Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

5 The Meeting Of Enemies

“That was a quick one, Brother Zhu! Let me see!”

Chen smiled as he pressed the icon and snatched the Red Envelope.


[Congratulation on getting Zhu Bajie’s Red Envelope. You have received a small treasure box and it has been deposited inside your treasure chest. Do you want to withdraw it?]

“Brother Zhu is really generous! I can’t believe he gave me a box of jewelry!” There were only dollar signs in his eyes. He quickly went back to his bed and used a blanket to cover himself.


A small wooden box appeared after a flash of bright light. Chen couldn’t wait to open the wooden box. There were ten little nuggets and some other jewelry inside the box. The jewelries were not considered top grade and the quantity of the nuggets weren’t anything great. He really couldn’t complain much because these items were from Gao Village. It was enough to make Chen hyped up because he was born in a poor farmer family.

“I’m going to be filthy rich! My life is going to transform! Hahaha!” Chen said happily.

“Third brother. What the hell are you doing inside the blanket? Are you watching porn again?” Zhang excitedly went up to Chen and said, “Don’t you know that good porno clips are meant to be shared?!”

“No! I’m not watching porn!”

Chen crawled out from his blanket and asked, “Second brother, you are one of the rich guys born and raised in Green Vine City. Do you know anyone interested in buying gold?”

“Aren’t you a third generation farmer? Where did you get the gold?” Zhang asked curiously.

“I’ll need more time to explain it to you. Just tell me first!” Chen said ambiguously.

Zhang nodded and said, “Well, all the jewelry shops will always be interested when it comes to purchasing gold. The price is around three hundred Yuan for one gram of gold. Please don’t get fooled by them!”

“Alright. I will check out some jewelry shops tomorrow. I will treat you guys to a good meal if everything goes smoothly tomorrow!” Chen said happily.

“What?! Are we hearing it right?”

His roommates were so shocked and stared at him for making such bold statement.

“The sun is going to rise from the west tomorrow. You have never treated us to any meals before!”

“That’s right! You guys heard me! I want you guys to cancel all your appointments tomorrow. Second brother, I want you to reserve a table for us at the best restaurant in town, and you guys can eat all you want. I’m going to pay for the meal.” Chen said proudly.

Chen had never felt so badass since entering university. There was only one word to describe his feelings right now — excited.

The three of his roommates flashed wide grins and said, “Haha. If you say so. We are to give thanks to Chen the boss in advance!”

It was very rare for a university student to dine in a fancy restaurant.

Everyone went to sleep after the hype. The next morning, Chen got on a public bus headed to the center of the city . He browsed the Red Envelope group on this way to the city. Unfortunately, people were just chatting inside the group. There were no Red Envelopes to be snatched.

The second he got down from the bus, Chen saw a big sign that said “Da Feng Jewelry Shop” across the busy street. It was the biggest jewelry shop in Green Vine City. Their customers were all from the higher class of this society. Rich people loved this shop.

“Wow! This place is really top of the class. Even the guards are so tall and buff. I’m going for this shop!” Chen ran towards the shop happily. Unfortunately, he was stopped by the guards before he could enter the shop.

“Stop! You are not allowed to enter this shop!” The guard said in a deep voice.

“Why? Is it because of my worn-out outfit?” Chen frowned. He actually knew that better than anyone else.

Due to his financial situation in his family, he wore the same shirt for three years. The color of the shirt had already faded from excessive washing.

“You outfit is indeed really bad, but that’s not the primary reason of why you are not allow to go in.” The guard shook his head and said, “We are serving a VIP at the moment! No one is allowed to go in before that important person leaves the shop.”

“What kind of VIP is that? I can’t believe that the shop has to be closed for that one VIP. Isn’t that too much?!” Chen said, shocked.

“You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you. Just leave! You’re going to be a pain in the ass! My boss is going to scold me if he sees you standing outside.” The guard said grumpily.

“Fine! I will go to the other shop!” Chen shrugged. He did not want to reason with the guard.

“People like this will respect me and bow down before me like a dog when I become rich. ”

All of a sudden, a sharp voice came from behind Chen.

“Asshole! Why are you here? Get lost! Do not bring your bad luck into my shop!” It was Shi and his overly attached girlfriend, Bing.

“This is your shop?” Chen was shocked. This was a small world for these two enemies to meet at the same place.

“Cut the bullshit!”

“Da Feng jewelry shop belongs to my hubby Shi’s family! Security! Please kick this poor farmer out from this place! He’s here to create a scene!” Bing yelled, pointing at Chen.

Chen became angry and he said in a tone full of disdain, “I will not come here even if a Rolls Royce was sent to pick me up because there are two shit eaters here in this place.

“Asshole! How dare you speak of that! Are you treating me like those vegetarian monks?” Shi yelled at Chen.

“No, you are not a vegetarian. All I know is you have eaten shit before,” Chen said calmly.

“You…..” Shi was so mad that he nearly vomited blood.

“I’m master Shi! I can kill this poor farmer’s son with only one finger!” Shi yelled at Chen.

“Well, you have eaten shit before.” Chen shrugged.

“My dad is Shi Dafeng. I have three hundred million Yuan in my bank account!”

“Still, you have eaten shit before.”

“My cousin is the head of a group of gangsters. He has three hundred followers with him!”

“Again, you have eaten shit before.”


Shi moved three steps backward with his hand on his chest. He tried to suppress the urge to vomit blood. Shi was so angry to the point that he felt like he was going to collapse on the ground.

“Say the word “shit”! Say it again!” Shi yelled at Chen

Chen nodded his head and proceeded to say calmly, “You had puked shit before. You even sprayed it all over Bing’s face. Pictures were taken of the moment you puked shit. Also, the news flooded out on the university forum.”

The relaxing way of how Chen conveyed his message was pretty destructive. It was a critical hit for Bing and Shi.

“Shut up!”

Shi and Bing were so mad that they started to scream. Their reactions were priceless. It was better for them to bang their heads on a piece of tofu and just die on the spot.

“Double kill!” Chen laughed blissfully because of his victory.

“Security! Why are you still standing there? Kick this piece of shit out of this place!” Shi was basically roaring. His hands were shaking and it looked like he was having a seizure.

“Yes, sir!” The security gulped. He had never seen Master Shi ever bullied by others since he started working here. Suddenly, another roar came from the shop.

“What is happening here?! Who dares to make a mess in front of my shop? I will make sure the person’s life is going to be miserable if that person makes our VIP unhappy!”

A middle-aged, plump man, dressed in a suit and leather shoes rushed out from the shop. His looked very arrogant. He looked just like Shi. Obviously, he was Shi’s father. The boss of this jewelry shop, Shi Dafeng!



Shi and Bing quickly ran behind him and started to complain about what Chen had just done to them.

“The two of you better shut up! You call yourself the son of Shi Dafreng but you can’t even take care of one poor farmer! What a shame! Shi Dafeng was not in his best mood. It’s probably because there’s no deal with the VIP.

Right at this moment, the VIP walked out of the shop and looked at Chen in surprise.

“Eh, why are you here?”

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