Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

Chapter 1830 - Tenshou Surrenders

Chapter 1830: Tenshou Surrenders

Luo Puti, Luo Qiongcang and the rest of the Saint Duke entourage were bowled over!

The person who was most staggered, however, was Helian Tulong! The bugger was shaking like a leaf thinking about the possibility of Chen Xiaobei being from the Earth-God realm, and had powerful forces supporting him!

He thought that he could scare Chen Xiaobei using his family’s name but now realized that not only did Chen Xiaobei have no reason to fear them, he was also powerful enough to tear his family apart!

Helian Tulong nearly soiled his underwear thinking about it.

Like him, everyone else from Saint Duke wondered what was happening.

Why were these six major forces in the Tenshou Palace?

Why did these formidable people have so much respect for Chen Xiaobei?

Where were all the Tenshou people? Wugui Osama would never have allowed outsiders to set foot in his territory like that!

“Don’t be shy, everyone. Let’s go in!” Chen Xiaobei said, leading a still disconcerted Luo Puti into the palace.

The six major forces followed them.

The people of Saint Duke all trailed behind them like little mice, not knowing what to think.

The group made their way into the Star Plucking Deck which was a landmark and also the tallest structure in the capital city.

At night, on this sky-scraping tower, one could almost pluck the brightly shining stars from the vast, endless yonder of space.

Elevators took everyone up to the highest floor.

The entire level was a deck with hundreds of LCD screens mounted on the walls on all sides of the room!

The screens displayed secret military facilities such as military camps, armories, ordnance factories.

On six of the largest screens were up to millions of combat spacecraft, all neatly lined up together.

“Xiaobei… What is all this?” Luo Puti asked.

Everyone stared at Chen Xiaobei. They wanted to hear his answer too.

“There’s no rush!” Chen Xiaobei shrugged. “Liancheng! Go invite the star of the show to the stage!”

“Yes!” Ao Liancheng hurried downstairs.

After a while, the elevator dinged before the doors opened to reveal Ao Liancheng with up to a hundred men!

The one in the front was the emperor of Tenshou, Wugui Osama! Behind him were all the Wangye, princes, generals, as well as court officials involved in the invasion of Saint Duke!

They walked into the room without so much as making a sound and then went down both knees.

“What… Is this…” The people of Saint Duke were stumped. It was all too much for them to take in.

Helian Tulong was dumbstruck.

Without explaining anything to them, Chen Xiaobei turned around and asked, “Is the live broadcast working normally?”

“Everything is working good! You just need to give the order and a live feed will be transmitted to Saint Duke!”

“Good!” Chen Xiaobei smiled. “Wugui Osama. Please begin your show!”

“Yes, sir…” Wugui Osama, still kneeling on the ground, took out a scroll.

About a dozen high-definition cameras were focused on the Tenshou emperor.

Slowly, he unfurled the scroll, presenting it the cameras.

He began in a voice filled with regret, “I, the number one sinner in the Nine Zones, Wugui Osama, would like to confess before the entire nation of the sins I have committed! It was under my ruling and decision that our starfield had been invading and attacking Saint Duke over a long period of time! In the battle, countless soldiers and townspeople lost their lives and many families as well as resources were destroyed… I, Wugui Osama, am guilty of being an intruder, a murderer, and a destroyer! My crimes are unforgivable!”

The emperor paused for a moment and then continued. “These Wangye, princes, generals, and officials behind me were also involved in the war. They are my confederates! The things that we’ve done cannot be undone but today, we recognize that we’ve committed unpardonable sins! It was with a joint decision that we put down our arms and sign this surrender document (peace treaty)!”

He raised the scroll above his head with both hands. “I have already signed it! All it needs is the signature of the emperor of Saint Duke to put officially put an end to this war! As the defeated party, we, Tenshou starfield, are willing to accept all conditions that Saint Duke will lay down! As a war criminal, I and the people behind me are willing to go to Saint Duke to receive the harshest penalty! We are willing to pay for what we’ve done!”

Everything Wugui Osama said and every word written on the surrender document was displayed on the live feed for all of Tenshou Starfield to see so that every one of them knew about their emperor’s surrender. Everyone would know that they were the ones who were defeated and had to own up to their crimes and be punished!

The surrender document was proof of that!

From now onwards, for generations to come, no one in Tenshou Starfield could deny or retract this truth!

The people of Saint Duke and Helian Tulong watched the entire event play out with their mouths hanging open and their minds reeling!

Tenshou was a powerful nemesis of Saint Duke capable of smiting their starfield!

They never thought that they would live to see the day Tenshou voluntarily conceded!

“Uncle Luo, go ahead and sign it!” Chen Xiaobei said to Luo Puti’s father.

Luo Qiongcang looked uncertain. “Is… Is this… Really? Will he attack?”

Chen Xiaobei smiled. “Don’t worry, uncle Luo. My friends have already destroyed these convicts’ cultivation. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been so cooperative!”

Luo Qiongcang’s eyes widened. “No wonder!”

The tens of thousands of people who had arrived before Chen Xiaobei did not come just to watch.

They had all since come prepared! Everything was under Chen Xiaobei’s control and there was no likelihood of danger!

“Childe Chen… I’m still a bit worried…” Luo Qiongcang sighed. “Tenshou embraces Bushido. Their people love waging wars and they are very good at it… I’m afraid they won’t accept that surrender document so willingly!”

“Don’t worry. I’ve come prepared!” Chen Xiaobei presented a remote control to the Saint Duke emperor. “Uncle Luo, why don’t you light up the fireworks for today’s show?”

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