Chapter 491 - Devil

Chapter 491: Devil

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Tales had a look of disbelief at the sudden phenomenon.

It had been a long time since Barmamunt’s hand, who had tightened his neck, had become loose.

Tales, who fell onto the floor with the white armor shattered beside him, watched blankly at what was happening before his eyes.


The man appeared, and the entrance of hell opened beneath their feet.

And… the black darkness that escaped from the black crevice was destroying the ark as it was eating up all the alien species one by one.





The beasts that were screaming tried to resist and escape from the darkness filled inside the ark.

The species and tribes that smashed the ark tried to escape desperately with all their might even while their own bodies were being shattered.


The darkness that was stretching out from below dragged all the races deep inside the ark from under their feet, except for one being.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhk! Don’t bullshit me!”


With the rough cry of Barmamunt, all sides inside the ark were turned upside down.

At once, a powerful magic twisted all the dimensions of the residential area in all directions as it tried to resist the black darkness trying to entangle himself.

The great burst of light and explosion rang out, causing all the humans that had not escaped yet to see and hear, though it didn’t mean much.


The black darkness, which had been pushed back momentarily, swallowed up the energy that was trying to resist it as if they were futile presences.

At the same time, the darkness, which crushed the other races below, crawled up again and wound around Barmamunt’s body before beginning to drag it down.



From the intense compression of the darkness that crushed his whole body, Barmamunt screamed.

“Unbelievable… After I just barely freed myself!”

In order to escape that place, he had waited patiently for 100 years to crush and erase the whole bunch of humanity who had caused him great humiliation.

Even when they were looking at him like monkeys in a zoo, and even when they were advancing forward while he was sealed, he had waited patiently and patiently in the prospect of crushing them all by his own hands.

However, for everything to end this way.


Barmamunt, who was about to be dragged down, had a spiteful heart.

He wasn’t sure what would happen to him once he was dragged down.

However, he needed to at least see the pained expression of the man that was making him like this.

At the same time…


The Coreheart, which was used to make up the core of Barmamunt, slowly began to swell.


A bright red light began to sell from the black-dyed heart inside.

As if it was about to burst, it gradually increased its tempo and pumping, and soon began to swell up as if it would fill Barmamunt’s huge body from the inside.

Now, the Coreheart was fully swollen up inside him as blood began to pour out from his mouth and eyes as it burst out into a frenzy.

“Hahahahaha! I don’t know what you’re trying to use me for… But you’ll never get your way!”

He would rather die than be his servant.

He would rather leave a huge mark on this place, the human race, than be his servant and live a miserable life.

Bloodless War?

After more than 20 billion people die here, they would not be able to echo such a word.


Seeing the red light filling up the ark clearly, Tales looked dumbfounded.

‘You crazy bas…’

‘Are you saying that his one body could hold that amount of energy?’

In the past, it was no coincidence that all of their black armors were crushed, and the decisive weapons that they had created with all their might and resources were smashed.

It was an overwhelming difference in power.

The enormous amount of energy, which was incomparable to that of a Red Jade, was slowly building up in his body.

Not to mention that he was one of the last demons that was burning his own soul, life, and body…

‘If that explodes… We will all die.’

No, they would not simply die.

No one would be able to remember that there was a human residential area here.

The returning army would probably have puzzled looks. They had initially since it was marked on the map that this was the human residential area, but there would be nothing left then.

That was how great the energy was in front of him.

It was enough to erase the remnants of a civilization that they had built up for decades and centuries in a single moment.

The energy was so intense that the darkness stretching out from the crevice that was constantly feeding on the energy from his body was also slowing down due to the sheer pressure and momentum of the energy.

It was like a sun shooting out from the darkness.

“Ahahahahaha! Try and block this!”

Barmamunt looked at Hansoo and smiled brightly.

If he tried to block or prevent himself from being dragged down, he would at least grind down half of humanity.

It was then…


“… Uhk?”

Barmamunt looked down at his Coreheart from the sound.

Through his own black mana, which had not been scratched by the attacks of Eres and Kiriel, there was a hand that was gently penetrating through his chest that was surrounded by that powerful black energy.

Beat! Beat! Beat! Beat!

The sound of the beating Coreheart reverberated everywhere from the hole in his chest.


When Barmamunt looked at the hole in his chest…

Hansoo frowned and spat out.

“I have to use the method long ago again.”

At the same time…


Hansoo, who pulled out the shining Coreheart from inside Barmamunt’s body, swallowed it into his mouth.



‘… What’s happening?’

When Tales had a dumbfounded look, the man approached Barmamunt and took out a heart. No, he took out something similar to a heart and swallowed it.

It was a sphere that had enough energy to wipe out all of the human residential areas.

What came out from the mouth was a small smoke.


These series of events ended in an absurdly simple manner.

The man, who swallowed the Coreheart, spoke briefly to Barmaumnt, who was staring at his chest in a daze, “We’ve dragged on for too long. Let’s go.”

At the same time…


Barmamunt, who was staring blankly at his chest, was roughly pushed down into the crevice, toppled upon by the darkness.

Darkness filled the empty hole where his Coreheart originally was.

Before long…

Barmamunt, whose pupils turned black, slowly began to walk down below through his own will and feet.


The black hole that had swallowed Barmamunt began to slowly close.

The man, who had caused all of this brief scene with his own hands, spoke briefly to Tales, “Please take care of the rest.”

“Huh… Huh?”

With those final words…


The man, like a lie, went through the air and disappeared from the spot.

Tales was absent-minded, recalling the series of events.

‘… Is this a dream?’

The species that had turned humanity upside down over and over again, and Barmamunt, who supposedly was about to destroy humanity, and the man who ate him, had all disappeared as if it were a nightmare.

However, what had unfolded before his eyes, and the broken ark that had resulted from this proved that it was not a dream.

Tales, who rose from his seat, suddenly remembered the fairy tale that had been passed down orally.

<Long ago… There was a truly strong person.>

This would be the story of the fallen angel.

It was a man who deserved God’s favor but had given up all of that and had chosen to challenge God with that right.

He had skipped by it thinking it was a ridiculous fairy tale.

It was merely a fairy tale to give hope to mankind who had endured and struggled in war endlessly.

But, now that he thought about it… At the time, his father that had spoken this tale was too serious and too sentimental about it.

‘… I don’t think he was a fallen angel.’

Barmamunt, who claimed to be the Devil, was swallowed up along with hundreds of millions of monsters and creatures.

This was why he was extremely curious about that strong man and for what reason he was leading that great army.

‘… No way.’

Tales, who was looking up at the sky, laughed.




It was the highest realm in the highest place.

In the great white space, Hansoo who had arrived looked ahead.

There were hundreds of thousands of white angels crowded in the air.

In this vast space, it might seem to be a small number, but they were all of God’s shards that had shaken worlds by themselves.

The amount of energy and aura that they emanated was extremely intense that it wouldn’t be weird if it burst out.

The Administrators that were floating in the sky in an organized manner was staring down below.

Some had a look of disbelief, and others extremely nervous.

Seeing a few familiar faces among them, Hansoo chuckled.

There was an Administrator that had managed their realm one thousand years ago.

It might have been a love-hate relationship at the time, but he couldn’t feel any emotion of it anymore.

In the first place, they were in different positions.

The opponent he was looking at… was a different one.

Hansoo’s glance shifted to the front. The man sitting on the couch, frontmost of the angels, stood up with a smile.

“It was close. It would not be good if you’re late for the appointment.”

He was wearing something different from what he used to wear.

He was armed with armor shining in bright gold with a brilliant spear.

No, he was not holding a spear, but thunder.

The thunder was so great that it could be justified as the thunder of the world, all of his strength shards were configured into that one hand.

With one strike, it was certain that ten dimensions and 5 layers of realms would be crushed sideways.

How about the armor?

Each chain of armor looked to be like it was intertwined by dimensions.

There were hundreds and thousands of those chains, woven in three layers, that comprised that armor.

The man that walked forward fully armed looked at Hansoo and asked, “What would you do if you were to beat me?”

Hansoo laughed at the remark.

“Just like you?”

“Like me?”

At that remark, Hansoo raised the darkness in his hand and spoke, “Yes. I will desperately work hard… to be happy.”

The movement of the two, who were walking slowly toward each other, began to steadily pick up speed.



The solidly-built dimensional realm that was beginning to crack under the great pressure trembled.


“Ahahahahahaha! You’ll have to be worth waiting for!”


The man’s rough laughter began.

The huge space began to roar with a mixture of white and black.

The manager, Einkel, who was watching the scene, murmured, clutching a white spear in his hand, “I will kill you.”

For a fallen angel to be looking above…

He deserved to die for that sin alone.

However, the Administrator, Einkel, realized that there was no gap for him to throw his spear.



The black darkness spread around the collision between the two.

Something popped out of the darkness that was dyeing the entire place black and penetrated his heart.

It was Barmamunt, a man with black eyes and a black heart.

“Uhuh… Uhuhuh?”

Einkel, who was looking at his pierced heart, touched Barmamunt’s hand that was in his chest.

Starting from there…


The darkness began to devour the white space as something began to pour out without hesitation from the darkness.

Barmamunt and Mormat.

The 108 Dragon species that had crystals.

Mad Demon that had wandered the Abyss.



Einkel looked on with a look of disbelief as he watched the demons crawl out of hell from the crevice.

‘Damn… No way.’

Then, the gaze of Einkel, who was slowly fading away into the light, saw the great clash of light and darkness that engulfed all demons and angels.

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