Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

16 Such Power!

“Don’t! Don’t! Don’t! Please don’t say something like that, Master Shi. Please hold on for a while.”

The manager was so afraid when he heard the name, Master Feng. He quickly walked towards Lan and said softly, “I’m really sorry Miss. As you can see, there’s nothing much I can do here. Is it possible for the two of you to go to another restaurant? I will give you a twenty percent discount the next time you come here!”

The person that he chose to talk to was Lan. Based on that fact, it showed that the manager did not care about Chen at all. Frankly speaking, he thought Chen was Lan’s boy toy. Not just any boy toy but a very obedient boy toy.

“Fine. We will go to another restaurant.” Lan saw that the manager was being very polite. She had no intention of making the situation any more difficult.

However, Chen was not happy about it at all. He had been ignored by the manager and ridiculed by Shi and Bing. He had a hard time accepting what just happened to him. Also, he was not the yes-man anymore. His mindset towards himself had changed.

“Why should we go to another restaurant? I promised that I will have a meal with you in this restaurant. Nothing is going to change that!” Chen looked really determined. He had made up his mind and he was ready to take the heat as well.

Lan frowned a little and sighed in her heart when she heard things that Chen said. She realized that she had underestimated Chen’s pride.

Shi shouted at the manager, “Manager! Kick him out right now! I will call Brother Feng if you don’t do it right now!”

“Don’t! Don’t! Don’t!” The manager started to panic.

He continued to persuade Lan, “For Christ’s sake, Miss, I’m pretty sure you know who is Master Feng right? Just consider that you are doing Master Feng a big favor. Please, go to another restaurant.”


Lan was slightly shocked. She knew Wenfeng was the inheritor of second biggest family in Green Vine City. However, she did not respond this time. She said softly to Chen, “Chen, you can decide.”

The manager was shocked. He never thought that a graceful lady like Lan will follow Chen’s decision.

“Sir, please do Master Feng a favor!” The manager’s attitude towards Chen changed completely. He was totally licking Chen’s boot now.

“Hmph! If it’s any other person, I will definitely give way without any hesitation. I don’t really care about Wenfeng. This guy has no shame.” Chen said condescendingly.

He had slapped Wenfeng a few nights ago. It was impossible for him to do Wenfeng a favor.

“Douche bag! Stop being so arrogant! Nobody dares to disobey Master Feng! You, wait here! I’m going to call Brother Feng right now! Get your ass ready to be kicked!”

Shi was so angry that he literally screamed out the words. Also, the manager was getting angry as well. He felt that Chen was not being considerate.

“Come here! Check this out!” Chen took out a shiny golden card from his pocket. He shook the card in front of the manager.


The manager had his eyes and mouth fixed on the card. After some time, he shouted in a surprised tone, “I can’t believe you own the Super VVIP card of Wen organization!”


Shi and Bing were so shocked when they saw Chen holding the card. There were only three Super VVIP cards of the Wen organization in Green Vine City. They never expected one of the cards to be possessed by Chen. With this card, Chen could enjoy and utilize the authority of CEO of Wen organization. Even Lan was so surprised that Chen actually owned the card. Her eyes were wide open.

“Fake card! This must be a fake card! He is just a poor farmer! How is it possible for him to possess the real card?!” Shi shouted furiously.

The manager shook his head and said, “Master Shi…..this card is genuine. I can say that to you with absolute certainty.”

Shi’s facial reaction became twisted and the raging contents of his lungs were going to make him explode.

“Now, do I need still need to do Master Feng any favors?” Chen said condescendingly.

Wenfeng might be the inheritor of Wen family. But, the CEO of the family was the one who truly manages the company. That being said, according to the order of things, Wenfeng should be the one respecting Chen. There was no need to do Wenfeng any favors.

“Listen carefully. I want you to kick these two people out of Fragrant Lake Restaurant! Put them both in blacklist. I do not want them to step foot at this place anymore. Chen stared at both of them with the gaze of death. Chen definitely looked like the most powerful man in this world right now.

On the other hand, Shi and Bing felt like they had just been trampled by a thousand horses. It looked like they needed a deep hole to crawl in right now.

“The two of you! Please leave, right now! Fragrant Lake restaurant no longer welcomes the both of you!” The manager said condescendingly. His attitude had flipped over in an instant.

“Please don’t do this to us! I’m Master Feng’s bro!” Shi gritted his teeth and said.

“I don’t care if Master Feng is your bro or your friend! Words that came out from the Sir over there are as powerful as our CEO. I will call security to kick you out if you still refuse to leave this place!” The manager straightened up his face and there was no sense of doubt in his words. Shi was so furious to the point that he wanted to vomit blood. Besides that, Bing looked like she could use some “aloe-vera”. She wanted to slap herself as hard as possible. It was pretty obvious that she suffered a “third degree burn”. She could not understand why she chose to break up with Chen earlier.

After this, Chen and his goddess; Lan entered the restaurant. They became the Super VVIP of the restaurant. On the other hand, Shi and Bing were being cast away like devils. Actually, Bing will not suffer the “burn” if she had not chosen Shi over Chen.

While waiting for the dishes to be served, Chen took out his cellphone and checked on the Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms. He was delighted to see that the deities had started to pour out Red Envelopes into the group. He decided not to care about anything else around him and started to snatch the Red Envelopes with his two hands like nobody’s business.

For the past five days, people were just talking in the group. There were no Red Envelopes to be snatched. This was why Chen is going crazy over it. The chances of getting the Red Envelopes will be increased when there were a lot of Red Envelopes to be snatched. Chen got an Red Envelope after a few seconds.


[Congratulation on getting a Red Envelope from the Howling Celestial Dog. You have received a packet of dog food. It has been deposited inside your treasure chest.]

“What the f*ck! How is possible for the Howling Celestial Dog to give out Red Envelopes? I know I’m a “single-dog”1 but it is totally unnecessary to give me a packet of dog food.”

Chen was confused, and swiped the notification aside without reading any further. He continued to tap on his cellphone.

“Chen, what are you doing?” Lan asked curiously.

“I’m snatching Red Envelopes….Can you entertain yourself for a while….?” Chen did not even lift up his head and look at Lan while he talked to her.

Lan was struck by Chen’s words and she started to become gloomy. She was the most beautiful girl in the university. There were a lot of men did not even have the chance to dine with her. And, here Chen was, neglecting her and snatching some “Red Envelopes” in a stupid cellphone game. Lan curled up her lips and started to get angry.

“Eh? Hold on! Lan Mengchen! What the hell is wrong with you? Why are you getting angry at Chen? Could it be that….you like him?” Lan was shocked and her gorgeous face was full of surprise.

Before this, she always treated other guys coldly. This was how she get the name Ice-Cold Beauty. However, she was getting angry at Chen for neglecting her. This was definitely a dangerous sign! Lan shook her head and tried to calm herself down.

Translator’s footnote

1. Single Dog- Refer to single, unmarried people in China.

2. Howling Celestial Dog- God Erlang’s loyal companion that helps to subdue evil spirit.

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