Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

22 The Climax! The Enemies Meet Again!

What does Chen mean by not selling it? Everyone was stunned when Chen announced that he was not selling it.

“Mr. Chen. What do you mean by that? Ten million is the market price. You can consult Elder Qin if you don’t believe in me.” CEO Ma was getting really nervous.

“Chen, this is the market price. If you choose not to sell it today, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to find any buyers who are willing to pay more to acquire your antiques.” Uncle Qin nodded.

“My price is fifteen million. Take it or leave it? Chen smiled and said calmly.


CEO Ma’s face turned blue and said, “You are being too damn greedy!”

“Young man! Don’t get over your head! There should be a limit to your greed! The price that you offered is unreasonable!” Elder Wang said angrily.

Uncle Qin and Lan were very surprised at Chen’s decision.

“Chen, come with me.” Lan frowned a little and pulled Chen aside.

“What happened to you? Uncle Qin himself told you earlier that the market price for your hairpins is ten million! You were fine with it! Why are you changing your mind right now? Lan asked in a hushed tone.

“Initially, I wanted to sell ten million. But, those two guys were looking at me over the tip of their noses! I would like to teach them a lesson by selling them five million more than the market price,” Chen said calmly.

“I never thought that you would be so fussy over that. But, that’s five million Yuan, not five Yuan! What if CEO Ma outrightly shuts you down?” Lan was shocked, her eyes wide with surprise.

“Hehe… Have you forgotten that I’m Master Chen?”

Chen smiled and said confidently, “I can see that the desire of possessing these hairpins is burning in his eyes. He’s desperate to get the deal done. I’m going to bet with you, that in three minutes, he will definitely accept my offer.”

“Oh, don’t be so sure of yourself! If CEO Ma shakes this deal off, there’s no way anyone else will buy the hairpin from you. Don’t forget that you still owe me a lot of money! If you fail to return me the money, I will make your life miserable!” Lan pouted playfully.

“If I fail to return you the money, I will pay you with my body,” Chen said with a dirty smile on his face.

“You cheeky bastard. Your mind is getting dirtier!” Lan rolled her eyes at Chen. She opened her mouth to continue scolding him.

Suddenly, CEO Ma walked towards Chen and said, “Mr. Chen. May we talk about the price again?”


“CEO Ma, you are quite a reputable person in this society. Also, this is not an appropriate place to bargain. There’s no point bargaining with me.”

CEO Ma had no choice but to accept his offer.

“Fine! So be it! Fifteen million is the price. Give me the number of your bank account.”

“Okay.” Chen smiled and told his account number to him. Online transactions were really convenient. CEO Ma completed it within two minutes.

“I have received the money. These antiques belong to you right now.” Chen shook his cellphone in the air. He was trying to be cool.

“Huff…” CEO Ma sighed. He did get what he wanted but had grossly overpaid for it.

That was the price of looking down on Chen.

Lan was really impressed. Her jaw almost dropped onto the ground. “Master Chen, you are really good at predicting future events. You just earned an extra five million Yuan with no effort.”

“However, I still need more money to be able to fully repay you. You should really consider letting me pay with my body.” Chen put on an evil smile.

“You are definitely looking for some beating.” Lan held up her fist.


Suddenly, there was a great stir at the front door. Everyone’s attention was being attracted by it.

“F*ck! What a shitty day! I can’t believe I’m seeing those two bastards everywhere I go.” Chen rolled his eyes.

“They are the destined enemies of your life.” Lan wanted to say something helpful but she couldn’t do anything about it as well.

They were none other than Shi Mingwei and Yao Bingbing. They had come with a skinny and little man. Everyone in the hall gathered around them the moment they stepped inside the hall. It made them look like some kind of superstar.

“What happened? They’re basically rolling out a red carpet for them!” Chen asked curiously.

“This must be the big thing that CEO Ma mentioned just now.”

“Nobody knows how exactly does Shi Dafeng gets his hand on the masterpiece artwork; the Frosty Autumn Spring Tree. He brought it here to let everyone enjoy the artwork. It is a national treasure. That is why everyone is so excited about it.” Uncle Qin explained.

“Frosty Autumn Spring Tree?”

Chen was really shocked and surprise, “Is the artwork from the famous event’; The Pursuit of Qiu Xiang by Tang Bohu?

“Yes! He painted it. I’m sure that this artwork is authentic!” Uncle Qin nodded his head and looked at the painting with excitement in his eyes.

“Nice one! It’s gold! Chen stared at the painting and said. He saw the Golden “Qi” surrounding the painting. This meant that the painting was authentic and its rarity could be compared to the white jade signet that he saw earlier on.

“Ei? Here comes the poor farmer!” Shi saw Chen as well.

The hatred between Shi and Chen was so great to the point that they would be able to recognize each other even when one turned into ash. Despite Chen’s transformation and his radiant, fair skin, Shi still managed to recognize him.

“Hehe… I was just wondering how a poor farmer like you would even be accepted through these doors. And then all is made clear when I see that rich ass lady beside you.” Shi pointedly spoke to himself.

All of a sudden, everyone moved their attention to Lan. The phrase; rich ass lady carried multiple meanings, but it was obvious that Shi was sneering at her.

“What did you just say?’ Chen was getting really angry and he gave Shi an ice-cold gaze.


“Obviously, you are her boy toy! This is the truth. Please don’t run away from it. You can’t deny the truth.” Shi laughed.

“You can mock me or even scold me! But, I warn you, do not mock Lan! If you do that again, I will make sure you will regret being born into this world!” Chen raised his voice menacingly. His eyes were filled with burning fury.

Chen was no ingrate. Lan had helped him multiple times. He would never allow anyone to harm a hair on her head.

“Hehe… Who do you think you are? Want me to say it again? You don’t like it, do you? All the more reason to say it again!”

Shi taunted Lan with an arrogant face, “If you want to have a boy toy, choose something better. This is a low-quality poor farmer. I can see that you have unique tastes!”

Upon hearing this, Chen could not hold any longer. However, Lan stepped out for both of them before Chen.

“Listen carefully, Shi! Firstly, Chen is my good friend, not a boy toy! Secondly, you are the shitty guy! I have unique taste? You’re just an idiot,” Lan’s voice was stern but calm. Still, Shi felt as if a thousand arrows had just penetrated his heart.

All the big shots of society were around them. Shi had failed to embarrass them. On the contrary, he was embarrassed by them. He could not wait to dig a hole and hide inside it forever.

“Thirdly. I am going to give you a warning. I don’t like causing any unnecessary trouble, but that doesn’t mean I’m afraid of trouble! If you don’t revise that tone of yours, I will have you blacklisted here as well!” Lan said in an icy-cold voice.

Uncle Qin quickly stood beside Lan after hearing her words. He was firm, steady, like a small mountain.

Translator footnote

1. Tang Bogu- A Chinese scholar, painter, calligrapher, and poet of the Ming dynasty

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