Chapter 486 - Species (2)

Chapter 486: Species (2)

“Mmm… Nice.”

A white structure.

Minsoo muttered at the sight of the huge white moon, which was modelled after they had defeated a certain species.

No matter how many times he saw it, it was always beautiful and wonderful.

There were 27 white moons that brightened the darkness of the world and created barriers for humanity.

It was not just used to set up homes, it also provided light and energy to humans.

This large interior was made to provide all humans a paradise.

Of course, it wasn’t being used like this.

Eres, the First President, had left those words.

Although, she was now retired.

In any case, the paradise-making functions might have been closed, there was still one function in this white moon that was originally an ark that was configured well.

This was the zoo.



Inside the large expanded space, in the corridor that stretched over 100 meters in length, there were various species inside the transparent rooms.

Over tens of thousands of different species that were located on each floor of the Abyss were in these enclosed spaces.

There was the incinerator operated by the Red Jades that was flowing 24 hours a day in preparation for any sudden emergency.

In simpler terms, a strict defense was applied to the various species trapped inside in the rooms.

Now that mankind had conquered most of the Abyss, some say that the treatment of these species was too cruel, but those comments never came to effect.

Keldian, the 2nd President, had always shouted loudly.

<Those guys are not poor creatures. These are the creatures that massacred your father and mother, your grandfather and grandmother, and all of your brethren. I would like to exterminate them all, but there is only one reason why I have kept them alive.

It was for the people to see and stay alert.

It was actually called a zoo, but the name of this place was written as a Dangerous Species Archive.


Walking around the noisy corridor, Minsoo looked at the species on the left side of the hallway.


In the vast space that stretched several kilometers long, huge black-scaled dragons were flying inside.

They were scratching each other’s backs and taking a bath peacefully in the artificial sea. The babies that were in the lake were so cute that the female tourists who were walking next to him couldn’t take their eyes off of them.


“Can’t we somehow catch them and raise them at home?”

From this, Minsoo thought.

‘They’re that cute…. But they’ve done such things before?’

Minsoo looked at the description in front of the sheltered space.

[Black Blue Jade Dragons]

Residence: Second Floor of the Abyss

Captured Date: Aa. 28-35

Current number of surviving species: 115

Casualties: Deaths: 11,130,921. Injured…

A race that was successfully suppressed with the sudden death of the Primitive Dragon. Their unique traits are their scales that are similarly compared to K3.


Minsoo frowned.

The death toll was in the tens of millions.

This was the number of humans that were killed in the species war against these guys.

However, they were the weaker ones.

‘I better go further inside.’

The moment Minsoo decided…


A transportation device that operates in all areas of humanity’s residential area carried Minsoo’s body toward somewhere.

The destination was the zoo. No, it was the seventh floor of the Dangerous Species Archives.

It was a place much deeper than now.

And… It was a place where mankind was able to subdue these species at war only recently in 100 years ago.

‘Actually, it doesn’t really affect me.’

Minsoo, who couldn’t believe there was such a violent war until 100 years ago, shrugged.

A hundred years might seem short in a way, but it was in fact a long time.

Apparently, there was a war here in Korea, which was his origin, according to the yearbook of the Aa calendar based on the entry of humanity into the Abyss and the Otherworld.

Most people did not understand the war, even though it was only 50 years before they had shifted over to the Abyss.

Not to mention 100 years.

‘Still…. It’s quite fun watching.’

Minsoo, who began to walk on the seventh floor, muttered.

In fact, no matter how hard one shout to the guys above, one couldn’t reach them by sound.

Even himself, who had been born less than 15 years ago, would be able to subdue all 115 of the Black Blue Jade Dragons.

There was only one reason why he came here.

It gave him the chills.


“Ugh… Whenever I come here, I don’t feel so good,” walking in the hallway that was dimly lit, Minsoo muttered.

Unlike the noisy place upstairs, there were a few people on this side of the floor since no one really likes the feeling of the darkness.

There was also a reason why this place was dark.

Unlike upstairs where the species were isolated and neglected, down here, every single creature was bound to a powerful gravitational field.

The powerful prison that was created by overlapping gravitational fields in the dimensional space absorbed light in the surroundings.

It was then…


Minsoo panicked at the voice coming from the dark and stepped back.

As Minsoo focused on his eyes, he began to see the appearance of the opponent coming out from the dark.

There was a human-like object floating in the air with hundreds of layers of tightly-knit black membranes wrapped around its body.

It was clear that it was not human.

A human would neither be 10 meters tall nor have horns on their heads.

Minsoo, who saw Barmamunt, breathed a sigh of relief.

“Why didn’t you reveal some of your presence.”

Barmamunt mumbled bitterly, looking at the prison surrounding his body.

“Damned bastards. To make something like this…” Barmamunt muttered.

Though he was speaking in a nonchalant manner, it was certain that this thing was unbelievable.

A single movement blocked their movements.

‘Keldian. Kiriel. Sofia. For them to make such a toy like this…’

Looking at Barmamunt with a curious expression, Minsoo asked, “Well… I wanted to ask, but are you really that strong?”

Barmamunt snorted from those words.

“Wow. From your own mouth…”


Minsoo silenced Barmamunt as he read the writing that was underneath him.

[13 Demons – Barmamunt]

Residence: Seventh Floor of the Abyss

Captured Date: Aa. 931

Current number of surviving species: 1.

Casualties: Deaths: 15. Injured: 191.

‘… He doesn’t seem all that much.’

Even if he were to count all surviving numbers of the Black Blue Jade Dragons, the number was still lower than that.

Furthermore, though the Black Blue Jade Dragons at times showed fierce tempers when they were angry, as he watched Barmamunt constantly over the years, he had never shown his angry side before.

The feeling was more mutual in the context of a next-door neighbor.

He was grumpy, but he always gave him advice on how to get stronger.

Barmamunt asked Minsoo.

Minsoo nodded.

“It’s crazy! It’s like an ultimate move!”

His power increased significantly when he mixed his mana techniques with the power that Barmamunt taught him. Even his teacher was surprised and asked where he had learned it.

Of course, this was a secret that was shared between himself and Barmamunt.

‘I… will become stronger.’

He would become stronger so that no one could look down on him.

Barmamunt smiled and spoke to Minsoo.

Minsoo’s heart went compassionate after seeing Barmamunt like this.

‘He is a bit pitiful…’

All of the creatures on the Seventh Floor were all separated and isolated.

In addition, he was indebted to Barmamunt.

Minsoo, who was wondering if there was any way to repay him, asked, “Is there nothing you’re curious about?”

Barmamunt shrugged at his question.

“Ah! If it’s just that…”

He would have no intention of bringing him the information to unlock the sealed prison, but this much was possible.

“But, he must be really lonely,” Minsoo, who was mumbling to himself, looked at Barmamunt and began to talk extensively.

“I’m late now! I’ll be going!”

Seeing Barmamunt like this, Minsoo smiled.

“I’ll come again!”

At the end of that remark, Minsoo disappeared through the quantum transmission.


In the hall all alone, Barmamunt grinned.

Since he now knew everything he was curious about… And his preparations were almost complete as well…


After touching the gravitational field of the dimension that had locked him in, Barmamunt looked at the panel in front of him.

Creature, Barmamunt.

Injured… 191 people.

Barmamunt smiled coldly in the dark.

There were 27 arks that enclosed the human residential area.

Among them, there were key facilities.

Ark 1 was to observe the external dimensions and prepare for threats.

Inside, there were hundreds of people busily moving around, observing the blue screen.

It was then…

One jumped up from his seat and shouted with a look of disbelief.

“The Sealed Realm is about to collapse…”

From those words, one man at the top of the control room wearing an eye patch shrugged his eyebrows.

“The Sealed Realm?”

Sealed Realm.

It was a huge dimension where all kinds of monsters gathered.

Tales, the 8th President that was in charge, wriggled his eyebrows.

‘… Unbelievable.’

Tales was a man competent enough to be a chief.

Of course, he was fully knowledgeable about the state and history of the Abyss.

To be honest, mankind should have lost the war.

The abyss was full of unending forces and strong species before mankind had intruded.

However, there was only one reason why they had managed to overcome the seven-floored Abyss.

It was because all of the monsters and elites crawled into the dimension that was called the Sealed Realm.

It was a dimension that did not allow any external observation, external interference, or anything else in large part to the dimension rebound coefficient.

Therefore, five of the 27 arks were used exclusively to measure the condition of the Sealed Realm.

If what was inside were to be released… It would become a disaster.

‘What the hell is going on? Miss Eres is sleeping as we speak.’

Tales, who clenched his fist, opened his mouth quietly.

“Enter the third stage of security. Move cautiously so as not to alert the citizens.

“… Yes. I understand.”


The interior of the arks began to get busy starting from Ark 1.

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