Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

31 The Unsolvable Criminal Case

“Of course!”

Chen smiled calmly, “I have been to Dafeng jewelry shop. It is located in the middle of the city. He’s got quite a huge plot there. Besides, the interior design of the shop is very luxurious as well. This kind of shop is like a rare hidden gem. I will not miss this golden opportunity.”

“Master, you are really wise! I will check on it, right now!” Jing Fei nodded his head.

“Alright! Off you go.” Chen waved his hand and went back to the campus.

He went to the cafeteria to eat something. Then, he headed off to the field to work out for half an hour. When Chen went back to the dorm, the three roommates of his, who would usually be found dozing off, were instead moving around animatedly around the room.

“Third brother! Come here, third brother! Your love rival is in some kind of trouble!” Zhou quickly informed Chen.

“My love rival?” Chen was really puzzled.

“It’s Shi Mingwei! His jewelry shop was robbed!” Li quickly explained.

“Mind your words please! That thing is not qualified to become my love rival.” Chen laughed condescendingly.

“Stop laughing! Come here and check it out! This is some crazy and weird robbery case!” Zhang said in rush.

Chen walked over to the computer and saw different titles displayed on the website.

[Dafeng jewelry shop shrouded in mystery and mayhem! All jewelry taken! Over a hundred million lost!]

[The lock was not damaged; all ten surveillance cameras could not capture any image!]

[Thousands of jewelries disappeared into the thin air! This is the real life “Now you see me”!]

[The police have zero clues about this case. The most mysterious burglary ever!]

[The owner; Shi Dafeng vomited blood, fainted, and sent to intensive care unit!]

[Rumor has it that Shi Dafeng owes the bank hundred million. He has no way to return the money. Will face bankruptcy soon!]


Three of Chen’s roommates were stunned when they read all those titles. It will never cross their minds that Chen was the mastermind of this mysterious heist. Chen looked calm and casual. Everything is under his control. He saw this coming.

Chen had two periods of class with Lin. Chen purposely sat at the front row. He stared at Lin whenever he could, during the class. Lin had to finish the class with her red, embarrassed face lowered.

After lunch, Jing Fei called Chen. He mentioned that he had already figured out the whole thing. But, it seemed really urgent. He had to meet Chen personally. At the same time, Shi Dafeng had just woken up in the intensive care unit of Green Vince city hospital. However, he almost passed out again when he received another piece of bad news.


Shi Dafeng put on his ferocious face and scolded, “The bank assessed my jewelry shop at one hundred million Yuan! And, now the highest bid is only at eighty million? All these f*cking animals!”


Shi Mingwei nodded and said sadly, “I received a lot of phone calls when you were out cold. All of them tried to take advantage of the situation. None of them are willing to help us…”

“How about Elder Wang and Elder Zhang? Did you try to contact them? They are my blood bothers!” Shi Dafeng asked.

Shi Mingwei nodded, “Yes, I contacted them. Uncle Wang turned off his cellphone. Uncle Zhang picked up the call but he’s only willing to offer fifty million Yuan…”


Shi Dafeng vomited another mouthful of blood when he heard the bad news. He scolded, “F*ck their mothers! F*ck their fathers! F*ck their ancestors! They were my blood brothers! I can’t believe that they would treat me like a piece of shit during my hardship!”

“Uncle, don’t be angry. Have a cup of warm water.” Bing held a cup of warm water in her hand and walked towards Shi Dafeng.


Shi Dafeng slapped her hand and the cup dropped to the ground. He scolded, “You f*cking bitch! What the f*ck are you talking about?! I’m going to be broke soon! Why are you making me angry again?!”

“No… Uncle. I did not mean to make you angry…” Bing was startled.

“Why the f*ck are you calling me your uncle?! I’m not even close to you! Get the f*ck away from me!” Shi Dafeng roared.

“I…” Bing felt wronged in her heart. Her eyes started to tear up.

“Stop acting! Initially, I did not approve of my son having a relationship with you! Your f*cking face brings bad luck to our family! Since you became Shi Mingwei’s girlfriend, misfortune upon misfortune has been hammering us down!”

“Mingwei, I want you to break up with her, right now!” Shi Dafeng said mercilessly.

“Uncle, are you kidding me?”

Bing was completely stunned and she said anxiously, “Mingwei! I believe that you will not break up with me, right? You told me that you love me a lot.”

Shi Mingwei’s face was blank.

A few moments later, he said, “I think that we should break up. Look at what happened to my family. Please return me the eight hundred thousand that I lent your father earlier on, to start off his business. I want it back, as soon as possible.”


Bing’s pupils fluttered and her legs went soft. She sank to the ground and said, “My dad has already spent the money. There’s nothing that I can return to you.”

Shi Mingwei gave her an ice-cold stare and said condescendingly, “Use your flesh to earn money if you do not have any cash with you right now. My cousin has a number of brothels. You are actually quite pretty. I think you should be able to be one of the star girls.

“What? You… You are asking me to become a hooker?”

The void quickly filled up Bing’s eyes. She never thought that Shi could be such a cruel man. But, she thought again. Earlier, she did the exact same thing to Chen. This was retribution.


All of a sudden, Shi Dafeng’s cellphone rang.

“Hello? Lawyer Fang? What? Is someone willing to pay a hundred million to buy my shop? He can pay right away?”

Joy quickly filled Shi Dafeng. He said, “Great! I’m willing! I’m willing to sell the shop! Bring me the contract. I can sign it right now! I’ll be waiting for you at the hospital.”

“Dad! Is there someone who is willing to pay us one hundred million?” Shi Mingwei was getting really excited as well.

“Yes! That’s right!”

Shi Dafeng nodded, “I can clear the debt from the bank with this one hundred million. As long as the police retrieve all the lost jewelries for us, we can definitely start all over again!”

“Great! This is so great!”

Shi Mingwei was filled with unlimited hope. He said, “If we can escape this shitty situation, I believe that good things will happen to our family soon.

Bing sat on the ground, her expression formed by a zombified mask. Her face was deathly pale. She knew clearly that she would never be able to lay her fingers on Shi’s money after they start all over again. If Shi really forced her to return the eight hundred thousand Yuan, becoming a hooker would be the only way to clear off the debt. Shi’s cousin; Dabiao, was the famous mafia boss on the west side of this city. He had at least a hundred followers. Bing did not dare protest any further.

A half an hour later, a man with golden frame glasses walked into the ICU. He was the lawyer that called Shi Dafeng just now.

“Boss Shi, Hello!”

Fang went straight to the point and took out the contract. He said, “This is the contract that I had written earlier. Please read. Sign it if you have no problems with it.”

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