Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

33 Whatever The Price Is, Makes No Difference to Me

Chen took out his credit card and enjoyed the attention given by the people around him. However, all he received were people giving him cold stares, thinking that he was some kind of idiot. Worst off was the salesperson. Not only did he act like a scum bag, but he mocked Chen as well. He said mockingly, “Douche bag! Are you sent here by monkeys? This is not a circus! You can’t perform here! This car costs four million nine hundred and eighty thousand Yuan! Not four hundred and ninety-eight Yuan! Get the f*ck out from here! Stop acting like you have the money to buy it!”


Without waiting for orders from Chen, Jing Fei stepped forward and backhanded the salesperson’s face. Jing Fei was an elite in the latter phase of the human body’s enlightenment. His combat power was one freaking thousand! The salesperson was sent flying, four to five meters from where he stood earlier. His face was so swollen that his parents would not recognize him. Blood and a few broken teeth came out from his mouth.

“Assault, call the cops!”

“Shut up! Do you have a death wish? That skinny guy possesses enormous strength! He’s definitely a Kung Fu elite!”

“Oh my God! That handsome young man is protected by someone this powerful! Who the hell is he?”

“Only God knows his real identity! We can’t afford to offend him!”

People around Chen started to get really restless. All of them were afraid of Jing Fei. At the same, they were trying to make some guesses about Chen’s real identity.

“What happened? What happened?” A middle-aged man with a serious, grave look ran towards them.

“Manager Wu! He… He hit me…” The salesperson covered up his face and complained to his manager.

“Cut the crap! You should be honored that my master chose to buy from this place! However, your mouth was so full of shit! You brought this upon yourself!” Jing Fei roared softly.

His deadly, cold aura filled the whole place instantly. He was like a snake that released a great deal of fear inducing pheromones. Manager Wu was smart enough to notice that Jing Fei was no ordinary person. Also, Jing Fei was addressing Chen as his master. Although this young and handsome man; Chen was dressed rather unremarkably, he had to be someone.

“Sir, our salesperson offended you just now. I hope you can look past that. We will definitely reprimand him later.” Manager Wu bowed politely in front of Chen and said.

“Cut the crap! Here’s my card!” Chen handed the credit card to the manger impatiently. His filthy rich aura flooded the atmosphere immediately. Those who gave Chen ice cold stares earlier were blinded by Chen’s golden light.

“Oh my god! That car costs four million and nine hundred eighty thousand Yuan. He’s just casually swiping it!”

“This young man must be on a Godly level!”

“Glitterati, can I be your friend?”


Everyone around him was completely stunned. The salesperson who mocked Chen earlier was crawling behind the counter. He was afraid that Chen might make him paid for what he did.

“May I know your name? Sir?” Manager Wu asked fearfully.


“Alright. Master Chen. Please hold on for a while. I will get back to your shortly.” Manger Wu ran and got a credit machine to Chen. He put in Chen’s credit card and asked Chen to key in his password.

When the transaction was completed, manager Wu smiled and said, “Thank you for your purchase! Just let me know if you have other needs! I will definitely make sure that you get the best service.”

“I would like to buy another Sedan car. The best, premium, deluxe, model of the same brand. Also, a supercar.” Chen said calmly. Everyone was amazed by his quick purchase decision. 


Manager Wu’s anus quickly tensed up, as he professionally kept a straight face and said politely, “The price of the premium edition Sedan car costs five million and nine hundred and eighty thousand Yuan. It was designed and hand-crafted by the best car designer in the world…”

“Just take my card!”

Chen just repeated the same thing. He was not here for all the connoisseur lingo. Those few words managed to create a nuclear explosion in everyone’s hearts. Every single person around him was extremely jealous of him. They felt like Chen was from a totally different world. They had nothing to compare to him. Chen keyed in the password again, and five million and nine hundred eighty thousand Yuan was deducted from his account.

Chen didn’t even blink his eyes when he saw part of the money disappearing from his account. He said calmly, “The SUV is for me to drive my old folks around. The Sedan car would be theirs to drive. The supercar is for me. Perfect!”

“May I know, what kind of supercar model are you looking for?” Manager Wu asked politely while bowing down to Chen.

Chen shrugged and said, “Honestly, I’m not good at picking cars. Just show me the most expensive supercar you have here.”

“Errrrr… Please follow me.” Manager Wu was so anxious that his shirt was now stuck to his back, plastered by a layer of sweat. He felt as if he was speaking to an otherworldly creature.

“Jing Fei! Stop staring at the showgirls! Let’s go!” Chen summoned Jing Fei. He quickly grabbed his butt and rushed to Chen.

“Master Chen. Please have look at that supercar. It’s a Bugatti Veyron! There are only three of it in our country! And only one in Green Vine City!” Manager Wu pointed at the elevated showcase in front of him.

On the stage, there was a jet black supercar. The curve of its body was perfect. Its design radiated with power. The color was dark and mysterious. It was like a mysterious phantom that emanated a powerful aura.

Chen took a look at it and he was moved by it. Then, he said, “This is the one! Take my money!”

“Yes! I will do it right now!” Manager Wu had a broad grin on his face. He ran to the counter. However, he was shoved aside by someone.

“Why did you push me?” Manager Wu furiously stared at the young man who pushed him.

Two men, the size of grizzlies appeared behind him all of the sudden. They donned suits and shades. Manager Wu was so startled that he almost wet himself.

“What do you mean, I pushed you? You freaking blocked my way! You are lucky that I did not kick you in the ass!” The young man snapped.

“Wen? Wenfeng? You are the inheritor of Wen family; Master Feng?”

“Hehehe… Other than me; the richest second generation of Green Vine City, no one else can afford a Bugatti Veyron in this city!” Wenfeng pompously drawled.

“But… Master Chen wants to buy this car as well…” Manager Wu awkwardly turned around to look at Chen.

“Master Chen?” Wenfeng followed the manager’s gaze and his reaction got really interesting.

“You are looking at the right man! I’m Master Chen!” Chen put on a joker smile and walked towards Wenfeng.

“You? Master Chen? Stop fooling yourself!”

Wenfeng scolded, “A poor ass farmer shamelessly acting like a master?! Where is your dignity?!”

“What are you saying?! I dare you to say it again!” Jing Fei was being really protective. He was getting ready to beat up Wenfeng.

“Jing Fei, calm down.”

Chen stopped him and asked with a smile on his face, “So, Wenfeng, are you going to buy this car?”

“Cut the crap! Are you going to buy this car if I’m not buying it?” Wenfeng said condescendingly.

“Hehe… I wanted to buy this car earlier. Since you want to buy it as well, I will not fight you.” Chen shrugged and said.

“Hmph! You are not even qualified to fight with me! This car costs thirty-eight million! It’s not possible for poor asses like you to buy this car.” Wenfeng said arrogantly and his eyes were filled with despise towards Chen.

“Hehehe…” Chen smiled and did not say much after that. He stepped back.

“Master! Why you stop me from beating that son of the bitch?!” Jing Fei was infuriated.

“There are a lot of ways to teach someone a valuable lesson. I shall teach you how to do it…” Chen crossed his fingers and smiled evilly.

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