Chapter 487 - Species (3)

Chapter 487: Species (3)

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As soon as Minsoo’s fist struck the practice sphere in front of him…


There was a roar from the practice sphere.

At the same time, the practice spheres made of Exinium were crumpled and scattered across the floor. It was a destructive power beyond the belief of a 15-year old. However, Minsoo, who was the one that caused this result, looked dissatisfied.

‘Not enough. Not enough.’

The adults always praised him, saying that no one at his age could achieve that much, saying that none of his peers could be compared to him.

However, Minsoo was dissatisfied with that.

He didn’t care about him being the strongest in his age group. He was only 15.

He didn’t necessarily want to say this, but there were a lot of humans who were nearly a thousand years old. Those that were older than him were greater than the stars in the sky, and those that were stronger than him were as bountiful as the sand on the beach.

This was why Minsoo was not satisfied with the compliments of being the strongest among his peers.

His goal that he wanted was to become the best in the world.

‘Whew. Cheer up.’

Minsoo, who organized his thoughts, once again concentrated his energy throughout his entire body. The Red Dragon Jade, located inside his body, provided enormous energy and helped form mana and coagulate power.

This power intertwined with the power taught by Barmamunt with the techniques that he had learned from Grandma allowed his growth to become quicker.

‘Let’s go…!’

Minsoo clenched his teeth while looking at the regenerated lump of Exinium.

This time, he was determined to destroy it so that it could not regenerate.

It was then…

“Hmm… It’s not here?”


Suddenly hearing a voice, Minsoo subconsciously lost his concentration.

‘Oh shit… no!’


The blue sphere that was in his hand was exploding loudly, causing Minsoo to be taken aback.

This blue sphere was not a stable mana technique that was taught by his great grandmother.

He arbitrarily boosted his destructive power by combining his own power.

Of course, the destructiveness was great, but it resulted in making it less stable.



Minsoo clenched his teeth and used all of his human strength to try and suppress the sphere.

If this were to explode, it would cause a great mess.

The current residential area might have protection, but this explosion would at least cause his whole house including the houses up and below theirs to be all swept away.

However, this was in vain.

The blue sphere, mixed with the power of Barmamaunt, caused his control to collapse at an outrageous rate as it continued to grow larger.


At the same time, a hand popped out behind Minsoo and grabbed the blue sphere.

Seeing this, Minsoo subconsciously shouted with a pale face.


Whoever grabbed the sphere was probably unaware of what would happen.

If that person grabbed it like that, it would explode.

However, it was already too late.


Looking at the blue sphere protruding in the person’s hand, it caused Minsoo to close his eyes tightly.

It was then that his life passed through his memories like a film.

Training, training, and more training.

‘Ahh… It was a short life. Seriously. If I knew this would happen, I would have tried dating…’

However, one second and two seconds passed, yet there was no explosion.

When Minsoo had a look of confusion…

“You can open your eyes.”

He heard an unfamiliar voice from above.

When Minsoo opened his eyes to the voice, the man he had seen for the first time, who was slowly cooling his blue sphere with his hands, descended below.

‘… Who is he?’

When Minsoo made a puzzled look toward the man he had never seen before…

“Isn’t this Eres’ house?”

“… Who are you to be looking for my great-grandmother?”

Minsoo unknowingly spat out a question.


“… You’re an old friend?”


Minsoo looked at him with a look of disbelief.

His great-grandmother was over 1,000 years old. To be exact, she was 1047 years old. But, for him to be an old friend of his great-grandmother…

‘I know all the friends of my great-grandmother…’

No, to begin with, there was no one that did not know of his great-grandmother’s friends.

All of them were recorded in the history books.

There was not a single person who lived in that era that was not included in the history books, not to mention famous people like Keldian, the second President, Kiriel, John Stone, and even Del Marcus.

Even if they did not try and memorize their names for testing, they were often reprocessed as original creations, so there was not a single person that did not know of his name.

“If you tell me, I’ll tell her. What is your name?”

“Tell her it’s Kang Hansoo.”

He had never heard of his name before.

Minsoo’s doubts grew bigger.

‘And… You don’t even have a registration number.’

Minsoo had a look of shock.

If he didn’t have a registration number, it was one or the other.

A foreign species or a criminal.

It was a presence that should be reported immediately.

However, there was one reason why Minsoo did not consider reporting him.

‘… I don’t think I should do that.’

He was plain and inconspicuous.

His failure to recognize his presence proved when he suddenly heard the man’s voice from behind.

However, seeing him in front, it was different.

There was a strange sense of oppression that weighed down on him.

To express this feeling in a simple sentence…

‘… I don’t think I should oppose this man.’

To be honest, even having that thought caused him to be stricken in fear.

He should not even think of trying to cause harm to this man at all.

After concluding his thoughts, Minsoo had a look of shock.

‘Unbelievable. It’s not like he’s God.’

He had sometimes seen his great-grandmother’s comrade, Kiriel.

Kiriel had said that she would definitely rank among the top ten of the human race, but even he had never felt this way in front of her.

‘… I must be mistaken. There’s no way.’

Seeing Minsoo like this, the man calmly opened his mouth.

“Eres is sleeping?”

“Yes, sir.”

His great-grandmother, who he had never seen before, had been asleep for 100 years.

He did not know why.

‘Well. She is old.’

For beginners, he knew that age was nothing more than a number, but for some reason, he also thought that this might be the case.

At Minsoo’s response, the man asked another question again, “Do you know where her other friends are at?”

“… My great-grandmother’s friend?”

From those words, the man nodded.

“There’s just one person that I can go find.”

There was just one warrior who had lived for more than a thousand years that shared the history that mankind was written about in the Abyss.

Some had died in the middle of fighting, and others got sick and retired.

Others supported humanity by fulfilling their duties in order to support humanity based on their individual strengths.

Of course, those sleeping like his great-grandmother were excluded.

They might be said to be sleeping, but they were more like quarantined in a very secure dimensional space that was preserving and helping them recover.

Therefore, there was only one person that he could go find.

“I will guide you.”

It wouldn’t take long to go there since they could just use teleportation.

However, Minsoo, who was trying to activate the quantum transmitter, realized that the man did not have a registration number.

‘… It’s going to be a mess.’.

Though the man would be able to teleport together with him if it was known that he was an unregistrant?

Security would definitely rush and arrest this man.

He didn’t know why, but Minsoo felt that such a situation should never happen.

When Minsoo was hurrying along, the man quietly opened his mouth.

“You can walk. I want to take my time to take a look around.”

“… Okay.”

Minsoo, who nodded at the man’s words, began to walk before suddenly being curious about something. So, he looked back and asked, “But, for what matters are you trying to meet the person for?”

From those words, the man smiled.

“I wasn’t able to properly say my farewells.”

‘Well… The place is quite nice.’

Hansoo smiled gently as he looked at the human empire that was built around him.


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“… Sealed Realm. It is completely destroyed.”

Looking at the distorted and defeated face of the deputy director, the observers swallowed their saliva.

The surrounding barriers were being smashed and crushed by the collapsing debris.

They could not imagine how powerful the beings in that vessel were.

Tales, who had a heavy look from the words of the observers, slowly opened his mouth.

“… Is there no intel from the inside?”

“It is impossible to observe.”

One of the observers opened his mouth with a look of misery.

They tried to look inside by all means with what they had. Whether it was ranged observation to unmanned machines, they all failed.

Whatever the realm ate, it did not spit back whether it was light, sound, or machine.

They would at least have some hope if there was some kind of information that could be retrieved from attempting this, but since nothing came out, they could not do anything.

The last resort was people.

However… who would raise their hand and volunteer to enter that place?

When the control center in the ark entered a state of silence, Tales opened his mouth.

“Are there no presences that have left the place?”

“There are no observations of such presences for now.”

Tales, who heard the intel until now, opened his mouth calmly.

Return all the spare troops now defending both the interior and exterior walls and direct them to the Sealed Realm.”

“… You mean both the securities that are defending the residential area and the borders?”

When Tales nodded at those words, the deputy spoke with a worried look, “… The war has not yet finished. That would definitely cause problems.”

Literally, they won and had dominated the Abyss.

However, this meant that they have trampled upon the other species, not eating and melting them.

If any of the opposition forces were to rebel and resist the current forces and release the seven floors of alien species that were defeated and hidden deep inside the dimension, including the dangerous species that were sealed in the prison-like places, there would be countless of places where the opposition would overwhelm them beyond their numbers if they were to send out their troops.

From those words, Tales spoke briefly, “Even if you put all of them together… The ones inside are more dangerous, aren’t they?”

“… Yes, that is so.”

“Then quickly move. Also, if we fail to get any additional reconnaissance for the next two days, we will set up a scouting team that will enter the realm.

“… Understood.”


The 27 Arks and the troops and sentries in all the seven-floored zones inhabited by mankind began to get busy.


“It’s here. This is where Kiriel lives.”


Looking at the enormous tower, Hansoo gave a brief exclamation.

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