Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

27 Divine Dog Food

Why are you here?”

Chen saw a skinny man when he traced the hand back to its owner. The man’s stare was ice cold. He looked like a snake that had just came out from its nest. This man was none other than Jing Fei.

“Cut the shit! You have been sentenced to death by Boss Shi! I will bring back your head to Boss Shi if you refuse to hand over the Frosty Autumn Spring Tree painting.” Jing Fei said in an icy-cold tone.

“Shi Dafeng has no idea what he has just done to me! Apparently, he has a death wish! How dare he order you to kill me?!” Chen said angrily.


Jing Fei was stunned by Chen’s unexpected reaction. He thought Chen was just another boy toy who would beg for his life at this critical situation. However, Chen acted completely differently. He was not afraid of him. On the contrary, Chen dominated him with his powerful presence. 

“Son of the bitch! Acting cool before your death? Do you think that I, the Thief King of Yun Chuan is a piece of weakling?” Jing Fei tried to scare Chen with his title.

“Thief King of Yun Chuan? You are even weaker than a piece of meat! What kind of King are you? Wait, don’t tell me. King of meatloaves, maybe!” Chen said condescendingly.

“Motherf*cker! It seems like I’ll have to beat the f*ck out of you before anything else!” Jing frowned. Then, he proceeded to try slapping Chen.

Jing Fei’s cultivation was in later stage of physical phase. Also, his combat power was one thousand. Chen’s cultivation was still at an early stage of physical phase. His combat power was only a hundred. There was a huge gap of power difference between the two of them. Technically speaking, it was impossible for Chen to fight against Jing Fei. But, Chen always had his trump card with him. This was why he was not afraid of Jing Fei. The moment that aura had burst out, he had already activated it.

“The strength of Xiangyu! Come to me!” Chen shouted in his heart.

The Netherspirit Battlescouter started to work. Xiangyu’s strength filled Chen’s body instantly.


[Combat power: 5000]


Jing Fei’s slap was closing in on Chen’s face. However, his palm stopped in the middle of the air. It stopped moving completely.

“How is this even possible?” Jing Fei’s was in complete shock.

Chen’s hands were like a metal clamp wrapping around Jing Fei’s hand. No matter how hard Jing Fei tried to loosen up his hand from Chen, it wouldn’t budge.

“Ouch! Ouch!”

Chen squeezed, hard, and Jing Fei Started to squeal like a pig. The strength of Xiangyu was extremely powerful. Chen could crush Jing Fei’s hand anytime he wants.

“Please stop! I beg you! Mr Chen… Master Chen! Spare my life!” Jing Fei’s face turned red and he started to perspire. The excruciating pain destroyed his state of mind completely.

He knew clearly that it was impossible to fight against Chen. Other than begging for his life, there was nothing else that he can do.

“You came here to take my life! Why should I spare your life?” Chen growled menacingly.

“I’m willing to become your slave! Also, I can be your loyal dog as well!” Jing Fei was scared to death. He even threw away his dignity.

“A loyal dog? That sounds like a good idea!”

Chen started to focus and observe Jing Fei’s face. Through the Eight Diagram “Qi” observation skill, Chen saw that Jing Fei reeked of treachery. He definitely could not be trusted. However, Chen had another plan. He took out his cellphone, clicked on his treasure chest and withdrew the heavenly dog food that had he received earlier. A ray of strong light burst out from his cellphone and further terrified Jing Fei. Chen opened the bag. He saw three pieces of bone shaped dog food inside the bag.

“Only three? The Xiao Tianquan is too damn stingy….That’s alright! Let’s try the magical effect of this dog food first. If it does not help to increase the loyalty of a person, it’s pointless to possess so many of it.”

Chen took out a piece of dog food and said, “You have seen my secret! If you do not wish to die, eat this now!”


Jing Fei was confused after hearing what Chen just asked him to do. It was totally understandable for someone to take revenge by punching the person. But, taking revenge by asking someone to eat dog food did not make sense at all.

“Are you going to eat it?!” Chen shouted at Jing Fei.

“Eat! I will eat it now!” Jing Fei quickly nodded his head. His life was in Chen’s hand. Even if Chen asked him to eat dog shit, he would have to eat it as well.

“Wow, this is actually pretty good…”

Jing Fei was stunned, and he kept on chewing and chewing the dog food that he had just put into his mouth. It looked like he was enjoying it, so much so that he wanted to ask for seconds. No matter what, it was still heavenly food, dog food or not.


Something weird happened the next second. Jing Fei’s pupils dilated and his mind went blank. The way he stared at Chen was as if he just lost his soul.

“Master… Are you my master?” Jing Fei slowly opened up his mouth and talked. His voice was monotonous. He sounded like a robot.

“What the f*ck?! The effect of this dog food is insane!”

Chen got really excited and he quickly nodded, “Yes! I’m your master! From today onwards, you will be my follower!”

“Yes! My master!” Jing Fei nodded his head mechanically.

A few seconds later, his pupils returned to normal and he definitely looked livelier. His eyes were filled with great reverence towards Chen. It definitely looked as if he had become Chen’s number one worshipper. He was basically treating Chen as his almighty God.

“What the hell? He’s completely loyal now! This is so crazy!” Looking through the Eight Diagrams “Qi” observation skill, Chen was getting even more excited.

“After so long, I finally figured out that this heavenly dog food is the best item that I have ever received! If I let Mu consume this dog food, I will become the king of kings of Green Vine City. He would be a puppet underground king!” Chen got really thrilled.

After some thought, Chen shook his head and said, “Murong Tian is a decent man. I can’t just control him with dog food. I should reserve it for my future enemies. Hehehe…”


[You just borrowed strength from a ghost. Triple Realms Merit point: -3, left 87 points, level : Mundane Mortal.]

“Sigh… My points were deducted again. I can’t go on like this! I need to find a way to regain them!” Chen sighed.

This was not the time. He needed to follow up with Lin’s incident.

“Jing Fei, let’s go in. We are going to split up and follow the woman that I followed just now!” Chen ordered Jing. Then they proceeded by entering the hotel.

This hotel was extremely big. They still could not locate Lin after half an hour.

“Shit! This is bad! Where do I find Lin in this huge hotel?” Chen got really anxious. He wouldn’t be so anxious if it was another man who took Lin. But, the man that took Lin away was Wong Jianren; the randy old goat. If Chen failed to locate Lin in time, nasty things were going to happen to Lin.

“Master! I have an idea.” Jing Fei spoke softly.

“What? Speak now!” Chen asked impatiently.

“Don’t you remember that I’m the king of thieves? Come with me!” Jing Fei smiled mysteriously and moved forward. Chen quickly followed him. Jing Fei’s title wasn’t for nothing. He truly had skills worthy of being the king of thieves. As they had been looking for Lin, he had already figured out the layout of this hotel.

Soon enough, Jing Fei led Chen to a very important place; the surveillance room!

Chen understood immediately. However, he said worryingly, “This is an important place. There’s no way we can enter it without permission.”

“We don’t need their permission.” Jing Fei smiled and he took a steel wire from out of nowhere.


The door of the surveillance room clicked open.

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