Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion

Chapter 32 - Pushed Her Out Without Any Hesitation

Chapter 32: Pushed Her Out Without Any Hesitation

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The classmates in the private room dashed out immediately.

Very soon, the security officers arrived anxiously.

“S-she is the one who killed the man.”

A few of her classmates pushed Ye Erruo out without second thoughts.

“She is still holding the weapon in her hands,” One of the female classmates pointed and said.

Ye Erruo was panting heavily. She threw away the beer bottle in her hands calmly. That blow would not kill this man.

“Quickly arrest her,” Lee Suran said loudly.

Trembling, Gu Feirou moved forward and squatted beside Ye Erruo. She spoke in a voice that was audible only to the two of them, “Xiao Ruo, I know that I have let you down. But Lin Jingxuan really loves me. I hope that you can give us your blessing. Don’t worry, I won’t let you go to jail. I will call Jingxuan now. He will resolve this properly.”

Ye Erruo leaned on the wall and cast a sideways glance at her. “If something happens to me today, the first person that I will not let go is you.”

“Xiao Ruo, I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Ye Erruo’s long fingernails were digging into her own palm. How could the battery in her cell phone die at the most critical moment?!!!

Very soon, Wang Qiang was sent to the hospital and Ye Erruo was taken out of the place by the security officers.

Gu Feirou’s eyes flickered coldly. She had already told Wang Zhendong, Wang Qiang’s father, about Wang Qiang’s injury. Most likely, Ye Erruo would not be able to hang on for too long. So she wanted to be with Mo Jiangye? She wanted to be the young madam of the Lin family? Wishful thinking! She would not let her fulfill her wishes. She wanted to destroy her reputation thoroughly. Today, she was rude enough to slap her in front of their classmates. She could not blame her for being nasty then.

Jingxuan’s intent was to get hold of Ye Erruo’s nude photos so that they would have something to blackmail her. He did not believe that she would not do their bidding then. Initially, she wanted to try to convince Ye Erruo but it seemed unnecessary to do so now.

Wang Qiang was Wang Zhendong’s only son. If he were to find out that his son had been beaten by a woman, he definitely would not let Ye Erruo go.

“Ye Erruo killed Wang Qiang but we didn’t stop her in time. Will Boss Wang put the blame on us?” Lee Suran said worriedly.

“On what grounds should he blame us? Ye Erruo was the one who hit his son. He should look for Ye Erruo.”

“Boss Wang dotes on Wang Qiang very much. Wang Qiang is the only seedling in his family. He will definitely vent his anger on us if his son dies.”

“What should we do then?”

Fanning the fire, Lee Suran pretended to be anxious and asked, “Sister Feirou, can you help us? Isn’t your boyfriend the president of the ‘Li Teng’ Corporation?”

“That’s right. That’s right. Sister Feirou, please help us.”

“Please help us.”

All of a sudden, all the classmates felt scared. They were pleading with Gu Feirou as though she was their last hope.

Gu Feirou glanced at Lee Suran, her lips secretly curled into smile. “Pretend like we didn’t have a class reunion today. I will destroy all the video camera records of today. Only Ye Erruo and Wang Qiang were here today.”

“Destroy all the surveillance footing?” Ordinary people were not able and didn’t have the rights to do so.

“Don’t worry, Boss Wang won’t be able to find you.”

“Thank you, Sister Feirou.”

“Thanks, Sister Feirou.”

Her classmates were so frightened that they took their bags and left hurriedly. They were deeply fearful that the responsibility of Wang Qiang’s death would be pin on them if they were to leave a step later.

Very soon, everyone in the private room left, leaving behind only Lee Suran and Gu Feirou.

“Sister Feirou, if Wang Qiang didn’t die and someone pursues this case… Those classmates… ”

“Who told you that he won’t die?” Gu Feirou left the corridors, clenching her fists maliciously.

Wang Qiang would definitely die. In addition, that Liu Yang…. could not be spared!

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