Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 – Altar (3)

“I will give you a solution”

And then Hansoo started to count.

15 from the bottom.

“One, Two, Three.. fifteen like this. These fifteen people are the weakest”


The fifteen who had been chosen made a blank expression for a moment and then shouted in despair.

“No way!”

“Though I have more runes then him?”

But Hansoo shook his head.

He could guess who would win and who would lose at a glance.

It would differ slightly depending on the condition but even if you take all of that into consideration, the people who would go in were rather obvious.

And at Hansoo’s pointings, joy and sorrow were shown.

The fifteen who were chosen showed rage and felt wronged.

And the fifteen who weren’t chosen let out a sigh of relief because they could save runes.

And in Hansoo’s words the man shouted in despair.

“You bitch! You’re the same! How dare you throw us off because we’re weak! And those bastards over there throw lives away because a of a few runes!”

Hansoo stopped his steps.

“Hmm. It seems you are mistaken about something”

Then Hansoo spoke as he scratched his head.

“You don’t get thrown off because you’re weak. If you are weak you simply can’t follow up with others. Nothing to do with being thrown off”


“What were you doing whilst everybody was running? It doesn’t matter whether you rested or did something else but you need to take all responsibility for it in this place”

Those words were driven into everyone’s words.

And that they all realized at the same time.

That they had really entered a screwed up world.

It wasn’t like the modern society where you had a chance of bouncing back if you fail and fall behind others.

No, it was actually much more cruel.

Since that fairy thing came out from time to time and tries to cut off the tail which was falling behind.

If you do not want to be cut off, you need to run fanatically.

They had to realize this within the 1st tutorial area.

That this was a world where you needed to be greedy in order to survive.

If you are greedy you will probably receive the curses of others but you will gain the rights to survive during a decisive moment.

Like this situation.

“Damnit! Damnit!”

The man’s voice of despair could be heard behind the disappearing back of Hansoo.

But Hansoo spoke quietly.

“Listen till the end. I’m not telling you to go in there.”


Then was there a different solution?

The man looked at Hansoo with a expression full of hope.

Then Hansoo nodded his head.

“The fifteen will borrow the runes from others. Two of strength and stamina each. And then give it to me.”


“And hunt during the remaining 72 hours in order to pay the runes back to them”

Everyone nodded after pondering for a moment

There was nothing to lose.

Even the people who were left out were feeling a bit off because of the thoughts of throwing in fifteen people alive into that altar but if this new method were to be followed they had nothing to lose so everything was solved.

And of course in the fifteen people’s situation, hunting monsters to pay back the runes is better then going into the monster’s mouth as food.

Since it wasn’t that hard to collect 2 strength and 2 stamina runes in three days.

But then one person mumbled as if he felt he was mistreated.

Because then only these fifteen had to pay the runes.

“…Isn’t that unfair then? 1 per person is fair”

But then Hansoo shrugged his shoulders

“But the one who will be going in is you, you know? Why would the remaining 45 pay?”


The man who had spoken before shut his mouth at these words but somebody else spoke up as if he felt the greed rising up.

“But then why are we paying them if you are the one getting the runes? Isn’t the one who is taking the 60 runes you in the end?”

Hansoo nodded his head.

“I don’t have a hobby in free public service. I can’t force you to do it. This simply a suggestion I’m giving to the fifteen people. What I suggested isn’t the correct solution nor is it the perfect solution. I’m just giving a suggestion on what I think is the best solution. If you don’t think you will be within the 15 people or feel pressured by this choice, I will just come back in 3 days.”

He could probably gather up 30 runes if he hunted.

The man quieted down at those words.

Because if Hansoo did leave, he would be thrown inside that altar.

“You need to at least be able to pay for the price of your life”

Another person asked as soon as Hansoo finished talking.

It was the woman who was arguing with the man from before.

“Wait! What happens if the ones we lend the runes to can’t muster up the courage to hunt and cannot pay back? Then we’re losing out on runes.”

The fifteen people were weak because they had no courage to hunt.

They might not be able to return the rune within the next 3 days.

Hansoo replied very simply.

“What are you worrying about? Just chase them down during the night and take it from them. If it still isn’t enough after that then come to me. I will compensate you”


He needed to set up rules but rules that would even apply to the ones who can’t keep promises or take responsibility were not needed.

Since he hadn’t come to preach to them about social welfare.

Everyone made a scared expression at those words.

Because they realized that they couldn’t laze around from now on.

But at the same time everybody made a content face.

Because it was solved without anybody dying in the end.

“There’s one hour left. Let’s start now.”

Everyone started to gather up the runes at those words.


[Kang Hansoo] Strength: 84.3

Stamina: 85.8

Agility: 42.1

Perception: 42.2

Mana: 22

Magic resistance: 13

Hansoo nodded whilst looking at his Strength and Stamina that had risen by exactly 30.

The balance has been destroyed but there’s nothing I can do about that’

To be honest, even though you lose out a bit it is better to balance out your stats by trading runes around.

But this was an exception.

Hansoo knew instinctively by simply looking at the Carnivorous Monster.

With his current runes, his attacks wouldn’t work properly.

He needed to get his strength over 100.

And he needed the stamina to follow up the increased strength.

Agility and perception was lacking but he would compensate for that with his experiences and battle skills.

It seems I’ll use a ton of these cloud snacks’

In order to go over 100, he will probably need to constantly use the cloud snack that increased his stats by 20%.

But it’s good that it’s an environment where I can fight alone.’

Usually, even Hansoo preferred hunting in groups.

Since in reality the hunting speed was slightly faster when he hunted with Taesoon before.

But the situation was different.

If there are others it becomes disadvantageous.

No matter how many there were, their attacks wouldn’t work against the monster and the monster will regenerate its health after devouring the people.

If that guy was released it would’ve been quite a headache.

When Hansoo was about to start heading towards the Altar in the distance, somebody approached him.

“Hansoo, Mihee. It’s been a while.”


Mihee made a happy expression, stopped, then stole a glance at Hansoo.

Hansoo was looking at Sangjin with a impenitent expression.

“Since Taesoon isn’t here anymore, let’s be together. You too Mihee.”

Hansoo shook his head at those words.

But Sangjin didn’t give up and tried to approach him.

“Isn’t it better being with us? With friends?”

Hansoo stared at Sangjin expressionlessly.

“Once we part, we need to go separate ways”

Hansoo had no thoughts of cutting off their relationship because they didn’t want to follow him when he went into a dangerous place.

Since being weak wasn’t a sin and he had no confidence in keeping them safe.

But you can’t become friends with somebody who is always looking for chances as they follow you and then leave because things get dangerous.

This was a problem before strength came into play.

No, being stronger was actually more of a problem.

Since he can’t show his back to them with trust.

There won’t be a reason to see each other again.

He’s too much…’

Sangjin lost his determination from Hansoo’s attitude and made a dejected expression.

Whilst that was going on, Mihee spoke to Hansoo after pondering for a moment.

“I’ll stay here then.”

Hansoo nodded his head.

“That’s not a bad choice,”

Mihee had a bitter expression from Hansoo’s words which he didn’t ponder over.

Since it felt mean that he didn’t realize her crush on him and had accepted her choice.

I want to go with him but…’

She realized as she hunted with Hansoo over a few days.

The gap was growing larger as they went on.

And Hansoo was dashing off at a crazy pace. The hunting grounds were limited and she was able to follow up because she could hunt in these places but she had no confidence in fighting against that monster no matter what.

And in the area they move to after killing that beast, it would be even harder to catch up to him.

So she had to choose around now.

Companions around her level.

If she followed Hansoo like this, and then becomes thrown off after the tutorial area then she will be alone.

If that happens then it would be better to move as a six by becoming a comrade of five people.

And it’s better to split up now’

She understood Hansoo’s standards whilst fighting roughly.

If she ran away while fighting because things got dangerous then their relationship will be cut off. Like the five in front of her eyes.

But if they split up now, Hansoo wouldn’t ruthlessly cut her off when he sees her later.

Hansoo just didn’t trust in opportunists, it wasn’t that he didn’t didn’t like somebody who knew when to stay out and when to stick around.

Though it’s a little bit regrettable’

She thought about it before for a short moment.

If she became a couple with this man then wouldn’t she be able to be with him for a very long time.

Since Hansoo wasn’t the type of person who would throw off his lover.

But she knew after observing for a moment.

There is no space in Hansoo’s head for a lover to fit in’

So cleanly split up now and then aim for the next chance.

Just wait. I haven’t given up yet.’

Mihee put down her decisions and walked towards Sangjin.

And Hansoo laughed as he watched that.

The five others might be a bit different but he could meet Mihee in the future whilst laughing.

Sangjin didn’t know how to act after watching this scene from happiness.

He was happy to the point where the depression from being rejected by Hansoo almost disappeared.

Mihee didn’t choose Hansoo but his side instead.

Didn’t this mean that his side was more trustworthy.

Mihee was extremely fast to catch onto things.

She had judged that he had better potential than Hansoo.

Yeah. I’m still improving. I just never had the chances to do so’

Sangjin, who had laughed out loud, thanked Taesoon who was probably in the netherworld by now.

Park Taesoon. I must really thank you’

A girl who he wouldn’t even be able to talk to usually had chosen him.

And in his group there were three girls even if you disregard Gangtae’s girlfriend Jisun.

He felt like he would fly threw the skies from the feeling as if he had set up a Harem.

This was all due to Taesoon.

The only reason why he was able to come this far was he filled the empty space after Taesoon had died.

Sunmi, who was standing behind Sangjin, watched him pathetically.

Seriously. I have to trust this retard and follow him around.’

Would Mihee have not been able to distinguish between and sports car and a trash car and came here.

She had only come here because she thought she didn’t have the ability to drive around the sports car.

Well that’s that.’

Sunmi decided to let go of past issues.

Since Sangjin and Mihee were the strongest of the six, no, strongest of the mob.

If you don’t account for Hansoo then these guys are the two tops.

And the four of them were also part of the strongest if you don’t count in Hansoo.

If they travel together then they wouldn’t have any difficult times for a while.

And even more so since Mihee probably learned a lot of things from Hansoo.

Whilst Sunmi was making such thoughts, Sangjin was watching Hansoo and not Mihee.

Am I not good enough yet’

Sangjin made a regrettable expression as he saw Hansoo’s back as he walked towards the altar.

He was trying so hard to become a friend but Hansoo didn’t even care about him.

Shouldn’t he at least try to do something together.

Unlike Mihee, he was simply just hitting a wall.

Something… I have to show him something more’

It was because he was still weak.

Since he wasn’t a beauty like Mihee so he needed to show something more to Hansoo. A deciding factor.

But then at that moment somebody called Sangjin.

“Hey friend. Could we talk for a moment?”

…Who could it be.’

When Sangjin went over there, a few people were standing there.

These people are…’

These guys were the ones who were speaking aloud during the debate before.

The ones who represented the strong, and the real top rankers if you don’t count for him and his friends.

“I’m called Suyeol. You’re the leader of those friends over there right?”

“The leader?”

Sangjin’s face blushed for a moment from the words of the thirty-something man, he then answered shyly.

“We’re all friends so ehh. But for now they’re listening to me well”

“Oh. Nice”

As Suyeol raised his thumb at him, Sangjin giggled from being happy.

Suyeol chuckled at Sangjin acting like that and then continued his words.

“Then are you friends with that guy called Hansoo over there too?”

Sangjin pondered for a moment and then nodded.

“Of course”

We’re friends. Yeah friends.’

Suyeol, who had confirmed up to that point, made a satisfied expression as he spoke.

“Yeah? Then I have something a proposal for you, shall we talk for a bit?”

He said whilst stealing a glance at Hansoo who was walking towards the altar.

Sangjin pondered for a moment but then followed him shortly after nodding his head.

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