Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

39 Demonic Possession!

Chen saw another face on Lan’s grandma’s face. Its hair was messy, eye sockets were hollow with an unending void of darkness, mouth was wide open, sharp teeth were hanging out and its tongue is extremely long as well. This is definitely a demonic possession! This is the first time Chen encountered such a phenomenon. He did not want to do anything that might spook the evil spirit. This is to avoid any unnecessary mess from happening in this house.

Chen calmed himself down. After a careful observation, he saw that there was some blueish dark “Qi” surrounding the evil spirit. Its form was so unreal. The look of the evil spirit, stacked with the face of Lan’s grandma was absolutely terrifying. An idea crossed Chen’s mind. He quickly used his Netherspirit Battlescouter.


[Low-level evil spirit. Cultivation:*******. Physical form: Spirit. Combat power: 300]

“Oh shit! Spirit! That means my physical punch will not be able to land on its face. It’ll be pointless to lend strength from Xiangyu as well!”

Chen carefully calculated the possible outcomes, “I have to calm down… I cannot spook the evils spirit before I come out with an idea. His three hundred combat power might crush my own spirit anytime!”

“Chen… About the thing that I told you just now…” Lan thought Chen was daydreaming. So, she reminded Chen.

“Erm… I think… I need to go to the toilet to pee.” Chen had no other options. He had to go to the toilet to come up with a solution.

Lan was smart enough to know that something is going on with Chen. She said, “There’s a bathroom to the left when you stop out this door. You can go there on your own. I will wait for you here.”

“Okay…” Chen quickly ran outside. He rushed into the toilet and locked it immediately. He took out his cellphone and quickly went into the Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms. The only way to solve the problem was to rely on the members in the group! Chen’s first choice was the King of Hell, because all the demons were under his command. Due to the urgency of this matter, Chen had to send a public message in the group. Also, he did not know whether the King of Hell was online or not.

[To all the members in this group. I met an evil spirit with three hundred combat power. Anyone willing to help me to kill this evil spirit?]

Little NeZha: Wow! Chen the God finally comes online! (Three cute emojis)

Zhu Bajie: Brother! You come online finally! The Prime of Tongtian did not allow us to contact you. Only you can take the initiative to contact us! We missed you so much! (Three flying kisses)

God Erlang: Everyone, gather and look at Chen’s magnificent presence!

Xiao Tianquan: Woof! Woof! Woof!

Guardian of Ground: Superior God! Let me hug your leg!

Heavenly soldier A: I support the Guardian of Ground!

Heavenly soldier B: I support what soldier A just said!

Chen: What the hell! Let’s save this for another time! I have something more urgent to do now! I need to exorcise an evil spirit! Exorcise evil spirit! Exorcise evil spirit!

Bull Demon King: My God! Do you want to rent my Chaos Steel Ultimate Hammer? One smash from it can kill ten thousand low-level evil spirits! My price is really fair! You only need to pay me one thousand merit points, for two days worth of duration!

Tang Sanzang: Rent my Golden Purple Khakkhara! Also, I will give you another book for exorcising evil spirits! The whole set only cost you nine hundred and ninety-eight merit points!

Taibai Jingxin: Rent mine!

God Chejiao: Mine!

All of a sudden, everyone was hardcore selling their treasures to Chen! Chen felt like crying. All of them were potential eBay sellers. They would definitely be filthy rich if they came to earth.

However, Chen could not afford to waste any more time with them. Chen gritted his teeth and said, “The items that you guys recommended to me are awesome. However, I only left with eighty-seven merit points. If anyone is willing to lend me your item, please PM me right now!”




Half a minute passed by, and not a single person said a word.

F*ck! All of these swindlers! I will definitely remember the way you guys treated me! Chen was getting so nervous that his heart almost jumped out of his chest. All of a sudden, a message popped up on the screen. Finally, someone nice showed up!

Yanwang: I can send you a tool for killing evil spirit as a gift. Free of charge!

Chen: This is what I call a brother! Yanwang is still the best after all!

Yanwang: If you are happy with it, can I have some spicy sticks? Recently, I kept thinking of eating spicy sticks! I don’t feel like eating anything else! (Three begging emojis)

Looking at the message, Chen almost laughed his lungs out. He couldn’t believe that Yanwang still remembered the spicy sticks that he gave him earlier.

Chen: No problem! I have some spicy sticks with me. Can I send them to you tomorrow?

Yanwang: Sure! Sure! Sure! This is great! (Three drooling emojis)


[You have received a primary level wooden demon killing sword. Made in hell. It has been stored inside your treasure chest.]

“Hahaha… Spicy sticks exchanged with a treasure! This is the best!” Chen was so excited. He quickly checked on his treasure chest.

[Primary Level Wooden Demon Killing Sword. Made in hell. It can kill a low-level evil spirit with one slash. Do you wish to withdraw it?]


A ray of light flashed in front of Chen and a finger sized red wooden sword appeared in Chen’s hand. A sense of justice and masculinity was spilling out from the sword. This sword was the kryptonite of low-level evil spirits.

“Hmph! Damn you evil spirit! Get ready to be sent back to hell!” Just when Chen mustered up the courage and wanted to kill the evil spirit, the group got all excited all of a sudden.

Zhu Bajie: Yanwang, what are spicy sticks?

Yanwang: That is the delicacy that only Chen the God can acquire! (Three drooling emojis)

Bull Demon King: Chen the God! I want some spicy sticks as well!

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King: I want them as well!


The group members that had suddenly fallen silent had re-surfaced again to ask for this legendary delicacy.

“Hmph! Nobody said a word when I need help just now! Now everyone wants to try the legendary spicy sticks, there’s no way I’m letting them try it!”

Chen pouted and replied: This is the ultimate heavenly delicacy! I had to put a lot of effort to acquire it! The price for it will be ten thousand merit points for one spicy stick! Only limited to ten spicy sticks! Buy now!

Bull Demon King: Too expensive… I can’t afford it…”

God Erlang: This is only food. Merit points are way more valuable than food. I’m not going to buy it!”


Everyone commented on the spicy sticks. None of them were willing to buy it. Chen had no time to reply them as well. With Yanwang as the living advertisement of spicy sticks, there would be someone falling for it sooner or later! The most important thing was to kill the evil spirit first! Chen kept his cellphone and ran back to the house.

“Lan, can you please go out for a while? I want to speak to your grandma alone.” Chen said bluntly.

“But…” Lan was in doubt.

“Please go out first if you trust me. No matter what you hear, do not try to enter the room.” Chen said seriously.

“Alright. I will leave my grandma to you!” Lan felt like things were not as simple as she thought they were. However, she was willing to believe in Chen. She got up and left the room.

“Boy, I know that there is something wrong with you. It seems like you are here to kill me!” Lan’s grandma’s eyes turned blue, and her tone was pretty scary as well.

“You this evil spirit! How dare you possess a harmless old lady! You are pure toxic! I’m going to send you back to hell today!” Chen focused his mind, and his will was immovable.

Translator footnote

NeZha- A protection deity in Chinese folk religion.

God Chejiao- A bare footed deity that always roams around human realm.

Taibai Jingxin- A servant of the Jade Emperor, the ruler of Heaven.

Khakkhara- Monk’s staff.

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