Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

17 Super Red Envelope


[Congratulations on snatching Duobao Daoren’s Red Envelope. You have received the Pill of Purification. It has been stored inside your treasure chest.]


[Congratulation on snatching The Prime of Tongtian’s Red Envelope. You have received The Ultimate Scripture of Heaven and Earth. It has been deposited inside your treasure chest.]

“Wow! Triple kill! And, I even received The Scripture of Heaven and Earth from The Prime of Tongtian! This is unbelievable!” Chen was literally jumping around out of joy after he heard the notification from his cellphone.

Lan was getting more and more unhappy when she saw Chen behaving like this. Chen was not even impressed when she helped Chen to cover the thirty-five million Yuan for the bungalow that he chose. She couldn’t understand why was Chen getting hyped up over some worthless Red Envelopes. Lan pouted her lips and stared at Chen angrily with her big and dreamy eyes. That was right! Lan was officially getting jealous over some Red Envelopes.

She would never know how valuable and powerful the items that Chen just received. The Prime of Tongtian was one of the Sanqing. He was on the same level with Lord Lao Zi and the Primeval Lord of Heaven. Also, the Prime of Tongtian was the most arrogant, and flamboyant one among the Sanqing. He always did things that were super crazy and cool. His Red Envelope would never disappoint Chen.

As expected, the wave of Red Envelopes that were flooding the group came to a complete halt. It was all replaced by the group members’ words of envy.

Majachenmo: What the f*ck! Who snatched away The Scripture of Heaven and Earth from the Prime of Tongtian? (Unlimited number of shocking emojis)

Jade Emperor: No way! I can’t believe The Prime of Tongtian gave out the scripture of Heaven and Earth! Is he going to take in some apprentice?

God Erlang said: Why didn’t I get anything? Why??!! (Three going crazy emojis)

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King said: Who the hell is Chen Xiaobei? His luck is beyond imagination! (Three staring emojis)

Bull Demon King: Shit! I can’t believe I missed this golden opportunity! I want to become his apprentice! (Three crying emojis)

Guardian of Ground: Chen is the future Great God! Any more space on his legs? I’m so going to hump it!

Heavenly soldier: Great God! I want to hug the furs of your legs!

Looking at the messages and comments that flooded the whole group made Chen really nervous. It was pretty obvious that Chen received a Super Red Envelope. It actually made all those deities so jealous of him. The thing that Chen should be concerned about was the attention that he was receiving from all those deities. There was a saying; rumors surface when one gets too famous. If the true identity of Chen was exposed, he would definitely be expelled from this group. The thing that he was most worried about now came to him without any warning.




His cellphone started to vibrate crazily, he received countless friend requests and the notifications flooded his screen. All kind of deities and demons wanted to be his friend right now. Chen was getting more and more worried. He had a feeling that his good days were coming to an end.

“Prediction… Let me predict my own future first!”

Chen calmed himself down. Luckily, he still had an ultimate item that he could rely on.

“Good prediction! Great luck incoming!”

After his prediction, he finally felt relieved. His prediction skill was failproof.

“If I’m going to have good luck, why should I be worried or afraid! Lan, let’s eat now.” Chen smiled and tossed his phone aside. He decided to let those deities and demons do whatever they wanted to do.

“Hmph!” Lan pouted.

Chen was not stupid. He knew that he had just neglected the most beautiful girl in school to snatch some Red Envelopes. Chen triggered his “Super-Good-Guy” mode. He served her with different dishes and refilled tea for her from time to time. Also, he told a lot of funny jokes to make her laugh.

By the time they had finished their meal, Lan was not angry anymore. She was laughing uncontrollably. Her mood had lightened up again. The night wind was cold and the moon was bright enough to create a soothing effect. The atmosphere of the path in the university was like a warm embrace.

“Chen, I think we are friends. Right?” Lan asked abruptly. 

“Needless to say. Of course, we are friends!” Chen smiled. Looking at Lan’s gorgeous face, his heart was beating faster and faster.”

“Do you want to chill at my house?” Lan asked again.

“Your home? Chill?”

Chen was shocked and said, “Of course, the answer is going to be a yes. But, is it ok for us to move on at such a fast pace?”

Eh? It sounded familiar. Chen had heard it somewhere before, but he couldn’t remember where and when he had heard it.

“What do you mean by move on?”

Lan rolled her eyes on Chen and said in a pouty tone, “What kind of nonsense is that? What I’m trying to say is, I want to invite you to my grandma’s birthday party! It happens three days from now!”


Chen was so embarrassed. He finally recalled that he had said the same thing to Lin Xiang.

“I think I’m sick. I need to see a doctor. I’m such a dirty bastard for always thinking about doing my Lan.” Chen thought.

“Yes! I’m willing to go!” Chen quickly nodded his head. He could not let Lan know about his dirty thoughts.

“That’s good!”

Lan smiled, “I will contact you before my grandma’s birthday party. I’m bringing you in to transform your image.”

“Oh… Great!” Chen scratched the tip of his nose and thought that it was time for him to toss away the poor farmer image. He thought, “I have money now. I should treat myself better.”

“Remember, three days from now. Don’t miss the appointment.” The corners of Lan’s lips moved upwards slightly. Her eyes were like the stars in the sky that shone right into Chen’s heart.

“So gorgeous…” Chen was gasping in admiration and Lan was pouting playfully.

After Chen sent Lan back to her dorm, he walked to a spot where he was sure no one could see him. He quickly took out his cellphone. It was his intention to check on the three Red Envelopes that he received earlier. He saw a message when he turned on his cellphone. The profile picture of the person who had left him a message was rather good looking. His name was The Prime of Tongtian.

“Oh shit! The previous owner of the Scripture of Heaven and Earth is here to look for me! But, I had not added him as a friend…” Chen was getting really confused. He opened the message and read it.

The Prime of Tongtian: Young man, don’t be afraid. I used my mighty power to modify the coding of Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms. Divine “hacking”, if you will. That was why I could add you as my friend without your consent.

“What the f*ck! How is it possible for him to know what I am thinking of right now!?” Chen was really surprised.

The Prime of Tongtian: I know the things that you are thinking right now and I also know that you have enormous potential within you. That was why I gifted you the Scripture of Heaven and Earth.

“I’m going to faint right now. Please don’t tell me that he is going to ask me to protect the earth next because that’s how a typical movie proceeds.” Chen felt like something bad was going to happen.

There was no need to type out a single word when Chen chatted with The Prime of Tongtian, because he could read Chen’s mind.

The Prime of Tongtian: You are witty enough to know what is going to happen. However, your assumption is wrong. I don’t need you to protect the earth. I need you to maintain the peace between the three different realms. Prepare your heart. It is going to happen soon!

“No way… You are really scaring me…” Chen kept on swallowing his saliva because this incident had evolved into something that he couldn’t possibly handle.

The Prime of Tongtian: I don’t have time to explain anything more to you right now. I have a meeting to attend at the Great Void. What I want you to do right now is to train yourself as hard as possible. I’m going to look for you when I have more time.

“Hold on! The Prime of Tongtian! Will I be kicked out from the Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms?” Chen asked quickly. It had been nagging at him since the beginning.

Translator footnote

1. Duobao Daoren- One of the apprentice of The Prime of Tongtian

2. The Prime of Tongtian- A taoist deity of balance

3. Majachenmo- Transformer of poison. Also known as the Great Peacock.

4. God Erlang- Chinese God with a third truth-seeing eye in the middle of his forehead. Also the nephew of Jade Emperor.

5. Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King- Chinese mythology and a god in Chinese folk religion. He carries a tower that can capture any spirit, demon or god within its walls.

6. Guardian of Ground- Is a tutelary deity of a locality and the human communities who inhabit it in Chinese folk religion.

7. Sanqing- The three highest Taoist deities.

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