Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

35 Police From The Six Doors Organization

“Who is this? Such rude manner!” Liu slammed the table in rage.

Liu held the throne above all in the police station! Anyone who had the balls to kick open his door must be planning to make a mess in this place! Shi Dafeng stretched his neck to take a peek at the brave soul who was crazy enough to kick the door. The two of them were stunned for a second. A woman who looked like the Anne Hathaway’s rendition of Catwoman from the Nolan Batman movie, strutted into Liu’s room.

She sported a pair of chic sunglasses and ten-meter-tall heels that emphasized her long lean legs. She was clad in a skin-tight leather top and pants — the jet-black attire giving her a supercilious disposition. The polished fabric hugged her voluptuous body, showing off every curve and bump, exuding a sultry and risqué allure. Liu and Shi’s stared at her, their eyes wide opened. When she removed her sunglasses, the two lascivious old men drooled even further. She was stunning beyond words! Absolutely breathtaking! Her facial features were delicate and exquisite — there was not a trace of defect her face! Her skin was fair and velvety, like snow and crystal jade: her beauty was beyond compare.


The woman lifted up her hand and gave Shi Dafeng a tight slap. Shi fell to the ground, one side of his face immediately swelling up.

“Don’t… Don’t hit me!” Liu hunkered down and turned his head away. Even the bureau director would be rewarded with a right slap if he continued gazing at her so lustfully.

“Are you Liu Quanfu?” Her voice was like something out of this world. However, there was an iciness in her voice that frightens most people. The surrounding temperature quickly went down when she started to speak.

“Yes, I am… May I know who you are?” Liu gulped and said. Although he was a bureau director, fear emerged from the bottom of his heart as he faced this woman.

“Six Door Organization. Senior inspector. Luo Puti.” The woman took out a golden badge and said coldly.

“Six… Six Door Organization…” Liu’s pupils dilated, sweat started to come out from his forehead, and his hands shook when he heard what she said. Shi Dafeng observed it all silently.

He never expected Liu to be so scared of her. So, what was Six Door Organization? It was formed during the Ming dynasty. Also, it had been known as the emperor’s secret organization. The members consisted of Jianghu elites. It was their duty to protect the government’s important documents. They could only report back to the emperor. They were the imperial envoys. They always ranked superior over other officers when they worked on the field. They were extremely powerful in terms of authority.

Could it be that this organization still existed in this modern world? Shi Dafeng’s mind was filled with tonnes of question marks.

“Senior inspector, please sit!” Liu quickly stood up and saluted Luo.

“I’m here today to take over the Dafeng jewelry shop robbery case. I want an office prepared, and all related documents on my desk within half an hour. Also, ask the victim to come and meet me.” Luo said noncommittally. She gave out a chain command without a sense of sloppiness. She was really a decisive and powerful iron lady.

Joy quickly filled Shi Dafeng when he heard what she just mentioned. The success rate of solving this case would be increased enormously when someone so powerful was involved in it.

“Hello, senior inspector! I’m the victim…” Shi Dafeng had to forget about the fact that his face just got slapped and put on a smile on his face.

Luo frowned and stared at Shi Dafeng in disgust. She said condescendingly, “This robbery is very special. It might involve some special people from Jianghu. Please, give me a run through. Did you offend anyone recently?”

“People from Jianghu?” Shi Dafeng stunned. From what he knew, people from Jianghu were some kind of small-time gangsters. However, with the involvement of people from Six Door Organization, Jianghu probably meant something more profound. All these factors made the case even more mysterious.

The real elites from Jianghu were those that possess some insane ability. They were stronger and more powerful than ordinary humans. The normal police officers could never handle cases like this. It is no wonder that Luo was taking over this case. Shi started to get really nervous, because she couldn’t think of anyone that he offended recently.

“I don’t really know any Jianghu elite. But… Recently, I had a conflict with someone.” Shi Dafeng said.

“Who is that person?” Luo paid attention to Shi all of a sudden and asked.

“Chen Xiaobei! One of the students from Green Vine University!”

Shi tapped on his head and said, “Right! I remember now! I had a Jianghu elite with me some time ago! His name is Jing Fei! He lost contact with me, since yesterday!”

“Jing Fei? The Thief King of Yunchuan, Jing Fei!”

Her eyes flashed. She said coldly, “Liu Quanfu, help me look up on this Chen Xiaobei immediately! I want to know everything about him!”

The second day, Chen woke up early as usual. His physical body was much stronger than before but he still insisted on training an hour every day. He went back to the dorm to shower and changed to a pair of clean clothes. He then walked towards the university’s gate. He had an appointment with Lan today. He was going to achieve another level of transformation in the morning and attend Lan’s grandma’s birthday party in the afternoon. This would be the first time he would be going out with Lan, just the two of them. He parked his car in front of the gate earlier to show his chivalry. Also, he got to show off his new car. So, why not? However, a pretty female officer came before Lan. Luo had changed to a set of regular police uniform. However, her voluptuous body did not agree with it. Her breasts stretched the material to the limit, threatening to burst out of their constraints. The skirt was tight enough to show off her rear buns with perfect curves. Her long legs were wrapped in black stockings. She was so seductively dressed.

Initially, Chen just wanted to take a peek at her from a distant, but Luo walked towards Chen at a quick pace.

“Hello, I’m a police officer of Green Vine police station. My name is Luo Puti.” Luo was very polite. Her voice sounded calm, but her words were full of icy shards.

Chen calmed himself down and said, “Good day officer. How may I help you?”

“Are you Chen Xiaobei?”


“Can you take a look at this man in the picture?” Luo took out a picture from her pocket. The man in the picture was Jing Fei! Chen was not stupid enough to admit that he recognized him. Nothing good is going to happen when a police officer asks about Jing Fei.

“I don’t know him!” Chen denied it immediately.

“Are you sure?”

Luo put on a straight face and changed her tone. “We have details on you. Witnesses have told us that they saw you and Jing Fei walked together. You better think carefully, before answering me. If not, I have the right to detain you.”

Chen started to get really nervous when he heard the word ‘witnesses’.

“Master! Master! Something bad happened!”

Suddenly, Chen heard someone calling him. It was Jing Fei.

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