Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 – Demon Lord’s Castle (6)


“Aim at the neck!”

“Damnit! We’re getting pushed on this side!”

The clansmen started to clash against the undead under the command of the Clan Lords.

The sounds of crashing and ripping resonated from all directions.

And within the small gap that the clansmen had created, Hansoo and the special forces started to charge ruthlessly.

Towards the giant statue, no, towards the Demon Lord which was stretching.

And then Hansoo, the special forces and the Demon Lord clashed aggressively.


‘Maybe because it’s a weaker version it cannot talk huh.’

Hansoo muttered inwardly as he looked at the 15m tall human shaped Demon Lord.

But…As I expected.’

Hansoo clicked his tongue.

The Clan Lords weren’t attacking properly.

They didn’t have to kill the Demon Lord.

They just needed to endure.

30 minutes.

A time which could be held out if you focused on defending and dragged out the time.

There were twelve clans and anyone who survived were part of the forces they could take above.

It was obvious that everyone wanted to save as many as possible.

And because of this the Clan Lords, despite having the Special Forces out in the front , were just keeping their distance.

The Demon Lord threw a fist along with a rough scream while everybody was not fighting properly.


The giant body combined with the unbelievable speed generated a tremendous amount of wind as it created a humongous shockwave.




Ironically, the Demon Lord, the king of the Evil Clan, wasn’t using any skills.

The only thing it had was its overwhelming stamina, health, speed and regeneration.

But this was dangerous enough to the point that every attack from the Demon Lord crushed the people ruthlessly but this just suppressed the Clan Lords from taking action even more.

If he had used an area of effect attack then they might’ve attacked him because of fear but seeing that he was killing them off one by one, it seemed like they could keep quite a lot alive and then run away through the crystal.

And even better if the special forces of the other clans die off.

“Goddamit! Stick properly! Why are you backing off!”

Taejin gritted his teeth at how the others were acting.

The only special forces that were fighting properly were Taejin’s and Yerim’s.

These two didn’t want to fight at the very front either.

They had just stayed here because it seemed like everything would collapse in an instant if these two were to back off as well.

But the one who was fighting the most actively at this moment was Hansoo.

Since the others were others and he had to kill this thing.

He didn’t have the leisure to care about other things anyway.

Because only then would the Demonic Jade Crystal come out.’

Hansoo was currently fighting close to the Demon Lord.

It’s been a while since we fought. Barbatoy.’

It wasn’t Hansoo of back then. And it wasn’t the Demon Lord of back then too but fighting it whose attacks and habits were clearly inscribed in his head made it less of a burden for Hansoo to fight.

Barbatoy was a pure physical type.

If he had gone up against someone with a peculiar skill then it would’ve been very pressuring even for Hansoo.

Of course the basic skill which it had, <Speculation>, made it so normal clansmen wouldn’t be able to come close.

And that’s why the special forces need to do well.’

Hansoo flew around the Demon Lord as he started to tie it up with great vigor.


When the Demon Lord applied some strength, the chain made a crackling sound as if it was about break.

That won’t do’

Hansoo pulled out the new artifact he got, <Justice of Dekrados>.


As Hansoo sent in some mana, the single dagger in his hands instantly turns into twelve.


One of the two skills of the Justice of Dekrados.

The dagger could divide into twelve that had the same durability but once one of them is broken, then the broken copy wouldn’t be regenerated even if you were to use Division again.

Hansoo dodged the attacks of the Demon Lord as he stabbed the dagger into the body of the Demon Lord who was tied up with the chain of Judgement of Dekrados.



The dagger went through the chain and got embedded.

As it was made as a set item, the holes on each link of the chain were just the right size for the dagger to go through.

The effect <Reinforce>, which was activated when he used these two artifacts together, started up.

And in this unique form, the chain became even stronger and the dagger sharper.

Hansoo, who had swiftly embedded all twelve daggers, aggresively pulled on the chain.


As he pulled the chains, the daggers which were embedded along with the chains followed as they sliced apart the Demon Lord’s flesh.

Like an electric chainsaw, as the chain which was tied around the Demon Lord were pulled, the daggers started to tear apart the flesh of the Demon Lord.


It might break.’

As the enraged Demon Lord shook its body, the chain tensed up as if it was about to break.

It was a situation where it couldn’t untie the chain because the daggers were embedded deep into its body.

But even if the set effect, <Reinforce>, was activated, there was still a limit.

But it doesn’t matter.’


As Hansoo sent in mana waves, the twelve daggers combined into one and came into Hansoo’s hand.

<Collection> and <Division>.

It was a simple but very efficient function for the dagger.

As long as there’s these two functions then there was no lack of firepower.

As the daggers were removed and the chain was loosened, the Demon Lord started to become even more crazy.



Tsk. The special forces need to fight properly.’

Though he had turned it into a mess, it was regenerating at an extreme speed.

Its true might came from that abnormal rate of recovery, ability to take hits, resistance and things like strength, agility and savagery were just the surface of it.

The special forces needed to shove their skills into it and destroy it faster than the speed of its regeneration while he tied it up.

There was a limit to how much one person alone could damage the Demon Lord. But though the Special forces were attacking it, they were doing so in a very passive way and were using safe tactics so the damage couldn’t catch up to the regeneration speed of the Demon Lord.

If this continues then more will die before 30 minutes are up.’

And the Lords were all getting further away from the battlefield as if they had judged that the battlefield was dangerous.

Hansoo shook his head as he saw these signs.


“Bastards! What are you going to command from back there!”

Taejin gritted his teeth.

It was better for the Lords to be in a safer spot.

Since it’ll be over for everyone if they die.

But if you wanted to raise the strength of the clan then it was better to command from the center of the clansmen.

It was good to leave things to work automatically but it was also important to look over the situation of the battle to increase the strength of the clan by preserving their numbers and even making them fight forcibly at times.

But the only ones who were fighting in the center of their clans were only Yerin and Taejin.

The ten other Clan Lords, including Guktae, had already backed off into the distance.

The other Lords smirked at Taejin shouting in the distance.

“Why are you fighting in the front like that if you aren’t of much help anyway.”

“This bastard… if you take the people who protect us then who is going to fight the undead.”

One of the Lords laughed at these words.

“We only brought around two per person. Don’t be so sensitive. And we already sent the special forces to the front.”


While Taejin was gritting his teeth, Guktae shouted while looking at him.

“You guys should come here too since it’s dangerous. Rather, it might become a nuisance because they have to protect you.”

“I will humbly decline.”

Taejin, who had finished his words, controlled his Clan as he charged towards the Demon Lord.

And Guktae made a regretful expression as he looked at such Taejin and Yerin.

“Nine… though it’s a little regretful, this is enough.”


While the Lords were making weird expressions from Guktae’s words, the cape that was surrounding Guktae started to shine brightly.

“Fuck.. What are you doing!”

Gultae giggled at these words.

“What do you mean what am I doing. I’m calling some protectors.”

<Wilderness Lord’s Cape.>

Once a day, the user can summon twelve designated protectors to himself.

And the thing that had come out of the light were the Guktae’s twelve special forces.

Guktae spoke to the Special forces.

“Get them.”

As soon as the words ended, the 2 protectors combined with the 12 special forces as they charged at the protectors of other Lords.





The eighteen protectors fought back but the power of the special forces were a step higher.

And Guktae’s Special Forces were even a step higher than that.


While the Clan Lords were calling their forces in a hurry, Guktae’s other clansmen started to jump about crazily and started to get a grip on the people’s ankles.

Despite the difference in numbers, because they had defended with their lives on the line, the speed of the other clansmen had slowed down and by the time the other clansmen killed off all of Guktae’s clansmen and got near, the Clan Lords had long become hostages of Guktae.

Guktae giggled as he looked at the 10 special forces around him who had become a mess.

Two had died and the ten who were alive had become a huge mess, it was still easy for them to cut off the necks of the Clan Lords who they were holding hostage.

One needs to just protect me. It’s very clean.’

One of the Clan lords gritting their teeth as he looked at Guktae.

“You crazy bastard! If this happens then you die too! Isn’t your ability valuable to you!”

Why wouldn’t they have thought of such a situation.

The only reason why they weren’t expecting internal fights between Clan Lords was because if one of the Clan Lords were to create a mess then they would all die here.

What would you do if you take them as hostages.

If you act crazily and create a chaos here, you will get pushed back by the undead and the remaining people will all die at the hands of the Undead and the Demon Lord.

It had already been awhile since the fight had been tilted towards the advantage of the Undeads in the fight in the distance.

They had fallen quickly while the remaining clans were clashing.

Hansoo and the remaining two special forces were stopping the Demon Lord but how would they hold out 20 minutes at this rate.

They don’t even have mini crystals.

Guktae giggled as he laughed.

“It doesn’t matter if I die.”

No, it wasn’t that it didn’t matter if he died or not.

His job was to get everybody here and die together.

Why would he have gotten rid of all the mini crystals?


Was he such a maniac out of maniacs?

And at that moment, one of the Lords, who had a blade up against them, made a pale expression as they thought of something.

“You bitch… you aren’t a Lord. Some crazy bastard sent one of the clansmen instead of themself…  you crazy bastard! Do you mean that it’s ok for you to die!”

Guktae’s expression chilled at those words.

Such a way of speaking when they had their fate in the hands of others despite having such formidable power of a Lord.

There’s too much of a difference.’

He thought back of the scene when his Lord had sent him here.

<You take these 3 tickets, go to the Central Island and pretend. The others there who have already received the message will treat you as the Lord.>

The symbol could be given from a clansmen and not a Lord as long as the Lord gave permission and clansmen could communicate between each other through messages.

The command was very simple too.

Since there was the first command every newcomer of the clan received.

<Treat Guktae as the Lord and follow his commands.>

If you do this then you can pretend to be the Lord perfectly.

As Guktae, who had finished thinking, gave a signal with his eyes, the grip of the special force member holding the Lord’s neck tightened.



“What do you mean crazy bastard. He’s a much more formidable person than scrubs like you.”

And at the same time everyone’s expression paled as Guktae laughed coldly at them.


Hansoo made a cold expression as he looked at the chaos occurring behind him

‘…Fraud Lord.’

A tactic which used one of their clansmen to pose as the Lord, make them careless and then die together.

Not everyone could do such a thing.

First, if you want to become a Fraud Lord then you need to be able to sustain the same amount of clansmen as the other clans.

Since it’ll be weird if a Clan Lord who could command 100 did not sustain 100 people.

Which meant that you needed to be able to control 100 people to reinforce the Fraud Lord and another 100 for himself adding up to 200 people in total.

And you also needed the commanding power to command suicide as well.

Once the clansmen go under the Lord, they create a connection between themselves and there are no occurrences where the Lord cannot order a clansmen because of such connections.

Since clansmen and Lords were in a system of up and down.

But such a command like suicide is hard to make because usually when you give such an extreme command, the symbol will break most of the time.

Of course there are exceptions there as well.

A situation where you raised the trait of the Lord with exceptional aptitude and had your trait become much superior to the point where the strength of your trait becomes much stronger then their soul.

Once this happens then it was possible to command things almost forcibly.

And there was a person who was capable of this in the past tutorial as well.

A guy who showed extreme aptitude beyond the specialties of Lords.

Though the regrettable part was the fact that he was crazy.

Dark Mad Lord… you’ve done something huh.’

A typical example that showed that, although a crazy guy is dangerous, a crazy guy with good abilities is even more dangerous.

And at the same time, one of the guys who will become the biggest obstacle in this preparation for the Final Dungeon.

One of the representatives of the <Dark Lords>.

Hansoo looked at Guktae, who had caused a chaos in the distance, with a cold expression.

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