Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – Central Island (3)

Hansoo spoke as he looked at Guktae.

“I was sure we agreed to abide by the rules. We said that you can take the things you earned while hunting but that we needed to keep a ratio between hunting and defending.”

Guktae made a slightly anxious face but then quickly shook his head.

He couldn’t back off here.

Then my rebellion was useless’

They had grown to the point where nothing can shake them.

But this was only possible because Hansoo had given them all the power.

So he was curious.

What did he believe in to hand all the power over to them and raising them like so.

I need to find what he is believing in’

Their clans were at a level where it couldn’t be compared to the ones of the past.

Because Hansoo in front of them had created a safe measure, they could fight faster and have less casualties.

And the non-members under his authority had become closer to him due to his hospitality.

Everything from quantity to quality.

Their power could not even compare to Hansoo when he had crushed the others on the first day.

Well… This guy did indeed get strong too.’

It seemed that he had gotten strong as well.

As if he had gotten strong by eating the colorless runes from the dungeon.

Though it’s amazing that all his runes are colorless…’

It wasn’t that blades didn’t go through.

How could the speed at which one person gets stronger compare to the speed of 150~160 people getting stronger.

And I’m not alone’

At least a few clans had the same thoughts as Hansoo and the defenses will fall if they aren’t here.

So how could he attack him in such a situation.

The only reason why they had some leisure was because the 12 clans were defending, and if there is a fight then the defense will break apart.

But there’s still some leisure’

Which meant there exists something that could threaten them.

And Guktae did not like the current situation where he did not know what that could be.

I need to poke him a bit more’

Guktae, who had finished his thoughts, made a leisurely face as he spoke.

“I mean come on. Friend. Listen. Would that fairy thing leave us like this? It’s logical to be getting strong while we have the leisure to do so. You need to have some flexibility in the rules”

Hansoo made an amused expression as he spoke.

“Then why didn’t you discuss it with other clansmen? I’m pretty sure it’s in the agreement. The ratio of hunting and defense won’t be decided by one clan but rather on the consensus of six clans.”


Yerin glared at Guktae in anger.

Her clan had taken damage because that guy hadn’t followed that rule and acted how he wanted.

Jimin, her precious younger sister, was injured and was recovering.

Guktae mumbled inwardly.

What would it mean to follow such rules’

The reason why he had discreetly taken out some forces was to be better than other clans.

He knew instinctively.

This place was dangerous but it was a place where they could get stronger much faster than in the other islands.

They needed to create a gap here so they can crush down the others after getting higher.

But if all the clans were to put with the same ratio of clansmen in the fight then what would it mean if there were 11 other clans at a similar level as his?

Superiority was a result of difference.

It hadn’t been long since he had come here but he knew something very important.

I must get strong whenever I get the chance to. Without stopping.’

That was the only way of winning.

But I can’t say it out loud like that’

“It was because it was a decision that came up whilst I was thinking. It seemed like everyone was busy.”

It was an excuse that a dog wouldn’t believe but that was why it was effective.

Quickly. Show me what you are believing in’

Does he act like this because he believes he can cut off their necks here?

Guktae knew that Hansoo wasn’t somebody dumb.

And there were plenty of guards outside.

He would get surrounded immediately.

But at that moment Guktae, who was making a leisurely expression, froze for a moment.

Wait. How did he get in here?’

At that moment Guktae felt a chill run down his back.

The location of their conference room was right below the lookout tower for the crystal they had to protect.

This was the safest room where the castle’s entirety was visible.

That was why they had decided for it to be their conference room.

Since it would be cumbersome if some crazy few ones caused terror because they don’t like how things are.

And they had selected the most trusted people in their clans as guards and had set them up outside.

Three from each of 12 clans to make 36.

The conference doesn’t last long so if it wasn’t a number that affected the defense and as a Lord, they should have at least this much privilege.

But there was no sound of clashing.

Did he perhaps crush them all?’

Everyone had been looking at Hansoo with similar expressions.

Hansoo chuckled as he laughed.

“You see, I’ve gotten a new merchandise these days. To fit the season.”

And then Hansoo sent in a bit of mana onto the bracelet on his wrist.


Hansoo’s body quickly disappeared from the site.

The eyes of the Lords became cold.

That is…’


If that was it then it wouldn’t be a problem.

Since their perception stat wasn’t that bad to the point where they would lose the enemy because they couldn’t see something.

But they couldn’t see where he was.

He had disappeared in front of them but they didn’t know where in the room he was.

There was something that worked even against their increased perception.

There was a skill that helped with perfect invisibility on that bracelet.

If a weakling had used it then it would’ve been obvious but they couldn’t know because of the bracelet’s powers coupled with Hansoo’s movements.

Everyone felt chills run down their back.

He had walked through their most trustworthy 36 clansmen.

Despite the fact that they were on extreme alert.

This meant that the amount of the clan’s strength wasn’t important.

What would it mean if the surrounding army was strong.

It would be over right away if he cut your neck in your sleep.

…He showed it to us on purpose’

Why would he show something so precious?

Something like that was a hidden card.

But he had shown it to them on purpose.

It meant do things well on their own.

Guktae finally knew why Hansoo wasn’t interested in the position of a leader.

…You just need to take down the twelve of us huh?’

He couldn’t control the 2000 people alone.

That was impossible no matter how strong he was.

But that was possible for Clan Lords.

And that was why he had given 2000 people over to the Clan Lords.

Since as long as he controlled the twelve of them, it was like controlling all of them.

Hansoo mumbled inwardly whilst looking at Guktae.

I got it right on time’

<Arangkal’s Bracelet>

It absorbed the user’s mana to give basic invisibility as well as sending out force waves to interfere with the enemy’s perception.

And it was something he needed to acquire first in this dungeon of the Central Island.

If this is combined with his movements then most people wouldn’t even be able to find him.

Of course it would be useless in battle because of the aura and harsh moments but this wasn’t for such times.

He had invested all his time in the dungeon in order to gain this.

Well. Thankfully I got all my runes up to Colorless.’

Hansoo, who had finished his thoughts, showed himself back to the Clan Lords as he spoke.

“It may happen that a person makes a mistake. We can solve it with talks.”


“Then the profit you gained from extra hunting will be shared equally with the clansmen participating in the defense and you can just fix the ratio of hunting and defense tomorrow right? Oh and give payments to the injured for compensation.”

This was exactly like it was written in the original rules.

A few Clan Lords grinded their teeth at this but nodded their heads.

They realized that they weren’t in a situation to try to show their guts anymore.

But Guktae still looked at Hansoo just in case.

Shall I provoke him a bit more?’

It hadn’t ended yet.

Even if they didn’t follow the rules, he wasn’t in the situation to attack them.

Since the castle would become dangerous without them.

There was a huge difference between twelve Lords and one person.

And he probably wasn’t the only Lord with the same thoughts.

But Guktae shook his head after seeing Hansoo’s eyes.

I can’t’

Those eyes weren’t those which would let him go.

He was smiling but the eyes were cold.

He had seen those eyes before.

It was like this before’

Those were the same eyes as when he crushed the 30 people on the first day.

He realized after Hansoo’s eyes which were looking for a reason to give a good lesson.

He was looking at it in such a way that if he beat one down in order to show the others then it would be fine.

He hadn’t killed them before but there was no proof that he wouldn’t this time.

Just this much for today.’


Guktae took a step back after mumbling inside his head.

He couldn’t stand the fact that somebody else was above him.

He really really did not like that.

And that was why he wanted to have a stronger power than others.

But Hansoo had clearly shown him who was holding onto his lifeline.

His rage was bubbling but he had to retreat for today.

I shall excuse you just for a while’

Guktae was a person who firmly believed in the limitations of one person’s strength.

The person in front of him was a bit different and that was why he had lost superiority here but eventually a chance will come along again.

The conference ended like so and Hansoo chuckled as he looked at the people walking down.

Well. Somebody who uses their head is better’

You can’t give up on a blade because the edge was too sharp and it might cut you.

It was better the sharper it was.

Not listening to my words is in the expectations as well.’

There would be nobody left on this island if he cut off their heads because he didn’t like them or because they were greedy.

All of the tutorial was full of greedy people, it was just that the degree of their greediness was different.

It wasn’t that all of them had turned greedy in just 10 days.

Since 10 days was a bit too short to change one’s true nature which they had lived with for decades.

But ten days was more than enough to kill of every kind person who would care for others.

And people realized as others quickly died off next to them.

That encouraging good and punishing evil was only possible in a book or something.

This was not a place where a kind hero of justice would survive but rather a place where someone who would hit that hero from the back would survive.

Well. Eres was a special case.’

If you searched then a few would exist but then they really needed to be blessed.

Since it meant that they had the luck and skill to keep their kindheartedness whilst surviving.

There weren’t many people who weren’t greedy in front of death and the people who had survived were learning of these things very quickly.

The game was very long and they could only survive by crushing others on the island above.

So how much would their insides hurt since they had to distribute things fairly in such a situation?

This won’t last long either.

So he needed to do something before then.

The thing I need to get next is…<Judgement of Dekrados>’

The fairy indeed did not lie.

Since it was clear that this was a land of opportunity.

It’s coming.’

Hansoo looked at the sky.

And soon after, the fairy appeared.


The fairy which had appeared suddenly above the castle.

Can’t it just piss of…’

Everyone in the castle frowned as the fairy appeared.

The fairy greeted everyone as it saw their looks.

“Hi everyone! Aww, Don’t frown like that. I’m not here to lay my hands on you.”


“If you look at me with such distrustful eyes then you’ll hurt me. I’m just here to tell you something which I didn’t tell you about. It’s not much. If the crystal gets crushed then the whole island will fall. Well. It won’t fall right away. It’ll fall slowly in about 10 to 20 days.”


There wasn’t much shock between the people.

Since they had expected as such.

The fact that they had to protect it with all their strength did not change.

The fairy spoke as it looked at these people.

“The actual important part is the second part. You were all comfortable so far right? The undead is… well, just child’s play. This team defended better than I thought. The demons will start coming out on this third day!”


Everybody cursed as they looked at the fairy.

That son of a fly was like a messenger of destruction.

There wasn’t a bit of good news whenever it opened its mouth.

The fairy made a slightly hurt expression at those words but then opened its mouth again.

“You guys are too much. Don’t you realize how good of a news that the demons are coming out is? This is a really rare chance for you guys!”


Everyone looked at the fairy at those words.

The fairy did mention it before.

That there were extravagant rewards.

But even then it would be all over if they died.

“It isn’t some crappy rune or artifact. If you kill the Demons then a mini-crystal comes out. Hehee.”


“If you collect the Mini-Crystals then you can trade it for a really good artifact! It is much better than the ones you have. It’s obvious that the reward would be better the more you collect right? Look at the catalogue in your pocket for those. By the way there aren’t many demons, you need to try harder than the others in order to get the crystals”

Everyone made a sour expression.

Even if they had such things, it would merely be pearls on a pig’s neck.

And how would they collect enough from the bits the demons dropped to trade it for an artifact when there’s thousands of people?

They might not be able to lay their hands on one after a whole month.

Even if they did lay their hands on it, only the Clan Lords would do so.

And the thing that that thing will throw at us won’t be weak.’

As the people made sour expressions, the Fairy added another thing.

“Oh. I didn’t say this yet. There’s another use for the crystal.”


“As long as you have the crystal, you can leave this island to go to the island above at anytime. Isn’t it a really good privilege? The people with it won’t need to care if everybody dies either from falling after the crystal gets shattered or from being invaded by demons right? A total of five people can move on. Heehee.”

No matter if that giant crystal broke or not.

No matter if the defense line broke apart or not.

They can escape this dangerous situation to a different island at any time.

Which meant that this was a privilege equal to a life.

Everyone’s expressions changed at these words.

The story was different then.

The fairy smiled as it looked at everyone’s expressions.

“You get it? About how important of an existence the Demons are? Be strong everyone. One demon coming your way for today!”

And the fairy disappeared as a beastly looking otherworldly existence started to slowly approach them.

Everyone started to calculated their risks.

There wasn’t enough information yet.

They didn’t know how strong the Demon was and they also didn’t know how the others would act.

But one thing was clear.

That it was better to get it before others do.

They didn’t charge in first but they had no thoughts of missing this chance.

Since it wouldn’t matter if they just kill the person who obtained it as soon as they get it.

Everyone knew that the best scenario was to attack them as the one who charged it was was about to kill it so everyone stood still while standing close to each other. [*PR Note: Kill Steal!]

Hansoo shook his head as he looked at this scene.

It starts now.’

A different name for the Central Island that attracted people below with its sweet runes and artifacts.


If you disregard the people who went up using the crystals then the survival rate here was 8%.

And this was only when the defense is successful. Since they would all die if they fail.

And this was all because of that damnable Crystal.

I must take it so nobody uses it’

If five die in order to attain it and another five go up using it, then 5 more will die from lack of numbers.

Which meant in conclusion, five will live and ten will die.

It was not an object that should be allowed to be set free.

And at the same time it was something he needed to collect.

I will collect it and exchange it for <Judgement of Dekrados>.’

Hansoo walked forward after looking at the others for a while and everyone’s eyes shone at Hansoo’s back instead of the Demon’s.

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