Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion

Chapter 33 - Encountered Danger

Chapter 33: Encountered Danger

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When Mo Jiangye arrived at the address that Ye Erruo sent to him, he could not find anyone!!! He instantly exploded on the spot and checked for Ye Erruo’s whereabouts.

At this moment, Ye Erruo was detained in a police station. She was slumped on the table with a flushed and red face. Her hair was drenched in sweat and her fair and snow-like skin was glowing. There was a misty look in her dazed eyes, making her look like a seductive demoness.

“Hey… ” The young lad in the detention center whistled at Ye Erruo and glanced at his colleague beside him.

“Don’t tell me that this woman took that thing?”


“That drug!! Otherwise, why would she be here?”

“Shut up. Keep a tight watch on her. This woman killed someone. They are still trying to save the victim. Whether he’ll survive is still uncertain. The higher-ups have given orders that this woman has to be closely watched.”


That young lad glanced again at Ye Erruo, who was not far away. “Tsk, the more beautiful a woman is, the more malicious she is. Her heart is so vicious… ”

“Mmm… ” Ye Erruo finally crooned as she could not take it anymore.

“Psst… ” This sound was so tempting.

“Cell phone,” Ye Erruo said weakly.

“I’ve already told you that you can’t make any contact with the outside world. Why are you still thinking of making a call?”

Ye Erruo was feeling so heated that she could see steam before her eyes. The remaining bit of sanity in her mind was gradually vanishing. She endured the discomfort of her body and tried very hard to maintain sober.

“I- I have the right to make a call.” She bit her red lips so hard that it broke. The pain sobered up her foggy brain slightly.

“Hello?” The young lad in the detention center picked up the incoming call.

“O-okay.” The young lad nodded continuously before hanging up the phone.

“What is the matter?”

“Someone higher-up asked us to release her. Someone will be coming to fetch her.”

“Fetch her?”

“The man that she hurt could not be saved. He is dead. The higher-ups will be taking over this case.”


Ye Erruo was in disbelief.


The strength that she used could only make him faint. H-how could he have died? Could it be that she missed and hit the wrong spot?

Suddenly, she was surrounded by feelings of guilt. Her heart shuddered from the fear of killing someone.

“Crap, this woman’s body temperature is extremely high. Will she explode from the heat?” The young lad who was pulling Ye Erruo’s arms was shocked.

When the man’s hand touched Ye Erruo, she instantly felt a flow of cool air entering her pores. It felt so good that she wanted more of it. She almost lost her sanity completely.

“Hurry up and bring her out. Someone is waiting outside.”

A few minutes later, Ye Erruo was stuffed in a black van. The van sped away at lightning speed. Soon after, the van disappeared from the doors of the police station.

“Big boss, we’ve got her.”

“Find a deserted place. The two of you can leave her there and send the photos to me.”

“Okay, big boss!”

Massive fear was spreading in the depths of Ye Erruo’s heart. The pain in her body left her with no strength. She fainted as she could no longer endure the torture of the heat.

“Xiao Hei, this girl is hot. We’re lucky.” The man who was seated at the back of the van touched Ye Erruo’s arms repeatedly.

“We don’t know if she is a virgin. If she is, we’re even luckier.”

“Damn, can you drive faster? This woman can’t endure it any longer. My ‘little brother’ also can’t endure it. You drive the car and I will do it first.”

Having said that, that man placed Ye Erruo on the seat and reached to unfasten his belt.

“Crap!! Da Zhuang, we’ve agreed that I will go first.”

“Aren’t you driving?”

Xiao Hei accelerated, “Take the photos that boss wants first. Video… The video is the most important.”

The man positioned the camera lecherously and lifted Ye Erruo’s long skirt…

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