Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion

Chapter 4 - She Wants to Propose to Him

Chapter 4: She Wants to Propose to Him

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After Ye Erruo finished her words, it seemed like time had stopped.

Lin Jingxuan was dumbstruck. His eyes were wide open and filled with disbelief. Based on his understanding of Ye Erruo, this reaction was so unexpected of her.

He had taken all the blame. Shouldn’t she feel more infuriated and hate and detest Mo Jiangye more? He could not believe his ears. She could actually bear to let Mo Jiangye beat him to death?

“Ruoruo… ”

Ye Erruo turned her head swiftly and shot him a look full of hatred. “Is Ruoruo yours to call? I will be married to Mo Jiangye today. Soon I will be your sister-in-law!”

Mo Jiangye’s black orbs were shining strangely and his mood eased after hearing her words.

On the other hand, Lin Jingxuan cowered at the icy cold stare from Ye Erruo. If he did not decipher it wrongly, she hated him… Did she hate him because he did not successfully bring her away? She even wanted to marry Mo Jiangye!!??

“Ruoruo, it’s all my fault.” He said in a heartbroken manner.

Ye Erruo scoffed at his hypocritical face. “Of course it’s your fault. You’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing!”

She could feel a piercing pain. It was as if she had been stabbed in the depths of her heart. At the thought of that unborn child, she could not wait to make this man and her ‘best friend’ go to hell.

“Ruo… Ruoruo… ” Lin Jingxuan’s expression was ugly. The sorrowful look on his face expressed how sad he was feeling.

Ye Erruo did not wish to look at his hypocritical face. She did not want to hear his pretentious voice either. She would ensure that he and Gu Feirou receive retribution for what they did!

She plunged into Mo Jiangye’s arms and buried her face in his chest. Obviously, she did not want to look at someone.

The custom-made musk on his body made him smell extraordinarily good. Ye Erruo could not help but sniff him again and again…

All of a sudden, Mo Jiangye’s heart melted and his gentle eyes went soft.

“Call her sister-in-law the next time you meet her!” He said coldly after casting a sideway glance at the man.

“Next time, you’re not allowed to come here without my permission.” There was a serious warning in his vicious tone.

The old residence of the Lin family was enormous. It was separated into two areas. Mo Jiangye and Lin Jingxuan each had their own residence. If not for the various threats of Ye Erruo, Mo Jiangye would have long moved out of this place with her.

Ye Erruo said sullenly, “After collecting the marriage certificate, can we move out?”

Mo Jiangye’s figure shuddered. He had long wanted to do this!

“Haven’t you always wanted to move out and live with me? After collecting the certificate, we will be husband and wife. We want privacy and it is not convenient here.” She looked up and stared at him without blinking.

Husband and wife…

Looking directly into her beautiful eyes, Mo Jiangye’s deep and husky voice could be heard. “Sure.”

Suddenly, Ye Erruo smiled. That smile, which came from the bottom of her heart, could stun and stop time. Its beauty was so overwhelming and Mo Jiangye was completely smitten.

She had never smiled at him like this before…

After carrying her downstairs, he avoided Lin Jingxuan and went for breakfast.

It could be said that, from the moment she woke up, Mo Jiangye could not take his eyes off Ye Erruo due to her abnormal behavior. She did not show any revulsion to his touch. He tried to test the waters by holding her in his arms when having breakfast. When he picked up various food with his chopsticks and poured milk for her, and she ate and drank what he served her.

From time to time, she would even lift up her hands to feed him. To Mo Jiangye, this was the most delicious and heart-warming breakfast that he had in his 27 years of life.

“Mo Jiangye, can I discuss something with you?”


“We will have the wedding banquet at a later date, okay?”

She remembered that in her previous life, she was forcefully dragged to the wedding hall one week after they collected the marriage certificate. Now, she had many things to do. This time, she would be the one proposing to him and making arrangements for the wedding! She needed time for the preparation.

“Ha!” He sneered. The initial trace of warmth on his handsome face turned cold.

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