Spirit Vessel

Chapter 29: Uncertainty

“I have already sent a Flying Jade Scroll to inform Dongfang Jingshui. You bring this letter to Violet Firmament Ancient City and find him there; naturally, he will help with your romantic quarrel with Dongfang Jingyue.”

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng gave a piece of jade paper to Feng Feiyun. On the paper was a brilliant moving light; it was like a surface of crystal clear water with calm waves. One could faintly see the handwritings that floated up and down.

It seemed like the only way to completely deal with this matter was to find Dongfang Jingyue’s older brother. In the end, to truly fight against the Yin Gou Clan was the same as courting death.

Feng Feiyun didn’t hesitate to take the jade paper, and he stored it away.

Grand Wisdom Master’s one hand gently grabbed the slender arm of Xiao Yuer. While smiling, he tapped Feiyun’s shoulder. He said:

“Little Friend Feng’s extraordinary aptitude is accompanied by a courageous and carefree attitude; Dongfang Jingshui’s favorite thing is to become friends with heroes like you.”

Xiao Yuer’s big eyes curiously blinked while she hid behind Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng’s back; she secretly stared at Feng Feiyun intensely.

When this young girl had found out that she was the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess, she was startled frozen for half day; it was like she had lost her soul. No matter who called out to her, she didn’t give a single response; only when Feng Feiyun went in front her face and give a smile, did she get frightened to the point where her soul immediately came back. She covered her chest with her hands; she then continuously back pedaled as if she was afraid that Feng Feiyun would ** her again.

This was a nightmare in her mind, how could she quickly forget it?

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng definitely had to welcome the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess back to the Heaven Worship Division. Under Feng Feiyun’s intimidation, Xiao Yuer and Old Man Luo were quickly convinced. Xiao Yuer earlier had thought that the kowtowing scene earlier was meant for Feiyun; one could say that our Young Master Feng had greatly contributed to their acquiescence to this departure!

If Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng was allowed to be the one to do the convincing, then maybe even three days and three nights wouldn’t necessarily be enough for this grandpa and granddaughter to obediently follow the plan.

This successful intimidation method was contributed to the frightening past reputation of Feng Feiyun. After all, Xiao Yuer was very afraid of him, and Old Man Luo was even more afraid; the threat of Feng Feiyun at Spirit State City was without rivals.

Even now, with Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng’s protection, Xiao Yuer, towards Feng Feiyun, was still extremely afraid and could only stare at him while hiding at the side.

Feng Feiyun, although he smiled on the outside, his heart was solemn; he said:

“I dare to ask, in the end, what type of person is Dongfang Jingshui?”

Feng Feiyun was a big benefactor to him, and Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng was naturally an upright person; thus, with a serious demeanor, he answered Feng Feiyun:

“Three years ago, when I was pursuing a fierce villain on the way to Dense Fog Ghost Forest, I had accidentally entered the Ten Thousand Ghosts Forest Grand Formation. Coincidentally, Dongfang Jingshui was also trapped in this formation. This person’s cultivation was outstanding, and his innate talent was breathtaking. He was trapped inside the formation for three months without dying; his willpower and perseverance truly made me gasp with admiration.”

“It was senior who saved him from the Ten Thousand Ghosts Forest Grand Formation?”

The Ten Thousand Ghosts Forest Grand Formation was one of the top killing formations of the Sen Luo Temple, and it was renowned alongside with the Soul Suppressing Blood Formation. No matter how talented Dongfang Jingshui was, once he rushed inside, don’t even think about escaping this formation. To be able to last for three months without being devoured by ghosts — this was already quite extraordinary.

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng nodded and said:

“Dongfang Jingshui is definitely a hero garnered with both talents and characters. Little Boy, if you were equal to just one part of him, the elders of your Feng Clan would definitely nurture you like a treasure. Hah hah!”

Feng Feiyun didn’t think this was correct, and he said:

“Even if Dongfang Jingshui’s aptitude is exceedingly high, you still don’t need to embellish it so much! I don’t believe that I am not equal to his one tenth!”

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng heavily sighed, and he said:

“I had long used the Witchcraft Eyes to check your innate talents. The purity of the blood, the intricacies of the skeletons, these innate talents within the nine grades could be considered to be first class. In Spirit State City, your talents would definitely be number one; however, if we throw you into the Bai Ling county, then the teenagers with the same talent as you would number by at least ten people. In the entirety of the Grand Southern city, the same talents as you would be even more – eight hundreds if not one thousand. Heh heh, if put into the entire Jin Dynasty, then talents like yours would be at least numbered in the ten thousands!”

“However, Dongfang Jingshui is different. In the Jin Dynasty, he is considered to be at the top tier of talents. The people that could compare with him is only a few, like the eldest disciple, Li Xiao Nan, of the Spirit God Palace, or the current crown prince, Long Shen Ya… Only these people could be considered the world’s top figures. As young as them but to be so talented and handsome, this is naturally them blooming too brilliantly!”

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng shook his head while smiling. Even though he does kind of like Feng Feiyun and was optimistic about his talents, but he still didn’t think that Feng Feiyun had the qualifications to be compared with Dongfang Jingshui.

One was a Grand Historical Genius and the other was an ordinary genius — completely incomparable.

Even though Feng Feiyun was a little surprised, he was not discouraged. After all, he was cultivating the “Immortal Phoenix Physique”; each time it increased in rank, his talents and physique would also jump forward by a huge step. Currently, he only had successfully cultivated the second level of Blood Purification. If he could complete the third level, then both his cultivation and talents would increase greatly in quality. He would have the chance to catch up to the group of Dongfang Jingshui, or even go beyond them.

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng noticed Feiyun’s constantly changing expressions, and he smilingly said:

“Little Friend Feng, don’t be so discouraged; geniuses like Dongfang Jingshui are all heavenly-defying existences, in the world there are only a few of them. You don’t need to force yourself to compare with them. The pursuit for excellence is noble, but too high of a goal would just normally be a detriment to one’s self.”

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng’s voice carried a consoling tone.

Feng Feiyun modestly said with a smiled:

“These principles; this boy naturally understands.”

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng looked at the blinding sun above; the red ivory warship had absorbed enough solar essence, and it was slowly heading towards the sky’s curtain.

Old Man Luo had earlier been invited to the red ivory warship. Right now, it was only Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng, Xiao Yuer, and Feng Feiyun saying their goodbyes.

“I have something that I don’t know whether to say or not?”

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng originally wanted to board the flying ship; however, in the end, he couldn’t hold it back and had to ask.

“Senior just go ahead, don’t be so reserved!”

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng lowered his voice, and he said:

“This girl, Dongfang Jingyue, whether it is her willpower or talents or beauty, it is one of a kind in this world. If she truly wants to commit the one hundred years love with you, then it is a good thing; you should really reconsider. In the end… if you could climb to the top, to the high branches of the Yin Gou Clan, your future developments would truly open; it would be one hundred benefits and not one hindrance.”

In Jing Feng’s eyes, there were flashing lights of wisdom; no one knew what he was currently scheming in his mind.

Feng Feiyun was dumbfounded. First, judging from Dongfang Jingyue’s attitude towards him; if she didn’t cut him into eight pieces, then she wouldn’t be able to let go of the hatred in her heart. Second, even if her head was struck and she turned out to truly have feelings for Feng Feiyun, he still definitely wouldn’t be able to accept her.

Because her figure and Shui Yueting’s were too similar!

Of course, both of these possibilities had almost no chance of happening. Even though Dongfang Jingyue was a bit prideful, this little amount of pride was not enough to compare to Shui Yueting. Regarding this, Feng Feiyun was confident in knowing her character.

“This matter, senior does not have to worry about.”

Feng Feiyun smilingly said.

“Ha ha! It seems like little friend Feng’s heart already has its own universe; it seems like this old man had wasted my breath again! However, regarding the matter between you and Dongfang Jingyue, I had already informed Dongfang Jingshui through the Flying Jade Scroll. He currently knows that his young sister is brazenly in love with you; regarding this, you need to mentally prepare yourself a little bit, ah!”

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng was laughing so hard that his normally kind smile became insidious.


Feng Feiyun almost fell to the ground. He glared with his eyes toward Jing Feng, and he yelled:

“This old man and your nonsensical words, who gave you such a long tongue like this?!”

Feiyun had originally planned to meet Dongfang Jingshui and come up with a different story. He didn’t expect this damned old man Jing Feng to be such a gossipy scoundrel, and he had already long informed Dongfang Jingshui!

Imagine for a little bit; if an older brother suddenly heard that his cold-as-ice little sister has a lover, what expression would he have?

Would he be emotional? Or would he be surprised? Or would he be extremely happy?

Only his mother would know! After all, Feiyun was mercilessly thrown into the pit again by this grand wisdom master.

“Feng… Young Master Feng, will we have the chance to see each other again? I heard that the Heaven Worship Division is a very far away place, an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to get there, even if they travel for a lifetime.”

Xiao Yuer shyly asked her last question.

On the contrary, Feiyun didn’t want to think too much. He immediately said in a nonchalant manner:

“If I don’t die in the hands of Dongfang Jingyue or in the hands of Dongfang Jingshui, then maybe we’ll meet again another day.”


Xiao Yuer gently replied, and she lowered her head again to follow Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng to fly to the red ivory warship.


The formation of the red ivory warship began to rotate; this caused the entire crimson ship to be encompassed and the surrounding air to form a huge vortex. With the help of the wind and the solar energy, the red ivory warship made a huge “Phoosh” sound, and then it flew towards the far curtain of the sky.

It was at this point that Feng Feiyun was suddenly startled. Seemingly, it was only now that he was able to react to the words of Xiao Yuer. He looked towards the direction of the red ivory warship and yelled:

“Later, I will definitely go to the Heaven Worship Division to find you. I gave you fifteen gold coins, you still owe me fifteen tea bowls; each bowl must be given in full to me!”

Feng Feiyun didn’t know whether she could hear him or not. After all, the red ivory warship had already disappeared behind the clouds, becoming a red dot, and then it completely disappeared in the end.

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