Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 533: Timely Awaken!

Chapter 533: Timely Awaken!

Actually, Tang Li Xue planned to pit these three predator-level foxes against each other at the last minute, so they would get distracted and waste their time fighting against each other.

While Tang Li Xue herself would hold the treasure box while keep running away from them until the time was up.

Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue’s plan could not keep up with the current change in the situation at all.

If anyone of the three predator-level foxes managed to get the treasure box first, even Tang Li Xue would not be able to snatch that treasure box from it so easily later!

Moreover, if the three predator-level foxes fought against each other while snatching that treasure box from each other, Tang Li Xue would no longer have enough strength to participate in that kind of high-level battle.

“In short, the most important part of the plan is timing! If the timing is right, then we will have a good chance to win this treasure game. If the timing is off, then we better give up on this treasure game earlier and avoid getting involved in the great battle between the three of them.” Tang Li Xue murmured to herself.

“That is right… At least, we would not get eliminated earlier in this Foxes Hunting Festival earlier if we give up on this treasure game later.” Her perfect copy was added to Tang Li Xue.

“So, that is why you must find and catch the treasure box earlier than any fox! Come on, stop playing around and work harder!” Tang Li Xue warned her perfect copy while kept sending the direction of the treasure box’s location to her perfect copy.

Tang Li Xue herself was still busily luring the Kraken Fox toward the location of the black-spotted white fox right now!

After dodging its enormous tentacles’ attacks again, Tang Li Xue glanced at the Kraken Fox that was still on the water.

Then she used her paw to pull down one of her eyelids and stick her tongue out toward Kraken Fox to mock it.

Kraken Fox instantly became even more enraged at Tang Li Xue’s provocation!

Kraken Fox used its high-pressure [Water Cannon] toward Tang Li Xue again, but this time, Tang Li Xue was already prepared for it, so she immediately used [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step] to dodge it!

After that, Tang Li Xue quickly used [Sun Dragon Flash] to flash away farther from the Kraken Fox and all of its enormous tentacles.

The Kraken Fox hastily chased after Tang Li Xue, and its speed in the water was not slow at all!

Without using [Sun Dragon Flash] or [Wings of Freedom]’s effect, Tang Li Xue’s full flying speed was actually slower than Kraken Fox’s swimming speed!

It only took a few seconds for the Kraken Fox, and it already caught up with Tang Li Xue even if she was already flying at full speed with her [Phoenix Wings]!

The Kraken Fox whipped all of its enormous tentacles crazily toward Tang Li Xue to smack her down into the water!

Of course, Tang Li Xue would not want to play into Kraken Fox’s domain since she already guessed that the Kraken Fox’s enormous tentacles would also get much faster and stronger in the water.

Tang Li Xue condensed her deep blue Flame of Pride into a pair of dragon claws this time!

[Sun Dragon Claws]!

Different from [Flame Tiger Roaring Claws] which could only be used in one attack and then explode and disappear, her [Sun Dragon Claws] could last much longer in battle, so it could be used to attack and defend.

The [Sun Dragon Claws] would remain in the battle until it got destroyed by the enemy, or Tang Li Xue herself dispelled it!

Moreover, Tang Li Xue could wield her [Sun Dragon Claws] more flexibly with a defensive technique to block the crazy attacks

from Kraken Fox’s enormous tentacles!

[Sword Art of Mystic Harmony], Repelling Spins!

Tang Li Xue spun in mid-air, and her pair of [Sun Dragon Claws] also followed her movement!

BANG~!!! BANG~!!! BANG~!!! BANG~!!! BANG~!!!

Tang Li Xue managed to repel all the enormous tentacles, but she was also thrown off more than ten meters back!

Tang Li Xue did not continue to fight with the Kraken Fox and quickly ran away from it again since her objective was only to lure this Kraken Fox to the location of the black-spotted white fox.

The Kraken Fox also did not give up and kept chasing after Tang Li Xue again!

The Kraken Fox approached Tang Li Xue swiftly, but this time, it made something new.

One of its enormous tentacles suddenly wrapped itself like a giant lump of flesh and punched swiftly toward Tang Li Xue!

“What the hell is this…?!” Tang Li Xue was shocked as she reflexively used her martial art to block them again.

[Sword Art of Mystic Harmony], Repelling Spins!

Tang Li Xue spun with her [Sun Dragon Claws], but the result was completely different from before!


If the previous enormous tentacles’ attacks were like a boxer’s jab, then right now, the enormous tentacles’ wrapped attacks were like a heavy hammer strike!

Tang Li Xue’s [Sun Dragon Claws] could not withstand this attack at all and exploded!

Tang Li Xue’s silver furry figure was thrown off violently until she crashed onto the ceiling heavily and bounced down then fell into water like a rubber ball!

Tang Li Xue’s vision turned dark in that instant, and her consciousness became blurry as she felt her entire body struck heavily by a high-speed giant hammer just now!

As all of her senses became dull, and her mind slowly entered a comatose state…



“Do….. die?!”

Tang Li Xue vaguely heard the voice of her perfect copy from their mental connection…

The Kraken Fox’s enormous tentacles were already wrapped around the half-unconscious Tang Li Xue!


As the Kraken Fox’s enormous tentacles squeezed Tang Li Xue tighter and tighter until all of Tang Li Xue’s bones made loud cracking sounds.


[(Sun And Moon Aegis) resisted a deadly blow for you! (0/3)] ๐˜ฃ๐˜ฆ๐‘‘๐˜ฏ๐˜ฐ๐˜ท๐‘’๐˜ญ๏ผŽ๐‘›๐˜ฆ๐˜ต

“Damn it~! Wake up, you idiot~! HOYYYYYYY~!!! We will really get eliminated earlier if you do not wake up now!” The perfect copy kept shouting from their mental connection to wake up Tang Li Xue, but it was all only a futile effort.

The perfect copy started to get despaired.

The perfect copy realized that this was another weakness of [Twin Moons] divine ability…

Their [Swap] skill could only be triggered by the real Tang Li Xue, not the other way around!

So, her perfect copy could not do anything to help the unconscious Tang Li Xue now!

Since her [Wings of Freedom]’s effect already entered cooldown too, it would at least take around five to ten minutes even if she flew at her fastest speed toward Tang Li Xue’s location now by using this flying disc condensed from [Energy Manipulation] divine ability.

Five to ten minutes was more than enough for the Kraken Fox to kill Tang Li Xue dozen times!


[Detecting Host is in critical life-threatening condition. (Damage Transfer) skill automatically activated and transferred all of your injuries to the perfect copy!]


[(Sun And Moon Aegis) resisted a deadly blow for your perfect copy! (0/3)]

In only less than ten seconds, the Kraken Fox would have already managed to kill Tang Li Xue twice if not for the [Sun And Moon Aegis] and [Damage Transfer] protecting her from the deadly blows!

“Sigh… Forget it… At least we already tried our best, right? With this, we will not feel any regret later. Urgh… but we will still certainly feel ashamed in front of Instructor Lan later…” The perfect copy sighed and lamented in resignation.

Just when the perfect copy closed her topaz blue eyes and waited for [Damage Transfer] skill to trigger when Tang Li Xue received another deadly blow from the Kraken Fox…


Something out of their expectation happened again!

A huge hurricane suddenly appeared and blew away all of the Kraken Fox’s enormous tentacles!

After being set free from the enormous tentacles’ entanglement, Tang Li Xue was floating in mid-air with a disbelief expression.

“This powerful wind power is… Yaya?!” Tang Li Xue shouted in shock.


[Divine Possession has been initialized by Yaya!]

Tang Li Xue could sense Yaya’s excited and delighted mood from their mental connection!

“Thank you very much, Yaya! Don’t worry… With your help, my plan will have a much higher chance of success!” Tang Li Xue laughed as she replied to Yaya.

After entering [Divine Possession] with Yaya, Tang Li Xue also understood why it took so long for Yaya to awaken its defense-type divine ability after she drank the Sapphire Armored Wasp’s royal jelly.

It was because Yaya did the elemental fusion with [Wind of Kindness] before, so once she awaken the defense-type divine ability, the [Wind of Kindness] would also awaken the defense-type divine ability along with her!

In short, it was the same as Yaya had successfully awakened two defense-type divine abilities at once!

“Wonderful~! As I expected from my favorite Yaya~!” Tang Li Xue praised Yaya with an excited tone.

When Tang Li Xue wanted to check Yaya’s two newly awakened defense-type divine abilities, the Kraken Fox angrily raised its enormous tentacles and lashed them toward Tang Li Xue again!

“Tsk~! How annoying?! Forget it, I will check it later. Now, let’s do it according to our plan! Hey, stop daydreaming and continue doing your job properly, you lazybum~!” Tang Li Xue complained, then scolded her perfect copy.

“Sigh… I do not even know anymore if you are lucky or unlucky…” The perfect copy replied while sighing in relief.

However, the perfect copy still was obediently chasing after the treasure box as fast as she could according to Tang Li Xue’s instruction.

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