Chapter 488 - Species (4)

Chapter 488: Species (4)

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A grand tower.

The reason why Kiriel spent her own money to make a 229-story grand tower was that she really wanted to try something she had read in the manhwa prior.

<Tower of Training>

On each floor, there was an elite.

The challengers had the right to challenge the elites of each floor.

If they win, they would have the right to occupy that floor and accept new challengers.

At the top was where Kiriel herself lived.

“… Well, there hasn’t been a challenger for the last year, so it’s quite boring,” Kiriel muttered.

I think the reason for this cause was because she thought that the guy that attacked her was too cocky and had smashed him down.

‘But, how come there’s not a single person that could defeat her?’

As soon as Kiriel stretched and tried to lie on the bed…

“Kiriel! I’ve come!”

On the 229th floor, from the garden outside, Kiriel shook her head from the loud cry.

‘What a reckless guy.’

To call her Kiriel, there would only be people that could be counted with her fingers that could call her that way.

Of course, this was even more certain considering how a little kid called her out.

“He must have come again with the excuse of wanting to duel. But, I did tell him to come through the entrance.”

Seeing this, it was clear that he found it bothersome to ascend starting from the 1st floor and had come up.

Kiriel, shaking her head, decided to play with the little boy.

He definitely had talent.

Seeing how he always looked at her with eyes full of motivation and passion, it was a bit burdensome, but that much she could tolerate because he was Eres’s great-grandson.

As she walked toward the door, Kiriel opened it and shouted.

“Kid. Next time, come from the 1st floor…”

However, at that moment, Kiriel had a look of disbelief.”

“Long time no see.”

“Huh… Huh? Uh? Huh?”

Looking at the man standing next to Minsoo, Kiriel looked dumbfounded.


“Go downstairs and play. Sir John Stone will play with you well.”

“Ah, fuu….”

From Kiriel’s words, Minsoo was full of complaints as he walked down.

If not, he felt that he would have truly been thrown out of the tower.

No, he felt that he should not intervene between the two.

‘… He must really be a friend.’

Thus, once Minsoo disappeared toward the 228th floor…

Kiriel returned to the reception room and sat in front of Hansoo.

She still couldn’t believe this reality.

After a long silence, Kiriel slowly opened her mouth.

“… What have you been up to?”

There were lots of things she wanted to ask, but she couldn’t think of anything else to ask first.

From those words, Hansoo chuckled and answered, “Well, I’ve been doing what I always have done.”


When he said that, Kiriel had an expression that she had needlessly asked that question.

At least, Kiriel and the rest of humanity had no more major battles 100 years ago when Barmamunt and the rest of the demons were finally captured.

However, Hansoo was different.

Kiriel knew that Hansoo was somewhere in the Sealed Realm.

It was the Abyss’s second dimension, created by a collection of all kinds of demons.

“Is… the fight over?”

From those words, Hansoo shook his head.

“There’s still one.”


“I just stopped by to say hello.”

“… There’s always something I don’t understand.”

Hansoo, who smiled at Kiriel’s small sigh, opened his mouth with a look of curiosity.

“But, it seems everyone is unaware of my name?”

He didn’t want to say this, but it wasn’t strange to see what he had done in front of a history book. In terms of history, what he did was close to myths.

But, once he had arrived here, there was no mention of himself at all.

No, he couldn’t even find a trace at all as if they had destroyed records about him.

From those words, Kiriel nodded.

“Everyone agreed to stay quiet about you.”

“… Why?”

Kiriel laughed bitterly and mumbled from the single word.

“Everyone… had been relying on you too much.”

That day…

When Hansoo tore through the sky and descended with an angel’s wings, humans thought they were now being saved.

Everyone could not help but think like that since they were on the verge of being destroyed by the large Primitive Dragon.

However, Hansoo, who suddenly appeared, had disappeared even quicker.

Those thirteen angel wings had been dyed black in an instant and Hansoo had disappeared into another dimension.

“But… did you know? Despite that, none of them gave up on you?”

Kiriel laughed.

After Hansoo had disappeared, it wasn’t like it had reached a peaceful era.

The mighty monsters might have gone away, but their opponent, alien species that were terrifying to even look at, continued to rush at them.

It took more than a decade for them to completely subdue the Black Blue Jade Dragons that had lost their leader in the Primitive Dragon.

There were over tens of millions of deaths, and several times of that were the numbers of those injured. Those kinds of species continued to rush at them.

10 years, 20 years, 30 years…

While they were fighting like that, in their hearts, they had hopeful thoughts.

<Maybe… if that person were to rip the sky and appear again.>

<He may appear in front of us stronger and lead us, then maybe…>

And just like they thought, their expectations were cruelly betrayed.

Every time they faced a species, they fought so hard that they were prepared for annihilation.

Whenever they contended with a species, they wished thousands to tens of thousands of times that Hansoo might appear once more.

When their war against another species was about to end, it was then that they realized that empty hopes were worse than despair.

Humans got more tired whenever their expectations were betrayed in difficult situations. What was worse was that despite this, they could not get angry or forget.

How could they be angry or forget when Hansoo had made a decision for them, knowing what kind of harsh environment he was in.

This was why they had decided to at least not instill hope to the younger generations that would be born later.

This was why they had decided to slowly erase Hansoo’s existence from the history books, records, and even orally.

The first 100 years or so, the stories were passed down orally, but even 1000 years was a very long time.

“Well… It seemed that it had been adapted into a fairy tale of a fallen angel and was spread throughout.

“Fallen angel…”

Kiriel, who saw Hansoo like this, quickly changed the subject.

“Let’s stop talking about boring stuff… Shall we talk about events that are more amusing?”

The moment she saw Hansoo, she instinctively realized.

No, she knew the moment he said he had one fight left that he would leave again.

The time to laugh and talk like this… It wouldn’t be long.

‘But… she couldn’t talk like this.’

It had been 1000 years since they had last seen each other.

In that timespan… Neither lived in peace.

They both fought and struggled to survive.

If she wanted to tell a bad story, there would be no end to the night.

But, a good story was different.

With that much, she would be able to sufficiently tell him everything before he left.

‘It’s likely that I have more to tell you.’

Kiriel chuckled.

What was there to hear from a man who had fought for a thousand years.

‘I’ve smashed some guy’s head, I’ve beat down some demons…’

She didn’t want to hear anything like that.

‘I can do it myself.’

Mumbling quietly in her mind, Kiriel slowly opened her mouth to storytell the night away.


“Eres and Kangtae married?”

“Yes. Why are you so surprised?”


“From what I knew… Keldian liked Eres,” Hansoo who was mumbling soon shook his head.

It was a thousand years.

In that time span, whatever happened, it wouldn’t be strange.

“What about Keldian?”

“He married Sofia. He was criticized a lot for marrying his student.”

From those words, Hansoo chuckled.

‘Well, it seems that everyone has been settling down.’

“What about you?”

From those words, Kiriel pointed to a frame on the wall.

[Congratulations! 1000 year anniversary of being single!]

There was a picture of John Stone beat up hard by Kiriel.


When Hansoo looked at her with a puzzled look, Kiriel shrugged.

“I like someone stronger than me.”

Hansoo laughed.

“There should at least be ten, right?”

It was known that Eres, Kangtae, and Keldian were all stronger than Kiriel.

There would also be a few with specialties and talents that could be stronger than Kiriel.

But, Kiriel shook her head.

“They’re all sleeping.”

“They’re sleeping?”

From those words, Kiriel had a bitter expression.

“Since this topic has surfaced, let’s go see them. Over there… You could see them all at once.”

100 years ago, the War of Demons and Humans.

As most citizens knew, the war ended in a really bland manner.

The battle was not set in the territory of mankind, but since they were the ones that invaded first, the war took place in the territory of the Demon tribe.

Under the guise of keeping other races and tribes in check, only very strong warriors, at least 800 years old, were deployed in the War of Demons and Humans.

With the few numbers that were mobilized for the war, perhaps it was the smallest number ever fought by mankind.

It was quietly executed, and the war did not last even a year, so it was nicknamed the <Bloodless War>.

It meant that the war shed the least amount of blood.

However… reality was a bit different.

Humans had lost more than 80 percent of combat weapons that they had accumulated in secret.

The weapons and arms that were managed in the dark under the control of Sofia and Keldian, each of which was so powerful that it was feared by the citizens that sought safety, were all lost.

And… among those, Eres was included.

‘Well, she didn’t die…’

“Come this way.”

Kiriel rose from her seat and led Hansoo.


“Ha… You’ve talked for a long time.”

‘Don’t tell me… They have a strange relationship, do they?’

With a look of jealousy, Minsoo looked at the floor above before lying back down.

‘Nothing’s coming out.’

Kang Hansoo.

No matter how much he searched, there were no results.

It was a complete mystery.

Then, suddenly, a good idea came into Minsoo’s head.

‘If it’s Barmamunt… Maybe he knows something about the man?’

Concluding his thoughts, Minsoo immediately activated the quantum transmission and teleported to the zoo.


The teleportation was instantaneous.

Minsoo, who was at the tower, moved to the basement of the seventh floor of the ark.

However, the moment the teleportation was completed, Minsoo realized that something was awry.

“Huk!… Juhuk!”

Minsoo, who had teleported over, was suffocating.

It wasn’t a level of ominous aura.

The whole place was filled with black mana, and in the middle, he was able to see Barmamunt who was not bothering to hide his presence.

Minsoo, who was on the floor, saw Barmamunt and muttered, “He’s… he’s still locked inside.”

It was fine for now.

As long as he used quantum transmission, he could escape and transmit the truth.

It was then…

There was a voice mixed with laughter and teasing from Barmamunt.

<I was going to call you, but you’ve come. By the way… child. Did you come to help me? Now is the time.>

“Uh… Uhuh!”

Power Diet.

The Power Diet that was delivered by Barmamunt to Minsoo wriggled inside his body.

“Uh… Uh.”

All the white spots in Minsoo’s eyes began to dye black.

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