She was born into a wealthy family

Chapter 689

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to teach anyone with a tutor. ” Jasmine flinched a little.

Liu Ke couldn’t help but say, “nowadays, all tutors want to find someone to teach English. I’m afraid it won’t be easy to find someone to teach other subjects. Moreover, you’ll have to use your high school results to teach other people English. However, I’m afraid English won’t be very good with the conditions over there. ”

“Yeah, my English is my worst subject. It’s also because of English that I almost failed the exam. ” Jasmine was a little worried.

Yun Xi felt that the tutor she needed right now might not necessarily be an English teacher “Let’s see how well you teach math. My two younger brothers just so happen to need a math teacher. Can you teach them in junior high and primary school? If you can teach them, you can try it at my house. If my two younger brothers think it’s suitable, then you can consider my house. ”

She still had to look at the quality. If Molly didn’t teach them well, she wouldn’t keep them either. She had to think about her two younger brothers. They were both children who had their own opinions, so whether molly could be accepted or not depended on her ability.

Molly did not expect that Yunxi’s family had two younger brothers, and both of them had to find a tutor. The family’s conditions were definitely not bad. Yunxi’s actions made her feel a little touched. “Yunxi, thank you. ”

Yunxi shook his head. “No need to thank me. This still depends on your teaching. Whether my two younger brothers like it or not, if they don’t like it, then there’s nothing we can do. After all, in our family, we respect their independent thoughts very much. ”

“Yes, I can understand. I’ll work hard. If they don’t like me, I won’t force them. ” Molly was still a little confident in her mathematics.

Liu Ke felt that Yunxi treated molly quite well, but she was also a little worried. “Then how does your family pay you? You have to make it clear to molly so that she won’t feel that your salary is too low. ”

“No, no. You can just give me whatever you want. ” Molly quickly shook her head.

“usually, those teachers pay eight yuan for two hours of lessons. If the children think you’re suitable, then it’ll be eight yuan for two hours. What do you think? ” Yunxi asked back.

“That’s a lot. I’m not a professional. I haven’t taught anyone before, so I can’t take advantage of you. If your brother thinks I’m suitable, then I’ll charge you five yuan. ” Molly was a person who knew how to be content. She knew that her ability was not enough to get eight yuan So she decisively rejected Yun Xi.

Yun Xi did not hesitate about the money. “after the military training ends, you can come to my house and give my brothers a try. See if it’s suitable. ”

“Okay. ” Molly nodded.

Liu Ke thought for a while “other than tutoring, you can look for the shops in the square to apply for jobs. They should be short of people on weekends too. At the end of the day, they will have seven or eight yuan. In this way, in a month, both sides will have at least 40 yuan. You can save some money by living frugally. ”

“thank you, Liu Ke. I didn’t expect you to think of ideas for me. I thought you would definitely laugh at me. ” Jasmine was a little touched. Liu Ke, who seemed to be the meanest, was also pretty good.

Liu Ke snorted coldly and didn’t reply to Jasmine.

Jasmine felt that her future was bright. According to what Liu Ke said, she could still save more than ten yuan a month.

She originally thought that the capital was a scary city, but now, she felt full of hope. Although her classmates were not very friendly with their words, they were actually not bad in their hearts. Liu Ke was such a person. Perhaps her bad mouth was just a habit. “Then I’ll take a nap first. ”

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