Chapter 489 - Species (5)

Chapter 489: Species (5)

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A groan came out of Minsoo’s mouth, whose eyes were blackening.

He struggled to fight against the power that was swallowing his body somehow, but it was useless.

The Power Diet that he had learned from Barmamunt literally blew up like a balloon and was eating up his entire nervous system.

His hands and feet dragged Minsoo’s body forward.

Looking at his body, which gradually went closer to the black sphere that locked Barmamunt, Minsoo who was in despair, quickly gathered himself and shouted at Barmamunt.

“You… You! Even if you get out of there, what do you think would happen?! We let you live since you looked pitiful, but you’re trying to do this? You’re going to die this time!”

From those words, Barmamunt laughed.

“I’m going to die?”

Minsoo shouted loudly at Barmamunt’s words, “Yes! Do you know how much progress we’ve made while you were locked up? You’ll probably die as soon as you get out!”

Minsoo gritted his teeth and shouted.

The Bloodless War that occurred a 1000 years ago.

In 100 years, even the mountains would change.

Naturally, there had been many changes in mankind as well.

He lived for only 15 years, but he was amazed by the world and society that changed day by day.

But, if it was 100 years.

He looked confident thinking about this.

As soon as he came out, he would be burned to ashes by the power of the army.

From those words, Barmamunt had an amused expression.

“Eres was very considerate of you it seems. Well… Some things are easier to live without knowing.”


“Eres can’t sleep because these stupid people are of their own descent. Well, it’s natural that there would be stupid ones under a stupid girl.”

From Barmamunt talking in a belittling tone, Minsoo roared.

“Don’t say that! Eres spared you since she felt sorry for you, and you’re saying this!”

From those words, Barmamunt’s corners of his lips went up to its limits.

“Eres spared me because she felt pitiful… Who told you that?!”

Barmamunt laughed as he looked at the dimensional gravity fields opening up.



The 27th Ark.

It was the most recently built ark, armed with the latest technology.

Once upon a time, there were hundreds of coffins that were in place where Noah’s people were asleep in the deepest part of the ark.

The number was not much compared to the past. However, everyone at the top knew that those that were sleeping here were more than half of humanity’s power.

“… This was what happened to them when we fought Barmamunt and the others.”

There was only one reason why the War of the Humans and Demons was called the Bloodless War.

They were afraid that the casualties would be too great if they took the troops that were in the lower echelon.

Therefore, they had gathered all of their weapons and tamed beasts, employing strong, elite warriors to invade them.

And that judgment… was right and wrong.


Kiriel, recalling that time, swallowed her saliva.

The strength was unimaginable.

If they had brought warriors and soldiers that were average and below, everyone would have been swept away and killed like autumn waves.

However, it was also true that it was overwhelming without their help as well.

Therefore, Tales, who was the current President that overlooked the army, had requested for reinforcements after seeing the strength of Barmamunt and the other demons although Eres refused.

She then mobilized most of the remaining people including Keldian to use self-sacrificing spells in exchange for giving up their time near eternity as payment.

It was a huge sacrifice spell that overpowered all those that existed on the 7th floor. Thanks to them, those who were deployed to the seventh zone was able to overpower the demon tribes and go up.

“Although it was still too much to kill them.”

Recollecting about Barmamunt and the others locked up in the Ark, Kiriel slowly approached the coffins while muttering.

Eres was seen asleep as if she was dead in the coffin.

Her beauty and strength were still the same, but she was asleep since she invoked the spell in exchange for the remaining time of her own.

Lined up, there was Kangtae, Keldian, Mihee, and the others all sleeping, frozen in time.


Kiriel, who remained silent for a while, looked back at Hansoo.

“… I know you missed them a lot. But, I’m sorry this happened.”

No one knew, but Kiriel heard roughly that Hansoo’s ties with them had let him return from the future and choose to engage in this path of hardships and solitude.

This was why he had chosen to subdue the Seven-colored Zones alone in the Otherworld and decided to fight the Neropa alone for three years.

Therefore, he chose a path full of hardships and suffering, which required him to fight against all sorts of demons and species for a thousand years.

“I’m a bit jealous,” Kiriel muttered while looking at Eres.

Someone could fight for someone for a thousand years.

A path that was difficult to walk in for a year, he had traversed that path for 1000 years.

From those words, Hansoo shook his head.

“I did not come to see Eres.”

“… Yes?”

At that moment…


A large explosion roared outside the ark.


When Kiriel was in a state of shock…

<Emergency! Miss Kiriel! Please return immediately! It’s an emergency!>

Kiriel heard an urgent voice through her personal line.





The three arks that were used as zoos had large holes.

TIT was a single blow.

However, Noah had a large hole that was penetrated deep.



The bodies of the screaming people began to be forcibly transmitted.

This meant that a first-degree emergency has been summoned.

The people were immediately dispersed and summoned to other arks regardless of their individual roles.

At the same time…


Each ark that could contain over 1 billion people had activated mass teleportation.

It was a first-degree emergency.

This meant that the entire residential area could be destroyed.

Of course, citizens with low combat abilities would be automatically transmitted to the arks.

However, at that moment…


Along with a great roar, black clouds rushed out from the 3 arks.

At the same time…

[… Teleportation failed.]

[The Dimensional field is unstable! Cancel the leap.]

[Convert the remaining energy into a protective barrier!]


Hundreds of panels emerged one after another inside the ark in front of people’s eyes.

The words were very lengthy, but to summarize it, there was one key topic.

It meant that they had failed to escape.

“What the heck?!”

Seeing this, their faces went pale.


<Ahhhhhhhk! What the hell?! Why is this happening?!>

<Damn! What the hell is happening?!>

Barmamunt was able to hear the screams all around him.

Hundreds of millions of voices could not evade the ears of Barmamunt.

That was the kind of existence he was.

It was not because he had stopped them from escaping because he wanted to listen to their screams.


With one kick that shook the dimension, Barmamunt looked to his side.

To be exact, he looked at the boy that was staring at him with eyes full of hate.

“How is this? Do you think that they are better than 100 years ago? In my eyes… No.”

It was better 100 years ago.

Back then, every human being was aware of extraterrestrial beings as clear hostile threats and never stopped training themselves to fight them.

Yet, 100 years later, although they said they were citizens, it wasn’t like they were powerless since they possessed power like this child.

Like the boy had said, considering individual strength, they might be better today than they were 100 years ago.

However, for them to cause such a ruckus from this much interruption of broken peace…

“Peace in the Abyss. What nonsense,” Barmamunt muttered.

He didn’t know when the Abyss had changed like this.

The Abyss was a place that was always full of fighting that occurred at any time.

In fact, God had made it like this for that purpose.

But, seeing how these guys were emphasizing on peace, Barmamunt watched them as if they were strange creatures.

“Well, that’s quite new. This was why you guys made zoos like these.”



Seeing the guys starting to cry, Barmamunt laughed.

From Barmamunt’s strike, the energy of the Red Jades inside Noah had been destroyed.

Naturally, it meant that the energies that had confined the alien species had all shut down as well.



The alien species roared as they continued to destroy and crawl out from their confines.

The windows were destroyed, and the hallways were collapsing.

Even though there was no energy supply, compared to the original model of the Ark, these arks had durable structures that were incomparably stronger, yet they crumbled so helplessly.

Even the Black Blue Jade Dragons, which Minsoo had mentioned were cute, were crawling out of the structures, crushing anything in their sight, without hesitation.


However, their disturbance was not long.

“Be quiet, you bastards.”

Barmamunt’s heavy voice resonated throughout the area.

At that moment…


The alien species that were full of anger and were on the verge of smashing everything down lowered themselves, shivering from the overwhelming mana and energy that were pressuring them.

Barmamunt, seeing this, had a satisfied expression.

‘Well, they’re not as good as the guys under me before, but…’

With a bit more, it would be enough to save him some face.


Barmamunt, laughing at the countless species that gathered under him, spoke, relaying his message through the system he ate, “Nice to meet you all. Especially… The child named Tales. I heard you’re the President? I think you ran away peeing then.”

Barmamunt looked in the air and smiled.


“… I’m going to faint.”

Tales looked dispirited as he saw Barmamunt greeting him.

How did all of this happen when all of their troops were dispatched out.

‘No, in a way, isn’t it a good thing that they’re all out there?’

The security director looked at Tales with an incomprehensible look and spoke, “… Don’t we just have to capture him?”

From those words, Tales shook his head.

It hadn’t even been 100 years since that young warrior was born.

Thanks to that, he didn’t have to go through the War of the Humans and Demons.

This was why he didn’t know the situation.

The present situation was more desperate than that.

At the time, Eres and the other weapons were all preserved.

However, except for Kiriel, the rest were damaged and now asleep.

He had been trying to repair the damage for the last 100 years, but… less than 10 percent of the damages incurred at the time had regenerated.

For those who didn’t know the situation, that 10 percent might seem to be a great improvement.

But, even with all their power, they could only seal him away, not to mention the current situation.

Clenching his teeth, Tales brought up the transmitter and shouted.

<Kiriel. I’m repeating my message. Please come to the control center immediately.”

<Ah! Wait! This is important!>

“What do you mean?! What are you…!”

When Tales was about to scream, someone unusual caught Tales’s eyes.

‘… Who is that?’

Tales frowned, seeing the man next to Kiriel.


“You came to see me?”

From those words, Hansoo nodded.

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