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23 There Are Always Bigger Fish In The Ocean!

Lan looked like an iron lady, immense power flowing from the tips of her fingers. All she would need to do was give out an order to Uncle Qin to kick Shi out of this place. Everyone was very impressed by her rarely-seen authoritative visage. There was a saying, the quiet one always sneaks up on you. Lan rarely spoke her mind to the public. This was a jaw dropping act for everyone. Everyone in the villa knew the strength of Uncle Qin. Thus, no one dared to say another word. Chen was really curious about Uncle Qin’s combat power. How was it possible for him to stun everyone with his presence? At Chen’s thought, the netherspirit battlescouter took action. A line of blue words popped up.

Cultivation: Pinnacle stage of physical phase

Health: 3000

Combat power: 3000

“What the f*ck! He is so damn powerful!” Chen felt a sudden terror clutching his heart.

He knew that Uncle Qin was no ordinary person, but he did not expect him to be that powerful. There were four stages of our bodies; the early stage, middle stage, later stage, and the pinnacle stage. Chen was still in the early stage with only hundred combat power. Uncle Qin could squash him easily like an ant. Even if everyone in the villa gathered their strength to fight against him, they would probably be blown away.

“Hold on! There’s one more elite here!”

The battlescouter refocused on the shorty who was slowly walked to the side of Shi and stood against Uncle Qin. He looked small and skinny, but the “Qi” around him was no lesser compared to Uncle Qin. Also, Uncle Qin was known as the Stone Buddha. His “Qi” was as firm as a mountain and as steady as a giant rock. On the other hand, the shorty’s “Qi” was rather vicious. It was like a venomous snake that was ready to strike at any time; a scene that could send shivers down to one’s spine. 

“Uncle Jing!” Shi Mingwei greeted him respectfully.

“Master, don’t your worry. I’m here to protect you. No one will dare to touch you.” He said confidently, his face was filled with arrogance.

Chen was really curious towards his combat power. He did a quick check on him.


Cultivation: Later stage of physical phase

Health: 1000

Combat power: 1000

Chen rolled his eyes and roasted him secretly, “What a retard! He is so much weaker than Uncle Qin! How dare he stand against Uncle Qin! It seems like he has a death wish!”

Just as things seemed to escalate out of control, a man walked between the two of them. He was a middle aged man who appeared to be in his forties. His eyebrows were minutely arched. He looked incredibly sharp. It was as if there were tigers and dragons walking beside him. The aura of an elite master spilled out of his body.

“Master Tian!”

“Master Tian….”

All of them suddenly bowed down and greeted him. There was fear in their eyes.


Cultivation: Early stage of Qi refining

Health: 5000

Combat power: 5000

“What the f*ck! Who is this guy? He’s even more powerful than Uncle Qin! I guess there is always someone better than you!” Chen was floored.

“Master Tian!” Uncle Qin an experienced elite in Jianghu. He put his hands together and greeted him.

“Elder Qin, you have shown me too much courtesy. I’m just a junior. I don’t deserve the title master from you.” Murong Tian put his hands together and said. He was very humble and acted like a true gentleman.

Mu Rongtian was so powerful yet humble. This was definitely a rare sight! Chen was getting slightly touched by his humility. He even started to like him. However, everything changed the next second. Chen realized that his judgment was wrong.

Mu turned around and gave the shorty a deathly gaze and shouted, “If you don’t want to die, I suggest you to kneel down in front of Elder Qin and beg for an apology!” A powerful presence gushed out like a tsunami abruptly. 

The heart of the shorty was being clenched up. He felt like a deadly beast was staring at him right now and his life would end at any moment. The fear of death quickly filled his mind. Without a single doubt, the shorty knew that Mu could easily kill him. He had to choose between pride and survival. Well, even an idiot knew the answer to this question.


The shorty’s leg turned into jelly and he crumbled to the ground. He said, “Elder Qin… I’m truly sorry! I disregarded the Jianghu’s rules and caused you offense. I hope that you can forgive me.”

Looking at what happened right in front of their eyes, Shi Mingwei and Shi Dafeng were truly embarrassed. They had spent a lot of money to hire this shorty to protect them. He had boasted about how powerful he was in Jianghu. But, now he was acting like a dog. The exact opposite of what he bragged about earlier on.

“That’s ok.” Uncle Qin had fully relaxed his body and was already walking away.

The shorty did not dare stand up. All he did was to stare at Mu.

“I don’t care how you; Jing Fei, roll in other cities. When you are here in Green Vine city, you must obey the rules here. If not, I’ll be the first one to kill you!” Mu’s voice was still really powerful and ice-cold. The shorty was stunned for the second time.

Originally, the shorty’s name was Jing Fei. He was from Yun Chuan city which was located to the southwest of Green Vince city. Also, he was a highly successful professional thief. They called him the Thief King. The reason he changed his name and laid low was that he had too much heat on him from the law. Now, he worked as a personal security guard. He never expected that his true identity would be discovered by Mu the moment he stepped into Green Vine city.

“Alright! This matter ends here.”

Mu calmed himself down and said, “I came here today to feast my eyes on the Frosty Autumn Spring Tree artwork. Please do not disappoint me.”

“Master Tian, rest assured, the painting that we bring here today was drawn by Tang Bohu himself!” Shi Dafeng held the scrolled up painting and smiled.

“Someone, please prepare me a long table!” Mu commanded and people started to prepare it for him immediately.

Since there was still some time before the showcase, Chen walked to Uncle Qin and asked, “Who is this Master Tian?”

“He is the owner of this villa. It’s best that you leave it at that. Don’t burden yourself with the secrets of powerful people.” Uncle Qin said.

“Uncle Qin, please tell me, my curiosity is killing me.”

“Alright. I’ll just say this, and we’ll leave it at that. He controls the Jianghu of Green Vine city.” That was the last thing that Uncle Qin said. He showed no signs of speaking any further about it.

Chen understood everything when Uncle Qin mentioned Jianghu. In other words, Mu was the underground king of Green Vine city.

“Murong…” It seemed that this was the first time Lan heard about him. Her dreamy eyes were moving around. Chen wondered what she was thinking about.

“Alright. Everyone, please gather around.” Shi Dafeng cleared his throat with his hand holding the painting scroll. He was standing proudly at the side of the table. Shi Mingwei and Yao Bingbing were standing behind him. They were enjoying the attention given by the public. It made them really proud. On the other hand, Jing Fei looked for a corner and stayed there. He did not dare to show himself anymore.

Finally, this was the moment that everyone was waiting for. Even non-antique lovers like Chen and Lan had their eyes wide open and anticipated the showcasing of the national treasure; the Frosty Autumn Spring Tree painting. However, Chen’s stare was different than others. Others had filled their eyes with appreciation, but Chen had filled his eyes with an evil glint. It was pretty obvious that something bad would happen to the Shi family.

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