Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

19 Did I Just Crush a Hand?

“Son of a b*tch! Stand right there! Don’t move!”

Chen took huge steps, rushing at the rapist. The guy at the end of the hall was getting ready to escape when he heard Chen’s voice. He was quite a sprinter himself. Running was his thing. He tried his best to run away from Chen but Chen could still manage to catch up to him.

“Where do you think you are going?’

Chen extended his hand to grab the guy’s shirt. Unexpectedly, he ended up lifting the man off his feet. With one arm. It was as easy as lifting up a chicken.


The rapist was stunned. He weighed at least one hundred and thirty pounds. The fact that Chen could lift up him up with one hand was unbelievable. This was a monstrous strength.

“My man! I ain’t got no beef with you! Just leave me alone! I’m begging you…” the rapist said anxiously.

“Don’t beg me. You can beg the police later.” Chen shrugged and prepared to capture him.

“My man! I have money! I can pay you! Just name your price!” the rapist put his hand into his pocket.

“Hehe… Money is a good thing but it can’t buy my dignity,” Chen smiled.

“Motherf*cker! How naively stupid are you to not accept money?!”

Suddenly, the rapist’s gaze turned cold. He took out a small knife from his pocket and stabbed Chen right in the chest. Chen was not able to react to the sudden attack. Also, the gap was basically non-existent. He could not dodge it. He actually wanted to stab Chen hard and fast, since he was quite strong himself. If it was any other person, the force of the stab would have definitely been able to pierce the person’s heart. Too bad, his opponent was Chen.

“Asshole! You are the one that rejected my good offer!” Chen’s eyes were filled with anger.

His left hand moved at lightning speed and was took hold of the offending hand.


The rapist’s hand was broken, and the loud crunch echoed through the hallway.

“Argh! Ahhh!”

The pain was too intense for him to bear. He was writhed on the ground in agony. His face had turned pale and his body was trembling. The way he looked at Chen was like he was looking at a monster. Fear quickly filled up quick. Funnily enough, Chen was just as shocked as him. He said casually, “The power that I acquired from my training was rather scary. I think I just accidentally broke someone’s hand.”



The rapist was really puzzled when he heard the thing that Chen just told him.

“The power of your strength is too scary! How can you say that it’s an accident? My hand is not made of paper! It’s not that easy to break my hand! Human bones aren’t glass, you know?!” He complained inside his heart. He was too scared to say anything to Chen. Also, he knew if he went against Chen again, he might not even survive the next clash.

“Hehehe… The effort that I put in my training is really showing me results now! I transformed from a small gun to big gun! From a poor farmer to Superman! This is so exciting!”

Chen was even more determined to train harder now. After that, Chen carried the rapist like a dead dog back to where the woman was. The victim called the police. When the police came and put a cuff on the rapist’s hand, two messages popped up.


[Successfully taken down a bad guy. Triple Realms Merit point +101]


[Congratulation! You have leveled up and are now a good person. Your current Triple Realm Merit point is 100. You still need another 900 points to go to the next level.]

“What the hell! I can’t believe this is how the point system works!” Chen said in shock.

“I earned a point when I saved a person last time. But, how is it possible to earn 101 points by catching a rapist? Also, what is the benefit of becoming a good person?” Chen asked curiously.


[Good person, Charm+ 10, Luck +10]


[Charm allows you to earn others’ trust and interest towards you]


[Luck allows you to go through everything smoothly and reduce the chances of bad stuff happening to you.]

“Damn! This level system is so exciting!”

“My charm allows me to become a guy who will sway ladies off their feet! Besides that, my luck can make sure that the road ahead of me is going to be smooth like butter. This is definitely good karma! I’m going to do more good deeds in the future!” Chen rambled to himself.

“Sir. Good day.” A female policed officer walked towards Chen.

“Hey. How are you? Anything?” Chen replied politely.

The female office blushed when her eyes looked directly into Chen’s eyes. Firstly, Chen was quite a good-looking young man. Secondly, she felt that Chen had some kind of magnetic power that made her fix her eyes on Chen.

“Officer? Are you alright?” Chen asked in a leveled tone. He could clearly see the effects of his charm and was elated.

This was the effect of ten points of charm. Could you imagine what would happen to Chen if he added a few more levels? All the girls would fall in love with him instantly.

“When that time comes, ladies like ice-cold goddesses, adorable Lolis, seductive MILFs, wild-cat like girls will not be able to withstand my magical charm. This is going to be exciting.” Chen thought.


The officer coughed in embarrassment and said, “Actually, the rapist that you captured today was a wanted criminal. According to the police station’s policy, you may collect ten thousand Yuan from us.”

“Wanted criminal? Has he done a lot of bad things?” Chen asked.

“Yes! He’s a guy that done a lot of bad things. Other than raping women, he murdered a few people as well! We are truly grateful that you helped us to capture this wanted criminal.” The officer looked really serious. It was pretty obvious that she hated rapists.

“Now I know the reason of earning so many points in one good deed.” Chen nodded.

He also thought that he should head to the police station to check up on all the wanted criminals and capture. This should be able to increase his level faster.

“Sir. What are you talking about?” The officer asked curiously.

“Oh… Nothing. You said that there’s a reward? Can you bring me to it?” Chen smiled and said.

“Today is a day filled with many different kinds of excitement. Other than my training up to a new level, my level increased, I brought down a criminal, I even received a bounty reward. This is what I call life!”

After Chen had settled everything, he took out his cellphone. Almost everyone in the Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms sent him friend requests last night. Most of the members of Red Envelope Group accepted his friend request when Chen checked on it again. They seemed really quiet. None of them dared to disturb Chen.

“This should be the work of my master. If not, I would have been bothered by them to death.” Chen smiled and laughed up his sleeve. It felt so good to have a kick-ass Master. Also, this Master actually came with the Red Envelope that he had snatched earlier. Chen was drowning in joy.

“Right! I received a packet of dog food from the Xiao Tianquan. I wonder what does it do.” Chen opened up his treasure chest.

[Xiao Tianquan’s food is extremely nutritious. It can be used to help with your pet’s growth. Also, the loyalty of your pet will stay at 100%! Do you wish to withdraw it?]

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