Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 1695A – My Generation of Swordsmen

Chapter 1695A – My Generation of Swordsmen

Circling Heavens Sword Sect.

Jin Geng was in their courtyard.

Sect Master Hu Fu cupped his hands and said, “Greetings, Old Ancestor Jin.”

Opposite him, an illusion of a figure turned around. It had a calm expression as it said, “I can lend you the Sky Breaking Sword, but the price you quoted is not enough.”

Hu Fu seemed to have expected this and he replied, “Old Ancestor Jin, please state your price then.”

Old Ancestor Jin’s illusion spoke, “Apart from the Sword Pill, the Jin Family wishes to also get the Opening Heavens Sword Skill from the Opening Heavens Sword Sect.”

Hu Fu frowned upon hearing this.

The illusion added, “The complete version of it.”

Hu Fu stayed silent.

Old Ancestor Jin’s illusion had an indifferent tone as it continued, “Sect Master, you can take your time to consider. The Jin Family is not in a hurry for you to make a decision. After all, whether the Opening Heavens Sword Sect is able to reopen or not does not really affect my Jin Family.”

Hu Fu’s eyes flashed but he did not retort. When it came to pursuing his personal interests, words were quite powerless and did not really matter.

In a low voice, he said, “Okay, I agree to your requests!”

The illusion smiled slightly, “Sect Master is indeed wise. We will definitely send the Sky Breaking Sword before the day of the Sword Bestowing.”

Hu Fu cupped his hands and turned to leave.

Jin Geng walked up to where Hu Fu stood previously and his face was still pale as he bowed politely, “Old Ancestor, Hu Fu is not a trustworthy person. I ended up in this situation because he has intentions to bring our Jin Family down.”

The illusion groaned coldly, “You ended up like this because you’re stupid!”

Jin Geng held his breath and lowered his head, not daring to speak another word.

The illusion looked at him and continued, “However, this time, you have indeed made contributions. If our Jin Family is able to successfully get the Opening Heavens Sword Skill, I will aid you in your cultivation recovery.”

Jin Geng’s face was full of delight as he thanked the illusion, “Thank you, Old Ancestor!”


The day of the Three Trials of Sword Bestowing had arrived.

The first Sword Bestower was Sect Master Gu, who carried with him many strong pieces of equipment. Countless swordsmen in Swallow Mountain came to watch him and they were full of excitement in their hearts.

It had been many years, and now they could finally see Sect Master Gu in action.

Indeed…one could easily win people’s hearts with money!

One could not even feel indignant about his wealth, because his style of fighting was very ornamental which made it extremely unique and eye-opening.

It was only the first battle, but people were already feeling heated. The only thing that made people feel slightly disappointed in their hearts was that…after Sect Master Gu made his move, the two people who came after him would not face that much trouble any more.

It was such a pity that this Three Trials of Sword Bestowing would be over after just one sword was used!

Outside the Opening Heavens Sword Sect, countless cultivators gathered. A large number of them were swordsmen from Swallow Mountain. Of these swordsmen, there were many that belonged to the major sword sects. They were all popular talents who were now holding their breath and focusing in anticipation for the upcoming Sword Bestowing.

To be able to personally observe their elder swordsmen bestow a sword was something that was beneficial to them. Of course they would not miss such an opportunity.

“I hope that Sect Master Gu will soften his blow and slow down his movement, if not, the Sword Bestowing will end immediately with just one slash.”

“The Opening Heavens Sword Sect’s guardian has always been mysterious and has never shown themself in front of people. However, from inheritor Qin Yu’s performance, it seems that this guardian is one who also cultivates the dao; they may be able to support him for a while.”

“I hope that is the case. I did not hesitate to take a break from my closed door cultivation and rushed to the Opening Heavens Sword Sect just to witness this duel between peak swordsmen. Do not let me go back feeling disappointed.”

“Yes, guardian of the Opening Heavens Sword Sect, you have to work hard!”

Heated discussions could be heard outside the Opening Heavens Sword Sect’s entrance. Everyone’s eyes were bright and filled with anticipation, and their stance towards the Opening Heavens Sword Sect was obvious.

Last a little longer…

After all, the first Sword Bestower was going to be Sect Master Gu, the most well-equipped person in Swallow Mountain!Please visit 𝗳𝚛𝐞𝘦wℯ𝚋𝓷o𝚟el. 𝐜𝘰𝒎

Xiu –

In the distant sky, the sound of a sword being slashed out could suddenly be heard. ‘Boom!’ A rumbling sound was produced as it made waves in the sea of clouds, and like a huge tidal wave, they swept towards where these people were with an astonishing aura.

This sea of clouds turned crimson red, making people feel stifled and terrified.

Sect Master Gu and the Crimson Blood Sword!

Whoosh –

A figure landed outside the Opening Heavens Sword Sect’s entrance. Above his head, the churning red sea of clouds exploded with a loud ‘bang’, and the clouds swept out in all directions with the impact rolling up howling winds.

His entrance was already so entertaining!

Especially now, as Sect Master Gu stood with his hands behind his back and he was slightly facing away from the audience. This made him look mysterious and intimidating.

In the next moment, cheers erupted in the air. Countless swordsmen from Swallow Mountain widened their eyes with admiration.

Our generation of swordsmen are so powerful!

I wonder when I will be able to reach a cultivation level that is worthy of being compared to Sect Master Gu’s.

At the entrance of the Opening Heavens Sword Sect, the corners of Rourou’s lips twitched and she turned her head to look at Qin Yu, “Look, swordsmen are all a bunch of people who like to show off and be in the spotlight. This one with the surname Gu is especially bad. Don’t believe all this excessive praise; most of these compliments are fabricated and spread on purpose to harm those naive young girls and boys.”

Qin Yu’s lips twitched as well. Rourou’s words were very rude and she was generalizing this behavior across all swordsmen.

However…after looking at this scene in front of him, it seemed that what she said was true.


Qin Yu, who was a fake but could now somehow be considered a swordsman, said in a low voice, “I’m going now.”

Rourou looked at him, “You know what I mean now?”

After thinking for a while, Qin Yu replied, “Yes.”

Isn’t he just doing it to uphold his reputation? Then, let’s act more realistically. If my performance is too slipshod, this Sect Master Gu will not be able to come off the stage.

After all, this issue of pretending to fight was nice to say, but not a very pleasant thing to hear. Especially today, under everyone’s eyes, if he overdid it, it would be like mocking everyone’s intelligence.

Whoosh –

The space shone slightly and Qin Yu’s figure appeared at the entrance of the Opening Heavens Sword Sect.

The audience hurriedly stretched their necks to take a look at who was behind him. However, no matter how much they looked, it was just empty space and there was nothing there.

What does that mean? Where is the Opening Heavens Sword Sect’s guardian? The role of a Guardian was not just to aid the inheritor in cultivation, but also to help them cross the most dangerous obstacles.

Today was obviously the day when he would face the most danger!

Could it be that the Opening Heavens Sword Sect had become scared after hearing about the highly reputable people who were going to be executing the Three Trials of Sword Bestowing, and was now deciding to surrender without even trying? That would be the greatest humiliation!

Outside the entrance and in front of the projection light curtain, many swordsmen clenched their jaws. If you are just going to admit defeat, then why did we even bother coming here?

Qin Yu did not let them clench their jaws for too long. He stepped forward and cupped his hands, “The inheritor of the Opening Heavens Sword Sect, Qin Yu, greets Sect Master Gu.”

Standing up straight with an unhurried expression on his face, he continued, “Today’s Sword Bestowing will be received by Qin Yu alone.”

Hua –

All of the spectating swordsmen were instantly in an uproar and all of them were in disbelief. To them, this was even more unbelievable than the thought of the Opening Heavens Sword Sect surrendering without a fight.

He was seeking death!

Jin Geng was indeed very strong, but at most, he could only be considered to be an outstanding junior. Compared to a senior who had cultivated the true Sword Dao, there was a huge difference in their power.

Furthermore, the Sword Bestower was a high profile, true elder of Swallow Mountain.

He was extremely powerful and tyrannical.

This was simply the greatest mockery and disrespect to the Sword Elders.

Going against a junior? What a joke!

Sect Master Gu frowned slightly and his eyes became sharper, “Qin Yu, are you being serious?”

The elder was not happy!

Qin Yu’s heart skipped a beat but did not let it show on his face. He cupped his hands and replied, “Even though Qin Yu is just the inheritor, my status is still equivalent to being the Opening Heavens Sword Sect’s Sect Master. Since Sect Master Gu has come forward for the Sword Bestowing, I am qualified to receive it in every right.”

Sect Master Gu raised his eyebrows. These words did make a bit of sense.

It was quite reasonable for the Forging Sword Sect Master to fight against the future Opening Heavens Sword Sect Master.

He immediately nodded his head, “Okay, get ready to receive the sword!”

Qin Yu raised his hands and a terrifying booming sound erupted. ‘Hong-long-long!’ His small world descended and an explosive force was produced, causing the surrounding spacetime to twist and turn. At this moment, space was rupturing and the earth was shattering. With these changes, there were thousands of different weather phenomena happening in the skies above them.

Sect Master Gu felt very satisfied.

At least the Opening Heavens Sword Sect was kind enough to not embarrass him too much. Even though he was here only because of a secret deal, he still had to maintain his reputation.

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