Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 759: The bald brute pushed the fatty down? (I)


C759: The bald brute pushed the fatty down? (I)


An enormous pillar of silver light soared into the sky, devouring the silver door of light that opened in mid-air. The distorted spatial fluctuations caused everyone on the battlefield to shudder as they all looked towards the spatial fluctuations at the same time.

The silver light gradually weakened, and a huge figure appeared within it unknowingly. This figure was at least ten meters tall, whose whole body was clad in silver armor. Outside of the armor, there was a bloody aura, not a silver glint.

To save Long Haochen, in the Tower of Eternity, Wang Yuanyuan had used her Spiritual Explosion to ignite her spatial attribute spiritual energy, thus completing the God Descent Technique on the Gigantic Divine Soul and defeating a holy guard in a single blow. She almost got killed in that battle but stayed alive because of Zhang Fangfang.

At this very moment, Wang Yuanyuan didn’t repeat everything that happened back then. Right now, she was already a true powerhouse of the ninth step, possessing her own blood domain. She already had the qualifications to use the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, an undying shield. That’s right, after being embedded with seven silver crystals, the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield is at the Undying level, not the Epic Tier.

This time, the descending Gigantic Devine Soul was clearly different from before. She was clearly a female warrior, and this was precisely the enlarged version of Wang Yuanyuan.

A silver light flashed in her eyes, and the spiritual energy fluctuations coming from her body was completely blood-red. A thick bloodthirsty aura gushed out, and her ferocity caused even the undead emperors to feel fear.

At this time, under the Skeleton Emperor’s ferocious attacks, Zhang Fangfang’s doppelganger was already unable to resist the attack, and his body was wounded in many places, just in time to be sent flying by the Skeleton Emperor’s blade.

The avatar formed from the Spiritual Stove of Second Life would disappear in advance if it was injured too heavily, and this was exactly the case at this time. The doppelganger vanished into specks of golden light in the air.

With a flash of silver light, Wang Yuanyuan stood in front of the Skeleton Emperor. Even in the form of a Gigantic Divine Soul, Wang Yuanyuan wasn’t even half the height of the Skeleton Emperor. However, her Gigantic Divine Soul Shield was even taller than herself. The huge shield swept across and ferociously clashed with the bone blade of the Skeleton Emperor.

This time, Wang Yuanyuan didn’t retreat. With a violent rumbling sound, the body of the Skeleton Emperor swayed from the shock. Immediately, Wang Yuanyuan’s right hand enlarged countless times, and a blood-colored storm appeared, violently erupting.

From the very start, it was the most powerful innate ability that Bloodstorm could use – Dimensional Storm.

After transforming into the Gigantic Divine Soul, Wang Yuanyuan didn’t only increase her strength, but also her weapons. The Bloodstorm’s attack power didn’t increase at all, but as it grew by size, it increased the range of its attack. In midair, the Dimensional Storms tore through the air like crazy. The Skeleton Emperor struggled violently, but the sharp teeth of Bloodstorm’s attack left marks on it.

In their battle, this was the first time Wang Yuanyuan took the initiative.

However, this Skeleton Emperor was indeed very powerful. One had no idea that how his skeleton was cultivated, but its toughness was comparable to an Epic Tier equipment. Under the violent and insane collision. Nor did it hurt the root.

Domain clashed with each other, weapons and even the body constantly let out violent clashing sounds. This time, Wang Yuanyuan didn’t give a single inch of ground, and after her incarnation as Gigantic Divine Soul, her strength increased at its entirety, not losing out in the slightest to her opponent, to go head on against the Skeleton Emperor.

The Judgement Knight felt disappointed. Originally, he had found an breakthrough, but was already prepared to stop Long Haochen. But who would have thought that the enemy would be so tenacious? He forcefully withstood the pressure.

However, he still felt disdain in his heart. He knew the Skeleton Emperor very well. In terms of endurance, the Skeleton Emperor was definite the strongest amongst the undead emperors. He didn’t have any more skills, but he trained his body as a body for attacking and defending, making it extremely sturdy. But Wang Yuanyuan now seemed to be on the same level as him. However, it was clear that this was just a temporary burst. Once this burst ended, the Skeleton Emperor would still be the final victor.

Moreover, there was more than one breakthrough.

At the same time Wang Yuanyuan took on the Skeleton Emperor head on, Chen Ying’er and Sima Xian both became anxious.

At this time, Chen Ying’er had already completed her second summon. Another thirty-six creatures of the ninth rank charged out of the Creature Summoning Gate and began to fight to the death with the Bone Dragons summoned by the Lich King.

The number of Bone Dragons was also being consumed. However, it was a lot less expensive than her summoned beast. After all, these Bone Dragons were of the same species. Furthermore, they hadn’t been summoned twice by the Lich King. Their attributes were the same, so their attack and defense were rather high. As for Chen Ying’er, she had no problem summoning them, and could use her domain to amplify these magical beasts. However, to speed up the recovery of her spiritual energy, she was somewhat unable to command her troops properly. If not for the triple summoning from the Spiritual Stove of Time Replication, she probably wouldn’t have been able to persevere for a long time.

Actually, the difference between Chen Ying’er who owns the Beast God Domain and the Lich King shouldn’t be that great. The main reason was because the battlefield before her wasn’t suitable for Chen Ying’er to fight in. This was a plane full of undead. If she wanted to summon creatures, she had to summon them from other planes, and not randomly call them from her own plane. This way, not only would it consume a lot of power, but she would also have to chant for a longer time. This was why she was completely suppressed to the point of being at a disadvantage.

However, McDull’s performance was very eye-catching. At the beginning, it transformed into a Devil Dragon, blocking the Lich King’s attacks multiple times, but seeing that the situation wasn’t looking good, it transformed into four Chimera, and its four attributes displayed their might at the same time, barely helping Chen Ying’er maintain the situation.

The soul flame in the Lich King’s eyes violently throbbed. The bone cane in his hand pointed forward, and sharp howls continuously rang out. Immediately, the bone dragons’ attacks became even crazier.

Because the Bone Dragon King was subdued by the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures, he became the mount for the Undead Sentinel. As a result, the bone dragons under him had become the subordinates of the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures. The Lich King and the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures have a close relationship. When the two of them were alive, they were a couple. Thus, the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures handed the Bone Dragons to the Lich King. Otherwise, with the Lich King’s current strength, he wouldn’t be able to summon so many Bone Dragons in one go.

The lich king’s cultivation could only be ranked fourth among the ten great kings, but in addition to the Bone Dragon Legion, it was a combination that was second only to the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures and Bone Dragon King.

Not only did the Bone Dragon in the sky launch an attack with all of its strength, even the Bone Dragons that had been shattered earlier began to slowly reassemble on the ground. As undead creatures, if they wanted to kill these bone dragons, they had to completely extinguish their soul fires. And how could Chen Ying’er, who was currently at a disadvantage, do such a thing?

On the other side, Sima Xian was also in danger, hating the intrepid defense of the Loathsome Emperor‘s body. At the time Sima Xian released his domain, he had the upper hand. Relying on the strength of the Gigantic Ball of Light, he managed to beat the Loathsome Emperor. But the Loathsome Emperor was like a tumbler, unyielding thing. Every time I looked at him, he looked like he was about to be knocked down, but then he recovered. The Gigantic Ball of Light continued to crush his body unceasingly, creating large windows on his body, but these wounds were quickly healed.

Along with the passage of time, the plague poison cloud’s attack on Sima Xian gradually intensified. Although the light element could purify a part of it, this was after all the domain of Loathsome Emperor. After a long time, Sima Xian started to feel dizzy. Moreover, he had just obtained a domain not long ago. Although his burst power was strong enough, his domain weapon consumed a lot of spiritual energy, so it wouldn’t last for too long. Seeing the consumption of more and more spiritual energy, Sima Xian’s massive body was already somewhat unstable.

This time, however, Loathsome Emperor was not aimed at Sima Xian’s body, nor was aimed at the Gigantic Ball of Light.

Ding! With a crisp sound, the metal hook smashed into the chain behind the Gigantic Ball of Light. The front end of the iron hook suddenly closed, directly locking onto it.

The Loathsome Emperor pulled back with all its might, and the metal hook slid along the chain, bringing up a series of sparks. In the end, it stopped right where the Gigantic Ball of Light was, and immediately grabbed hold of the huge metal ball.

Even though he looked fat, he was actually quite calculating. Sima Xian’s attack was indeed very painful to him, and he couldn’t resist the power of his domain weapon. However, his greatest advantage was his endurance. His body’s fat was comparable to the defensive capabilities of Divine Armor, and he had finally grasped this opportunity. And furthermore, he had taken a fancy to Sima Xian’s Gigantic Ball of Light, planning on snatching it to use as his own weapon. From his point of view, this was because the weapon itself had the ability to grow bigger.

The two huge forces were pulled back at the same time, and the two chains instantly straightened.

The difference in cultivation levels between the two sides was just right there. In terms of pure strength, how could Sima Xian be a match for Loathsome Emperor? Immediately, his body was pulled back bit by bit.

And Sima Xian couldn’t let go. The Gigantic Ball of Light could be said to be his ability to settle down. If he gave up, it would be an incomparable blow to him. Even his domain depended on this equipment! When it could form an artifact soul inside of the Gigantic Ball of Light, this weapon with a terrifying destructive power could possibly evolve into a divine tool.

The soulfire in the Loathsome Emperor’s eyes throbbed, turning into a deathly white light, triumphantly pulling Sima Xian closer and closer. The Plague Domain emitted a stinky stench, unceasingly corroding Sima Xian’s body.

Right at that moment, a huge blue fireball suddenly flew across the sky and ferociously struck the Loathsome Emperor’ chain. A series of violent booms, accompanied by countless blue sparks, rang out. Quite a few of the Loathsome Evil’s body had been stained by the flames, causing its entire body to emit crackling sounds. At the same time, a layer of holy golden light surrounded the blazing blue flame, reducing the number of the Blight Poison Cloud by half.

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