had a sense of grace and maturity. She was five foot five, athletic, long legs. Also, her derriere was breathtakingly voluptuous. Her breasts were well-developed and sumptuous, almost perfectly shaped. From the side, they looked like two great, marvelous mountains. Moreover, they boasted the impressive E cup size! Other than her curvaceous figure, her facial features were beyond perfect. Her skin was as fair as the first snow of winter. She also had a waist-length and silky midnight black hair. In addition to that, she had an unusually attractive oval face, with Miss Universe-like impeccable features. It was impossible to spot a flaw on her face. She was every man’s dream girl. It was perfectly normal for a man to fantasize about her.

“Boss! I’m begging you right now! Please give me a few days to come up with the money that he owes you.”

Lin Xiang’s eyebrows were furrowed. Chen could not help but be entranced by her sorrowful look. He had an urge to hug her in his warm embrace and caress her.

“Cut the bullshit! My boss, Crazy Bill gave you a death penalty if you fail to return our money today. We will sell you to the Bewitching Brothel!”

“I did the calculations. You will receive three hundred Yuan for every “transaction” that you make. You will have to complete a thousand “transactions” to return the three hundred thousand Yuan that your brother owes Crazy Bill! Don’t you worry, I will make sure to ask few of my brothers “support” you!” the guy with the black face laughed sleazily.

“Hehehe… Just come with us, Chica.”

Three of his followers gave out their own sleazy laughs as they stretched out their hands to grab hold Lin.

“Don’t you dare touch me! I’m going to scream!”

Lin came from a rather poor family. She had always been oppressed throughout her life. Also, she was known for being soft-spoken and kind. Faced with a situation like this, tears started to flow down her eyes.

“Oh, please scream. Scream your throat raw! Nobody will come and rescue you! The louder, the better. Hehehe…”

The four of them were laughing lustfully. They even had the urge to push her on the ground take her on the spot. At that moment, Chen showed up like a hero and gave the four of them a gaze of death.

“Where did this weak shit come from? Do you have a death wish? Mind your own business!”

The guy with a black face stepped forward. Three of his followers stepped in right after him. They puffed their chests up and approached Chen.

“Chen! Run away! Just leave me…” Lin got really nervous.

Although Lin really needed someone to rescue her right now, in her eyes, Chen was just an ordinary student who actually almost failed his fitness test. How would it be possible for him to fight off four gangsters? She certainly did not want Chen to get hurt. Her kindness was really beyond amazing.

“Don’t be afraid Ms. Lin. I will not let them hurt you.”

Chen’s eyes blinked and four tags started to show up above their heads.

Combat power: 7

Combat power: 8

Combat power: 9

Combat power: 10

Obviously, he was nowhere close being their match. However, Chen was unafraid, having figured out the other functions of the Netherspirit Battlescouter.

“I wish to borrow the power of Xiangyu, The King.” Chen said softly. Instantly, the Netherspirit Battlescouter spun like a giant wheel, and countless ancient characters released some mysterious divine strength. The power linked Yin and Yang together. It was like the heaven and earth had a radical change. The power of Xiangyu, The King was being channeled into Chen’s body.


Combat power: 5000

“Oh my God! This is the true strength of Xiangyu! The power that would allow me to fight against one thousand enemies!” Chen trembled in excitement. He felt like a powerful king. No mortal being would be able to fight against him. His body was fired up. In his vein danced the blood of heroes. This was the true man! The true hero! Chen had never felt like this before. From today onwards, his soul will thirst for more power, and he would fight for it.

“Little shit! Did you hear me? I’m going to count to three. You better get lost before we beat you up real bad!” The guy with the black face yelled at him and rubbed his fists. He stepped in, fist raised.

Among the four gangsters, he was the strongest one of them all, with a combat power of ten. However, in Chen’s eyes, he was just as weak as an ant. No, he was like a speck of dust.

“I want the four of you to kneel in front of Ms. Lin and beg for forgiveness!” Chen said calmly.

“Asshole, do you have a screw loose somewhere? Or are you just really stupid?! Since you have a death wish, I grant it to you!”

The guy with the black face lost his patience. He rushed to Chen like a bull, sending a fist flying at his face.

“So slow…”

Chen did not even try to dodge the punch. In Chen’s eyes, he was like a lagging in-game character.

“Chen! Run!….”

Lin was certain Chen was going to lose all his teeth. She squeezed her eyes shut, bracing for it;

“Ouch! It hurts!”

The guy with black face was shouting in agony. When Lin opened her eyes, she saw the black faced man’s fist being crushed in Chen’s grip. He was screaming in pain. His face was twisted, and his forehead drenched in sweat.

“Do you want to kneel now?” Chen said calmly, a powerful dominating aura coming out from him.

“F*ck you! I have never kneeled in front of anyone, since the day I became a gangster, for the last ten years!” The black face guy gnashed his teeth in anger and said.

“Very well. I respect you for that. You’re a true man.” Chen’s stare turned ice-cold and lifted up his hand to slap him.


It was like an explosion. The man flew sixteen feet away.


A mouthful of fresh blood came out from the mouth of black face guy. He lay motionless.

“How about you guys? Are you going to kneel and beg for forgiveness or do you want to become “true men”, like your boss?” Chen gave them a gaze of death.

The three of them were scared to death as Chen turned his deadly gaze upon them.

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