Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 1695B – My Generation of Swordsmen

Chapter 1695B – My Generation of Swordsmen

Hong –

A terrifying sword intent exploded in the small world. Majestic and boundless, it seemed like it was able to cut through mountains and rivers.

Sect Master Gu’s voice resounded, “Sect Master Qin Yu, you were indeed hiding a trump card.”

Hong –

Another powerful sword intent erupted, making a sound that was as loud as a mountain collapsing to the ground.

“Great sword!”

Sect Master Gu’s tone was calm as he reviewed Qin Yu’s sword.

Outside the small world, the faces of the swordsmen contorted and they struggled to widen their eyes to catch a glimpse of the action, however, they could not see through the barrier of the small world.

They could only feel the explosive sword intent coming from the inside and hear Sect Master Gu’s voice. The suspense made them feel even worse.

They were cursing Qin Yu many times in their hearts, ‘We went to great lengths to come here just to watch Sect Master Gu in battle, and look what you did! What are we going to watch now? Truly despicable!’

This was especially because the sword intent that erupted in the small world was exceedingly strong. They could detect it even from afar, and it made the hairs on the back of their necks stand.

If they could witness it for themselves, they would be able to learn something from it.

Indeed, the Opening Heavens Sword Sect letting its inheritor Qin Yu go to battle and receive the Sword Bestowing meant that he had the capabilities to. However, they had evidently underestimated the abilities of today’s Sword Bestower.

“Sect Master Gu is so strong!”

On a sword peak was a direct disciple who had an outstanding aptitude but slightly weak cultivation and was left here to observe the battle behind the projection light curtain. He could not help but exclaim.

He did not realize that at the very front of the projection light curtain, his grandmaster was sitting there, expressionless. At this moment, the corner of his grandmaster’s lips twitched a bit.

However, he chose not to say anything.

Swordsmen must uphold their reputation.

If people knew that in the dignified Swallow Mountain, the highly reputable Forging Sword Sect’s Sect Master Gu was just pretending to fight, what would happen to the reputation of Swallow Mountain as a sacred ground for swordsmanship?

Furthermore, if anyone dared to rip his face off, Sect Master Gu would definitely take his revenge.

For example, back then, there was that renowned battle where Sect Master Gu fought an old Sword Demon. When did that old Sword Demon even think of reneging on his debts? What actually happened was that this old Sword Demon took some jabs at Sect Master Gu in front of a female Sword Immortal, and Sect Master Gu took this as a reason to start a huge battle. In the end, that old Sword Demon was not only forced to fight, he even had to endure having a bad reputation of reneging on his debts.

The swordsmen of our generation indeed have a good reputation, but it was very rare for someone to have such a perfect reputation.

Sect Master Gu could not be provoked!

At this moment, many peak swordsmen on Swallow Mountain had the same thoughts as this grandmaster.

After all, even though Qin Yu’s small world seemed to be rather ‘fancy’, it could not block these elders’ perception and they knew everything that was happening inside.

However, there was something that made these elders of Swallow Mountain confused. Why did the Forging Sword Sect want to help the Opening Heavens Sword Sect? If it was for Incense Affinity, back then when Opening Heavens Sword Sect was destroyed, Forging Sword Sect had not even developed yet, much less formed a connection with them.

It seemed like this was going to be another unsolved case for now.

Apart from this…the Circling Heavens Sword Sect’s Old Hu was definitely feeling furious right now. If he dared to come out and call Sect Master Gu’s bluff, then things would get really entertaining.

However, unfortunately, the Circling Heavens Sword Sect was very calm from the beginning, which made many people disappointed.Please visit ƒ𝐫𝗲𝒆𝑤𝚎𝐛𝙣𝐨𝙫𝙚𝚕. 𝒄o𝓂

In the small world, when Sect Master Gu threw out the first sword talisman and released the Sealing Sword Intent, Qin Yu honestly almost got a shock. He thought that Rourou did not manage to settle things properly and he had fallen into someone’s trap.

Thankfully, that terrifying sword intent slashed at empty space, dealing no damage to him at all. Afterwards, Qin Yu saw for himself Sect Master Gu’s true self.

Self-produced, self-directed and self-acted…nothing more than that!

At this moment, Qin Yu felt that the saying ‘there will always be someone stronger than you’ was too true. Apart from Sect Master Gu’s acting skills, just the way he handled things was far above Qin Yu’s level. He never thought that someone would be capable of something like that.

This is the huge difference between us!

Sect Master Gu looked up and straight at Qin Yu. Qin Yu’s heart skipped a beat and he immediately regained his composure, “Sect Master, please rest assured. Whatever happens today will stay with me until death; I will not leak a single word about this.”

Nodding his head, Sect Master Gu looked satisfied and threw out another sword talisman. Then, he said seriously, “That sword is seriously amazing.” With a low voice, he continued, “I’m doing this out of helplessness; it’s best if you can understand.”

Qin Yu replied, “Yes, I understand!”

Though he understood, as he looked at Sect Master Gu who was casually throwing out sword talismans, the corners of his lips still twitched.

Sword talismans could only be obtained when a strong swordsman sealed their own sword aura. The more powerful one’s sword aura was, the harder it was to seal it. Once one removed the seal and released the sword aura within it, it was equivalent to receiving a sword at full force. It was incomparably precious and valuable.

However, looking at Sect Master Gu, it seemed that he did not care at all because he had already casually thrown out about seven or eight of them, which probably amounted to a fortune that only immortals had.

Tsk, tsk, he was simply being inhumane!

Was there any hidden dangers to doing this though?

Qin Yu thought about it for a while before coughing lightly. He cupped his hands and said, “Sect Master Gu, my small world is not really complete. I’m afraid it is hard to completely isolate it from the powerful swordsmen’s perception.” He had to say this first, otherwise he would be blamed if any accidents happened afterwards, and if there was another ‘show’ where Sect Master Gu got angry again, then things would become really troublesome.

Sect Master Gu smiled and said, “Don’t worry, even if they can see it, they will not say anything…after all, we have been neighbors for many years. Which one of them doesn’t have a dark past?” When he said this, he raised his head and glanced in one direction. Even though he looked calm and was smiling, Qin Yu swore that he sensed the naked threat coming from his words.

Qin Yu’s heart sank. Were all swordsmen really the kind of people that Rourou described? This completely destroyed his image of them!

Farewell to the bright and kind image of a swordsman that I used to have.

Sect Master Gu looked at him, as if he was able to see through Qin Yu’s thoughts, “You don’t think this is good?”

Qin Yu hurriedly shook his head and suppressed all of his thoughts, “No! I just think that today’s matter has really troubled you, Sect Master Gu. When the Opening Heavens Sword Sect successfully reopens, you have to come and visit us.”

Sect Master Gu coughed lightly, “Then, let’s have an agreement now. After reopening, you have to come and visit the Forging Sword Sect too.”

Qin Yu was slightly stumped. I was just being polite – are you really taking my words seriously? Sect Master Gu seemed overly confident in him, as if he was very sure that the Opening Heavens Sword Sect would be able to successfully reopen today.

Even I am unsure about this matter; where did you find such confidence in us?

Then, Qin Yu realized that it was Rourou who Sect Master Gu was confident in. They had interacted with each other before, and during that time, he sensed how mysterious she was. That was completely logical.

Think about it, if the Opening Heavens Sword Sect successfully reopened its doors and the Forging Sword Sect was the first to visit, how good would it be for their reputation?

Indeed…it would be great!

Qin Yu was delighted and immediately nodded his head.

Opposite him, Sect Master Gu’s smile was even bigger and he casually threw out another sword talisman. Then, he exclaimed, “This sword is not bad; it’s comparable to the sword I had back then!”

Since he was talking about ‘back then’, it meant that his sword was definitely better now. You really do not forget to show off anytime and anywhere to inflate your own ego.

Qin Yu took a deep breath, “Sect Master Gu, that’s enough. Sword talismans are precious, so seeing you use them like this makes my heart ache.”

Sect Master Gu looked hesitant, “Really? But I still have so many of them; I’ve not even used one-third of them.”

He looked very unsatisfied.

Qin Yu’s eyelids twitched and he hurriedly added, “Think about it this way, you are the Sect Master of the Forging Sword Sect. If you spend too long trying to battle it out with a junior like me, it will hurt your reputation.”

Sect Master Gu’s face changed slightly and he nodded seriously, “You are right, then we’ll end it here.” He looked at Qin Yu and he was full of admiration, “You little brat, you are indeed quite clever. By nature, you are suitable to become a swordsman. In the future, cultivate well – I have high hopes for you!”

What ‘high hopes for me’…the image of a swordsman has collapsed once again…

Qin Yu resisted the urge to retort. With a sincere expression on his face, he said, “Thank you Sect Master Gu for your compliments!”

After a few moments, the small world that was powerful enough to twist the space and shake the earth around it suddenly disappeared.

Qin Yu’s face paled and he flew backwards, landing on the ground.

Opposite him, Sect Master Gu was still facing away from the audience. His sleeves floated gently in the air and he had a calm demeanor, looking very suave.

“The Opening Heavens Sword Sect is indeed extraordinary, I’ll take it as you managing to receive my Sword Bestowing.”

He had a light and calm tone but his charisma was through the roof.

Turning around, he gave the audience a glimpse of his side profile. Then, he stepped outwards and his figure disappeared into thin air.

The next moment, a sword aura erupted in the distance and the sea of blood-colored clouds appeared once again. ‘Hong-long-long!’ It went further and further away from them.

It was like he was holding a kitchen knife and chopping electric wires along the way, creating sparks wherever he went…it was magnificent and majestic!

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