Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion

Chapter 6 - The Bedding That Was Rolled On

Chapter 6: The Bedding That Was Rolled On

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Three days later.

Ye Erruo was packing up her belongings. The helper beside her was also helping carry things. Batches of vehicles were outside the house. At this moment, she was happily and busy tidying up her belongings to move out of the house.

The Lin family was quite a large and complicated family. It was a bloodthirsty wolf in the business world. Its hundred year business legacy could not be underestimated.

In particular, after Mo Jiangye took over the reins, the ‘Lin Teng’ Corporation was like an arrogant dragon that could not be offended. Its estate, power, connections, and network were so huge that one would tremble with fear upon hearing its name.

No one dared to compete with Lin Teng for business. Many people wished to get to know him and become business partners with him. His nickname was ‘Dragon Teng’.

In the Lin residence, the furniture, dressing table, clothing, toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, slippers and so on that were used by Mo Jiangye and Ye Erruo were luxurious and precious.

The number of household items in their bedroom could fill up four to five bedrooms in houses of ordinary rich and powerful families. They had numerous items and they were heavy ones!

Their new home was located in a quieter place that was quite elevated. Initially, the new home was fully furnished with brand new furniture.

However, Ye Erruo requested that all the used items from their old residence be moved with them. She did not want the new ones.

In particular, she requested to bring over the huge bed, including the bedding, pillow case, and quilt cover that she and Mo Jiangye had slept on before.

This was driven by her desire to not return to that place again…

Mo Jiangye, who was seated beside her, looked at her with a puzzled expression as she made several trips with the helper to gather the items.

He could not control that over enthusiastic little woman. Nevertheless, at the sight of her excitement and happy mood, he could only indulge her and allow her to do as she pleased. She could ‘mess around’ as much as she wanted to!

“Young madam, y-you…. It’s better that you leave these chores to us.”

“Move away.” Ye Erruo was carefully carrying the bedding and comforter that she and Mo Jiangye had rolled around in yesterday night and descending the stairs.

As the bedding had been washed before, they gave off a fragrant scent. Normally, according to Mo Jiangye had the bedding and accessories changed to new ones every three to five days.

As such, the bedding that Ye Erruo was carrying now would also be removed in three days’ time. However, she insisted on bringing them to the new home.

“Young madam, you can’t bring that down alone. I’ll help you with it.”

“No need.”

“Then… you’ll need to divide it into a few more trips.”

“It’s too troublesome.”

One could only see Ye Erruo carrying a bedsheet that was over ten meters long, a moderately thin quilt, as well as two pillows… They were obstructing her vision and she was relying solely on her sense of touch to descend the stairs safely.

“Y-young madam, we’ll help you with the two pillows on top. It’ll be easier for you to see the way. You can bring the pillows and the rest of the items together away later. Will that do?”

The two helpers who were following Ye Erruo were on tenterhooks.

“No need.”

“No, young madam, it’s too dangerous for you to do it this way.”

“I am able to see the way.”

Sounds of the conversation between Ye Erruo and the helper on the second floor traveled to the first floor very soon. Mo Jiangye looked up and saw someone descending the stairs, ignoring the helper’s dissuasions. He was instantly furious.

“Stop right there!!” The cold and accusing voice made everyone in the room halt their steps.

Puzzled, Ye Erruo tilted her head and looked at Mo Jiangye who was downstairs.

Fuming badly, Mo Jiangye ascended the stairs in large strides. At the sight of the cold and sinister look in his eyes, everyone’s countenance changed and they trembled. Each time young master was infuriated, someone would die…

He yanked the pile of items in her arms and wanted to throw them away. When she saw that, Ye Erruo was shocked and she immediately pounced and grabbed them. “I’ll give them to her, I’ll give them to her.”

As she spoke, she stuffed the bedding and comforter into the arms of the helper beside her.

Without anything in her hands blocking her view, Ye Erruo’s exquisite face was revealed. The pink and flushed pretty face was covered in beads of sweat.

“Come down!!!” He dragged her hands forcefully and led her downstairs.

“Ah!!” Suddenly, there was a loud scream.

“Young madam!!!”

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