Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

15 It’s You! My Goddess!

“I’ve changed? I don’t think so…” Chen was shocked.

“You look tanned! You definitely bulked up from the last time I saw you. Also, you definitely look manlier now!”

Lan’s magical and magnificent eyes were filled with wonder and curiosity. It was really hard to believe that there was such a huge transformation on Chen’s body in just five days.

“Hehehe! It was because I worked out every day to gain a better body.” Chen scratched the tip of his nose. Chen was so happy when he received compliments from her goddess. The effort that he put in his body was not wasted.

“Training? Are you planning to join sports day?” Lan asked.

She was the president of student council. Naturally, the first thing that came across her mind was sports day.

“Sports day? I have never thought about it.” Chen shook his head and said.

The only reason that motivated him to workout, was that he wanted to become a real man, like Xiangyu! He wished to possess the strength that allowed him to fight against ten thousand people and enjoyed the feeling of overlooking the other mortal beings who were beneath him.

“Actually, you can consider joining the sport day. Girls normally like sporty boys.” Lan said.

“That means you like them too?” Chen smiled and said.

“Yes! A man should act like man! I like to see men sweat it out on the field! Also, I like watching them get boiled up as they compete against each other.”

Lan was a girl who came from rich and prestigious family. She was more open and knowledgeable compared to other people. Also, she was pretty open when it came to relationships. It was so different as compared to the other ordinary, mild-mannered girls who were clueless about their own desires.

“Hehe… I must work harder from now on!” There was a rush inside his heart.

It was natural for every man to pursue their dream girl, but most of them were weak when it came to real action. Since Chen joined the Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms, he had turned a lot of impossibles to reality. He could do anything that he wanted to do right now.

“Alright! I’m going to make my dream girl my girlfriend!” Chen was going to try to pursue Lan.

“Right. It is still early. What else do you want to do other than having a meal with me?” Chen changed the topic.

He put aside the sports day matter because he had planned to give Lan a big surprise.

“You mentioned to me that you wanted to buy a house, Right? I checked out a few other houses, and I’m going to show them to you today.” Lan said.

“You are so busy all the time but you still helped me to search for houses!” Chen was touched.

Shortly after, the two of them begun their journey. Lan was a thoughtful and smart girl. The lots that she chose were from some very well-thought out choices. All of them were perfect for Chen’s parents. The real estate agent offered a twenty percent discount because her family was well-known in Green Vine City. For example, if the lot had cost one million Yuan, Chen would actually save two hundred thousand Yuan.

“What do you think after seeing so many houses. Do you see the one that you like?” Lan asked.

“I like all the houses that you chose.” Chen put on his genuine smile. He liked Lan even more now.

This goddess might look ice-cold all the time. In addition to that, she also came from the richest and the most prestigious family in Green Vine City. However, if she became someone’s wife, she would definitely be the most devoted wife.

“Even though you like all of them, you can’t buy them all, right? Just pick one and I will do the talking. You should be able to get at least a thirty percent discount,” Lan said.

Chen thought about it for a while and said, “My mom and dad live in a very simple house. They are worried that they can’t get used to drastically more luxurious conditions. So, I’ll get the last bungalow that we saw. But, I don’t have enough money. I’ll have to come back next time.”

“You are such an extraordinary son…” Lan’s dreamy eyes glazed over. Her impression towards Chen was getting better and better.

“My dad and mom are farmers. They worked really hard to support me in order to study in the city. Now, I have the ability to make their life better. I want to give them the best of everything.” Chen said it earnestly.

“Good lots will get sold off really fast. I’m willing to cover part of the cost for you first. You can always pay me back later.”

Lan took out a “Black Card” and proclaimed in a regal, strong voice, “Manager, I would like to pay using my “Black Card”. I’m taking the ninth bungalow.”

This was not a small amount. The bungalow cost thirty-five million! And, Lan just paid for Chen casually. She was an impressive woman. Initially, Chen did not want Lan to cover the part of the cost for him, but she had already swiped her card out. All that he could do right now was to return the money to her as soon as possible.

“You did me a great favor today! Just choose a restaurant that you wish to go. I’m going to pay for it.” Chen said gratefully.

“Alright!” Lan said it instantly. She did not protest, wisely allowing the man to have his pride.

After that, the two of them drove to Fragrant Lake Restaurant. When they reached the front door of the restaurant, Chen’s face turned sour. There was a couple walking towards the door as well. They were none other than Yao Bingbing and Shi Mingwei.

“Asshole! I’m seeing this poor farmer everywhere! What a bad day!” Shi said it pointedly. However, Bing’s facial reaction was really complicated. Recently, she had always been thinking about the six million cash that Chen had received earlier. She was so regretful about breaking up with Chen. Also, she did not sleep and eat well.

She even considered reconciling with Chen. But, seeing Chen with Lan the goddess, she gave up the thought completely. As compared to Lan, Bing was a pile of thrash. Unless, Chen suffered some kind of brain damage from the kick of a donkey, he will never accept Bing again.

“Shi Mingwei, this is a public place. Please watch your words!” Lan stared at him with her ice-cold gaze. It looked a freezing ray that was going for his very soul.

“Hmph! That’s none of your business!” Shi curled his lips in disdain. There were three words written on his face; I DON’T CARE! He did not feel the need to flatter and fawn on her, knowing that she had no regard for him at all.

“It’s like talking to a cow!”

Lan rolled her eyes at Shi and said, “Chen, let’s go in. We don’t have to stand here and waste our precious time talking to this kind of people.”

“I’m disgusted by this pair of couple, I don’t even want to talk to them.” Chen nodded his head and walked into the restaurant.

“Asshole! Hold on right there! Poor farmers like you have no right stepping into Fragrant Lake Restaurant!” Shi couldn’t let them go. So, he rushed to them and stop them from going inside.

“You can’t stop me like this, you dolt! This restaurant does not belong to you!” Chen said unhappily.

“Shut the f*ck up! This restaurant belongs to my friend; Brother Feng. I can kick you out with a call!”

Shi shouted, “Manager! Where the hell is the manager?! Come here right now!”

Soon enough, a man with suit responded and came to him quickly. He smiled and said, “Hey. What brings you here; Master Shi? Your presence brings purpose to our shop.”

This guy had small eyes and chubby face. His words were full of flattery. Without any doubt, Chen knew he was the kind of guy that liked to swarm up to the rich.

“You can stop licking my boots! I want this guy to be kicked out from this restaurant! Now! Immediately!” Shi said arrogantly.

“I’m afraid… That goes against the rules.” The manager hesitated.

Chen was just an ordinary guy. It was easy to kick him out. But, a gorgeous and graceful lady was standing beside Chen. The manger did not know Lan’s identity because she always stayed in a low profile. However, his trained eyes told him that she was someone who mattered.

Shi still cannot let it go. He said, “Rules? Rules can be thrown away with my relationship with Brother Feng. Do you believe that I will call him right now to fire you?!”

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