Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion

Chapter 5 - Get Married and I Will Marry You, Or Lie Down and Be My Woman

Chapter 5: Get Married and I Will Marry You, Or Lie Down and Be My Woman

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“Later? To delay the date so that it’s easier for both of you to elope?”

Ye Erruo said nothing.

He clutched her chin tightly and forced him to look directly into his eyes. “Let me tell you. It is impossible.”

“That’s painful… ” She struggled and held onto his strong hands.

“Will you marry me or not?”

“I… ”

“If you don’t agree, I will kidnap you to the wedding hall.”

“No… ”

“What no!!?? Ye Erruo, you only have two options. Get married with me and I will marry you or lie down and I will have sex with you!”

“You… ”

“I what? If you dare to run away again… ” He pinched her upper thigh ruthlessly.

“Um… Ah!! That hurts!!”

“If you dare to run away, I will paralyze ‘it’.” It sounded like a voice coming from the doors of hell. It was sinister and chilling!

The corners of Ye Erruo’s mouth twitched. Although he was terrifying when he flared up, she did not feel the slightest bit afraid. Perhaps it was because she trusted him very much subconsciously. She knew that he would not do anything to her no matter how infuriated he was.

She stared at him without blinking an eye and said softly, “I won’t run away again. There is no next time. I’ve already agreed to collect the marriage certificate with you and also requested to move out with you. I really won’t have any slightest thought about leaving you.”

Mo Jiangye looked at her with a strange expression. “We’ll get married immediately then.”

He would only believe her if they did that!

Sitting on his lap, Ye Erruo sat up a little. Blushing shyly, she gave his gloomy and handsome face a kiss, hoping to appease him.

Suddenly, Mo Jiangye’s body froze. His heart was continuously harassed by the breathing of the person beside his neck.

“We will have the wedding banquet later,” She pleaded in a soft voice.

His stiff chin moved slightly. “Don’t even think about it.”

“Let’s discuss this.”

“There is nothing to discuss.” The more smitten she was with Lin Jingxuan, the greater his crisis.

Ye Erruo, who was nestling and leaning on his shoulders, sat up abidingly. She took a fruit beside her and started chewing it. What must she do to make him agree?

Suddenly, he sighed gently and said sullenly, “Okay.”

Ye Erruo turned and looked at him, both her eyes shining. “You said it yourself!!!”

“Yes… ” After ruffling the girl’s head, Mo Jiangye looked at her thrilled little face with a puzzled expression.

“I will fulfill the duties of a wife.”

Mo Jiangye smirked. “Ye Erruo, don’t lie to me! I will believe you.”

At the sight of the disbelief on his face, Ye Erruo pressed his body and gave him another peck on the cheek. She would prove to him with her actions that she would take on the responsibilities of a wife.

He tightened his grip around the person in his arms and whispered into her ears with a low and deep voice, “Ruoruo… ”


For a long time, the person leaning on her shoulders did not say a word. Ye Erruo remained still until he released his grip.

After breakfast, Mo Jiangye immediately dragged Ye Erruo to sign the marriage agreement. Their marriage came into effect instantly on that day!

Very soon, two red booklets were passed to the hands of Mo Jiangye. Holding the two little red booklets, his cold and sharp eyes instantly turned as gentle as water. His hot and searing fingers touched the photo of the couple on the booklet, while he wore a dazed expression.

From the moment that she woke up today, she had not argued with him or fussed. She had obediently done whatever he wanted her to do.

Furthermore, she would stare at him dazedly from time to time, with a silly grin on her face sometimes. They looked like genuine smiles from the bottom of her heart… In particular, when they were signing the agreement she was smiling… so blissfully!!!

His curly and long eyelashes trembled slightly. Mo Jiangye’s tightly pursed red and thin lips looked cold. His eyes were as deep and dark as night. Blissful… At the sight of their marriage certificate, she was very blissful?

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