Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

36 Let’s Have Fun Together Slowly

Luo had come to Green Vine University to look for Jing Fei. With Jing Fei calling Chen master, there was no way for Chen to talk himself out of this situation now. But, Chen was shocked when he turned around to look at Jing Fei. Who the hell was this guy? The height of the man running towards Chen was over six feet in height, with a moderate build, not really muscular but not skinny either.

“Are my eyes failing me?”

Doubt filled Chen quickly. He could not believe that the who that stood in front of him was Jing Fei.

“Master! Earth to master? I’m talking to you. Can you hear me?” The man spoke again. Finally, Chen’s doubt was cleared and he knew the man who was calling out to him was Jing Fei. But, how did he go through such a huge transformation? This was just getting weird!

“Who is this man?” Luo frowned and asked. Jing Fei had grown taller and stronger. His pallid, hollow face had filled up with flesh again. Luo was holding Jing Fei’s photo, but she couldn’t recognize the man in front of her.

“His name is Fei. He is my friend. We are playing a game of master and servant.” Chen said.

The game of master and servant? Luo frowned, deeply disturbed. She was imagining something disgusting in her mind; Jing Fei wearing a maid costume, a pair of cat ears and kneeling on the ground, calling Chen his master.


That was some real disgusting gay shit. Luo’s mind was polluted, it couldn’t be helped. With her nose wrinkled up as if she smelled something bad, she said, “Your friend is currently under an investigation. Please, leave this place.”

“Alright. Fine.” Jing Fei was not some idiot. He saw the picture in Luo’s hand. His instincts told him that danger was close to him. He quickly left the scene. Chen was relieved when Jing Fei left him.

Since Chen’s physical appearance had gone through a huge transformation, he may be able to slip past this still.

“Officer, I don’t know who the hell is Jing Fei. I will tell you the same thing, even if you decide to bring me back to the station,” Chen said.

“Alright then, come with me to the station.” Without a second thought, Luo took out her handcuffs.

“Not a problem. I’m a good citizen. I will try my best to cooperate with police’s investigation. This is my duty as a good citizen.” Chen smiled and lifted up his hands calmly to be cuffed.

Luo’s eyebrows moved and she kept away her handcuff.

“I was just testing you. All good now, since you really don’t know who Jing Fei is.” Luo said.

“Can I leave now?” Chen smiled and said. Then, he walked towards the parking lot.

Looking at Chen’s back, thousands of ideas flashed through Luo’s mind. She took out her cellphone and dialed a very special combination of numbers.

“Chief! I have arrived at Green Vine City. Everything went smoothly.” Luo said.

“Okay. Don’t forget your true purpose! I will not tolerate failure! Success is the only acceptable outcome!” A serious tone came right through the cellphone.

“Understood!” Luo hung up. Her rose-colored lips curled into a knowing grin.

She put on a daffily charming smile and said, “Chen, I shall play this game with you, slowly.”

At the underground parking lot.

“Master. Why was that police officer looking for you?” Jing Fei asked nervously.

“I’m not sure either.”

Chen shook his head and said with a guilty conscience, “She asked me whether I knew you. I don’t have the balls to ask for the reason behind it.”

“Right! What happened to you!? You have transformed into a different person overnight!” Chen asked.

“I’m not sure as well. But, I think it has something to do with the dog food that you gave me!” Jing Fei said.

“Dog food?” Chen was shocked. He opened up his treasure chest and checked on the effect of the dog food again.

[Heavenly dog food; it contains nutrients that comes from heaven. It helps with the growth of your pet. Also, it keeps your pet’s loyalty towards you at 100%! Do you wish to withdraw it?]

It helps with growth! Chen was shocked. Finally, his question was answered. Since the dog food was of divine origin, it was no wonder that it had such an impressive effect on an ordinary human. It actually helped Jing Fei to grow again. This was too magical to fathom. With such a magical effect, Chen was tempted to consume a piece of dog food himself. It is a man’s dream to grow taller, to build more muscles, and to have a longer manhood. But, Chen was already quite tall and his manhood, already enhanced and cultivated beyond the average human being, did not need any further growth either. It might become too much for anything to accommodate. After some thoughts, Chen decided to reserve the dog food for another potential loyal follower.

“You looked for me this early in the morning just to tell me that you went through a huge transformation?” Chen asked.

“Yea! The transformation is too huge for me to take in alone!” Jing Fei nodded.

“It’s good that you went through a huge transformation. Now, get yourself a fake identity. Also, don’t call me master anymore. It’ll get us into unnecessary trouble.” Chen said.

“What should I call you?”

Jing Fei said quizzically, “Boss? Grandpa Chen? Bro Bei?

“You can call me Bro Bei. Sounds good to me.” Chen’s raised his eyebrows to show that he was satisfied with this new title.

“Alright then, Bro Bei, what should we do today?” Jing Fei asked happily.

“There’s nothing for you to do today. You can go and treat yourself to a meal or a drink, or drop by the whorehouse, heck, you can even gamble away at a casino. I don’t know, do as you wish. Do you have any cash with you? I can give you some cash if you need any.” Chen said generously. His rich aura was still going strong. Originally, he had ninety million in his bank account. He had spent fifty million to buy three luxurious cars, and twenty million on renovating the bungalow. He was still left with twenty million to be spent casually.

The true purpose of earning money was to spend them! Chen had an open mind when it came to spending money. He would never be miserly. It was not a big deal to spend all the money, because it could be earned back again in no time.

“I don’t need any cash for the moment.”

Jing Fei smiled and said, “Shi Dafeng paid me three million earlier to protect him. I have not spent a single cent from that amount of money. I don’t want to waste my Bro Bei’s money.”

“Shi Dafeng?”

Chen frowned. A thought just struck his mind.

“I suspect that the lady police officer just now had something to do with Shi Dafeng. Go and investigate this matter in secret, and figure out what is going on!”

“Understood!” Jing Fei got serious as well. He quickly left.

After that, Chen gathered his thoughts and drove his Bugatti Veyron to the University’s gate. The only Bugatti Veyron appearing in Green Vine City made a quite a scene around the university. No matter where it parked, it would attract a lot of attention. Everyone froze in their steps when they saw the car. They took pictures of it and shared it on their social network.

After some time, the crowd’s attention was being diverted to something else. Lan was here! She wore an asymmetrical top that had only one sleeve, and a pair of straight cut jeans. She looked like a fashionista. Her majestic and scrumptious figure was accentuated by her outfit after all. As the most beautiful lady in the university and the President of the student council, she was the most talked person in this university. Her appearance quickly overtook the shine of the Bugatti Veyron.

Shortly after that, she stepped into the Bugatti Veyron!

“Oh my god! Lan has a boyfriend now?!”

“Who the heck is the driver of that Bugatti Veyron?! He is so rich and he even managed to make Lan his girlfriend!”

“He’s got cash, he’s got a girl. THE girl! This is what I call a big winner of life!”

“This is so torturing for all the single dogs! Does he want us all to jump down altogether…”

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