Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

18 Training! Breakthrough!

The Prime of Tongtian: Don’t you worry. From today onwards, you are my apprentice. If anyone offends you in the group, mark down their names, and I will use my Godkiller Sword to destroy them.

“I’m more relieved now…” Chen took a long sigh.

The Prime of Tongtian was the most arrogant one among the Sanqing. At the same time, he valued the code of brotherhood a lot. He always did take care of his apprentices. According to the legendary tale of League of Gods, he created the Godkiller Formation to battle with Four Saints in order to protect his apprentice. Looking at the current circumstances, the legend was true.

“I’m so lucky to have such a crazy yet almighty master. The next thing that I should is to train myself as hard as possible,” Chen smiled, a clear, definite goal set out in his mind.

“Let’s put aside the matter of maintaining the peace of three realms. Firstly, I have to become as strong as Xiangyu. A man who can fight against a thousand people. It’s time to check out the Red Envelopes that I received earlier.” Chen gathered his thoughts and opened up the treasure chest.

There was a Monkey Fur of Prosperity, a Charm of Marriage, a bottle of the Potion of a Thousand Herbs, The Scripture of Heaven and Earth, a Pill of Purification, and a packet of dog food for the Heavenly Dog. The last three items were the items that he had received earlier tonight. He put aside the dog food and checked on the two items.

[The Pill of Purification was handcrafted by Duobao Daoren. It can be used to purify and transform your physical body. Do you want to withdraw it?]

“Purify and transform, huh? It should set up a good foundation for my training. I’ll have to try it now!” Chen thought. He ran as fast as a wild horse to the school gate. He found a high-class hotel, booked a room, locked all the windows and doors, and finally drew the curtains. Making sure everything was secure, Chen then clicked on the withdraw button with a heart that was filled with excitement. The outer look and the texture of the pill looked like a round jade. There was a purple aura surrounding the pill. The scent of the pill was very pleasant for one to sniff in as well. Chen took a sniff and he was so refreshed and energetic.

“Time for me to experience the medicinal effect of the Pill of purification!” Without a second thought, Chen took the pill.

The moment the pill entered Chen’s mouth, he felt like he just fell inside a burning furnace. No doubt, this was a heavenly pill. Every corner of his body was being burned by fire right now. In only a few seconds, he could already feel his body starting to melt. It was a horrendous feeling, but Chen knew better than anyone that he needed to stay strong. This was the only path to success.

Right now, Chen was like a piece of scrap metal. In order to become a good piece of billet ready for forging, he needed to cast out all the impurities from within his body and break down his spiritual shackles. All these efforts were to create an optimum physical body that could go through the training that Chen was going to do. Chen was sweating like a mad dog because of the medicinal effect of the pill.

He took off his shirt, and pants, and sat in a meditative position. Slowly, his sweat poured down his body. The color of the sweat was getting darker and darker as well. In the end, it became pitch black.

Times flew when one did not pay attention to it. Along with the disappearance of the burning sensation, the process of purification was officially a success. Chen turned into a mud man. His whole body was covered with pitch black oil stain. He smelled horrible as well. This probably meant that he had transformed from a piece of scrap metal into something pure, something new. He entered the bathroom and turned the water to the highest pressure.


When the drops of hot water landed on his body, the oil stains went away instantly.

“Oh man! This is so good!” Chen shouted out loud.

He had never felt so good for the past nineteen years. It was beyond amazing. Every inch of his skin, down to every single piece of his muscles were rejuvenated. Also, every single drop of his blood down to every single cell was filled with brand new life. He could feel every change that was happening in his body.

The changes on his outer body were clearly visible. His bronze skin tone had turned fair and smooth. It was even better than a woman’s skin. Also, there was not a single flaw in his skin. The aged pimples disappeared as well. Originally, he had already looked pretty good. By the time he came out from his shower, he looked even better than before. He looked like a model from a fitness magazine. Lan would be very surprised the next time she sees him.

“If my skin is so perfect. I’m pretty sure the condition of my internal body should be in tip-top condition as well.”

After Chen cleaned his body, he picked up his cellphone and said, “Now, everything is ready. I should go on with my training now.”

[The Scripture of Heaven and Earth was created by The Prime of Tongtian. It is a top-secret heavenly scripture. Do you wish to withdraw it?”


A thumb-sized jade charm appeared in his palm after he tapped the screen. Before he could examine the jade charm in detail, a light of seven colors bloomed right out from the jade charm. It filled the room within a second.


Chen started to feel dizzy. It was like the whole world was spinning. Tonnes of river-long information started to flow inside Chen’s mind. The quintessence of The Scripture of Heaven and Earth was stored inside his brain.

“This is so magical! I don’t even need to memorize anything from it. I can start my training right away!”

Chen calmed himself down and followed what the scripture told him to do to start the training. He cultivated his mind by combining his aura with the aura of nature. When the two combined, Chen found that some kind of unique aura was oozing out from his body. It was like a dragon circling between heaven and earth.

He cultivated his mind for the second time. The dragon circled the space between heaven and earth for the second time as well. This time, Chen could clearly feel that his body was way stronger than before. It wasn’t a huge change, but, everything starts from scratch, including training. He realized that he needed to accumulate all these training experience to become stronger. Chen was completely drowned inside this out of this world feeling.

Chen trained until the next morning. Suddenly, a message popped out from Netherspirit Battlescouter. He finally stopped his training.


[Congratulation! You have reached another level of training! Cultivation: Early state of physical phase, Health: 100, Combat power: 100]

“Oh my God! The Scripture of Heaven and Earth was more than just a normal heavenly scripture! I have reached another level of training in just one night! This is so exciting!” Chen’s face was filled with excitement.

His combat power had reached one hundred after the first training. It was more than enough to fight against normal humans. Unless he met someone that much stronger than him, there was no need to borrow any strength from the dead and deduct his Triple Realms Merit point. If his Triple Realms Merit point continued to drop, he will be turned from a bad guy to criminal, from criminal to super villain, from super villain to villain of the decade, from villain of the decade to villain of the century. The list went on. He would definitely be struck by lightning if he became a super villain.

Chen thought that it was definitely better to rely on his own strength instead of relying on the dead king’s strength.


Suddenly, Chen heard someone sobbing outside his room.

“The heck is all this about, this early in the morning?” Chen was confused.

He opened up the door after he dressed up.

He saw a woman with untidy clothes knelt in front of the door beside his room, weeping.

“Sir… Please help me to catch that son of the b*tch! Last night, he knocked me out with roofie and brought me to his room. Also, he took away my virginity!” The woman was weeping and pointing at the hallway.

“What the hell! I will catch him, you have my word!”

Chen’s mind was on a different levelright now. He was full of confidence.

“Maybe it’s still impossible to maintain the peace of three realms. Let me start with bringing that guy to justice.”

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