Stranger’s Handbook

Chapter 155. Prime Minister Heinz's trump card

155. Prime Minister Heinz’s trump card

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“Albert, take the black knights and surround the place. This will be just a defense measure, but in the worst case scenario, you’re allowed to kill prime minister Heinz.”

“Yes! We´ll certainly bring him down.”

“Kachua, I entrust Tsubaki’s safety to you. I will also leave the war maidens to you.”


“Suu, stay by my side. I will protect you.”

“Certainly, If I get in the way, please forsake me.”

“The intelligence unit will be in charge of escorting the Beast King’s group… Be sure to keep an eye on anyone that shows an unusual behaviors. I’ll deal with this.”

“By your will.”

While walking to the hall, I give instructions quickly

The last instructionsfor the intelligence forces, I gave them in a voice that wouldn’t reach the Beast King of course.

She’s rally fool, and it would be risky if she was to do something foolish.

In the worst case scenario I’ll try to come to an agreement with prime minister Heinz.

“Fuhahahaha, how imposing. Is this the real face of archduke Zest?”

“Your Majesty, you are being watched, please be quiet.”

Muscle brain older sister and intellectual younger sister.

They were making the usual display inside the hall…

Shouldn’t you be more vigilant?

“What in the world is this fuss about?! Prime minister Heinz would you care to explain?”

When I arrive at the hall, everyone is in an uproar.

If the prime minister makes such remarks while the envoys from various countries are gathered, it will become like this.

The black knights keep reinforcing my surroundings, and draw near the prime minister.

“The traitor, archduke Zest has come! You guys, what are you doing?! Capture him!!”

The prime minister raised a loud voice inside the hall, but the elven soldiers were confused.

Tsubaki, and prince Mars are seated behind the prime minister, are they okay?

Though the only one near them seems to be a maid…


/> To call me a betrayer out of nowhere. To receive such a bad treatment… to treat me like that. What an unreasonable thing to do. They would just consider it an act of hostility.”

“I warn the people inside the hall! Subordinate of archduke Zest, Captain of the dragon knights Albert. Anyone that draws near his Excellency will be killed!”

Albert raises his sword with strengthening magic at full throttle.

The black knights following him also strengthen themselves in the same way.

… you guys… have gotten stronger

“Is that the sword of the empire…?”

“Albert? Is that sir Albert?!”

“You guys, absolutely don’t act hostile!”

With the foreign envoys talking in a loud voice, I gradually move closer to prime minister Heinz.

Oh, the refrigerator looks like a granny again.

Since she’s in her white garments from the holy country, it’s easy to find her

“You, why are you not listening to my orders?! What is general Caris doing?!!”

When we arrived at the stage, Heinz was making a lot of noise with his face completely red.

Standing by my side a member from the intelligence unit whispers to me.

“General Caris is being dealt by lord Media. Will it become an accident?”

“No, he tried to seduce Media, and she responded with violence. Convey this.”

“By your will.”

Media works fast… It seems we won’t have to deal with general Caris after this.

The intelligence member… This voice seem to be Tasel’s.

He’s hiding his face with a black cloth, so I can only judge by his voice.

After making sure he’s gone, I talk to Heinz.

“It seems that general Caris got drunk, and tried to make impolite advances on one of the war maidens. To do such a thing to a married woman… As one would expect from one of the excellent prime minister Heinz’s followers.”

“That is…! You, how dare you be so shameless?! Where’s the evidence for such accusation?!”

“What evidence? Isn’t the victim testimony enough? Aren’t

Aren’t you able to trust your subordinate testimony? Ah, though in prime minister’s case his subordinate is his lover, right?”

“In any case this is something you bastard arranged! How dare such a rumour…”

Heinz is furious, the surroundings are sending him various looks.

The high officials from the country of elves are sending him cold glances.

The refrigerator’s kingdom seems to be fully on my side an the white knights and black knights are talking between themselves with grins on their faces.

You guys really look happy all together.

Although, her Majesty the Beast King seems to be the problem…

“It’s really regrettable that our Gryphon Kingdom is treated as a coward. We advocate the legitimacy of archduke Zest with our kemonobito pride.”

Oh, Isn’t her Majesty the Best King amazing?! How is she able to speak such difficult words… No, it doesn’t seem to be the case

Prime minister Emilia said those words standing behind the Beast King, while the latter moved her mouth pretendinga speech in an act of ventriloquism.

… I wish prime minister Emilia would become the Beast King.

“Kemonobito pride… Even her Majesty goes that far…”

“Prime minister Heinz can’t be trusted.”

“There’s also those books being sold.”

His situation doesn’t look good.

Well, it’s difficult to regain credibility in such a short time.

Even so, to make such accusations right now, I wonder if he has a trump card… or maybe he had no timing whatsoever.

“The Holy Country Lilac will also back archduke Zest. Lady Wisteria is the spirit shrine maiden. We’ll regard as an enemy to anyone that acts hostile against her father, the archduke Zest.”

“””We are the shrine maiden guards, under the word of her Eminence the Pope.”””

The holy knights troupe looked like sisters in a praying pose with a gentle expression, and a fierce smile on their faces.

They’re all making the same terrifying expression… This shouldn’t be the place to display such hostility…

“Even the Pope…”

“Spirit shrine maiden!?

shrine maiden!? Isn’t that just a legend!?”

“If it’s real, then we certainly don’t want to oppose the believers.”

It seems that not only the foreign envoys, but the elves also stop being indecisive and join our side.

With this, prime minister Heinz is completely isolated.

He wouldn’t be able to maintain the same composure

“Your position doesn’t look good, Heinz.”

It seems the prime minister Heinz isn’t maintaining appearances anymore.

It’s clear that everyone else inside the hall is supporting me now.

With Kachua staying near Tsubaki, no more problems should arise.

However, Heinz’s expression changed from one of anger to an eerie laughter.

“Fufufu, I certainly thought… I thought I could use the situation with the beast king to turn things around. With the kemonobito nature,it would obviously end in a fight with you. The matter about the spirit shrine maiden was completely unexpected. This is my loss.”

Certainly, that Beast King will fight with pleasure with me, though it’s scary for me.

By the way, the person in question is being grabbed from the scruff of the neck by the prime minister Emilia… She never learns.

Seeing Heinz expression changed from anger to laughter, I didn’t lower my guard.

A man like him isn’t one to fight lost battles.

He must still believe that he can turn the situation around.

“However, I succeeded in gathering the envoys of each country here. Even if it’s as enemies, this was my main purpose.”

After saying this, Heinz started to take off his robes while grinning.

Under his civil official robes, a full-body silver armor appeared.

Though it might be an exaggeration to call it an armor.

the design is more like a wetsuit.

“Once, the Demon King wore this to battle… with this armour he kicked off hte armies of many countries. This magical armour made with an ancient metal is capable of nullifying any physical attack. Fufufufu, I will show you its strength here.”

I guess that’s his trump card

So the card

So the Demon King used that armour? I send an eye signal to Albert.

He’s a really talented person on the battlefield.

Silently from behind Heinz, he slashed with magical strengthening at full throttle.

A genuine strike with full force.

It might be enough to cause a fatal wound to a dragon.

However, such a blow didn’t reach Heinz.

The strike capable of cutting one in two was stopped just before making contact with the armor making a *Gwy~n* sound.


“Get away, Albert!!”

Albert, who was astonished, immediately took distance as soon as he heard me.

At that moment, a red magic circle with five meters of diameter appeared underneath Heinz.

“Collect and flame of purgatory! Flame storm!!”

Kachua activated her magic the moment it was completed.

After the magic circle shined more brightly, black flames appeared, and swallowed Heinz.

Oi oi, Is it fine to release such a flashy magic indoors!?

As I worry, it seems that Kachua thought about it since the surroundings look undamaged.

The black flames are raging inside the magic circle though.

“Suu, do you know about that magic?”

“It seems to be a magic handed down in the country of elves. A dragon tried to test this magic before, and it ended up melting its scales.”

To the point of being able to melt a dragon’s scale… There’s no comparison with a former 3rd court magician.

When the heavy breathing lowers her hands, the flame surrounding Heinz disappears.

Behind the now gone flames, Heinz’s figure appears standing straight.

“This is absurd… How did he remain unhurt inside the flames?!”

“Your Excellency, is this person really strong?”

Kachua and Albert become flustered.

As if making fun of these two, Heainz’s face was full of composure.

“Fufu, this armor is able to receive elder Kachua’s black flame and lord Albert’s strike. No one is able to stop me now… Fufufu, fuhahahahahaha!!”

Heinz was raising a laughter in the center of the hall.

We could only watch silently.

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