Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: I Won’t Utter a Word Even If You Were to Kill Him

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Mo Jiangye’s voice was deep and hoarse. “Speak.”

Her body relaxed and she placed her arms around his neck. “Carry me.”

Her legs were almost paralyzed and her whole body was aching and feeling wobbly.

With his big hands, Mo Jiangye swooped her up and carried her out of the room. He did not believe that she would change her attitude towards him just because they had slept together the day before.

“Ye Erruo, after we collect the marriage certificate, don’t ever think of leaving my line of sight.” He spoke into her ears and warned seriously.

“Okay.” Nodding, she obediently obliged.

She had not forgotten that in her past life, he bound her to his side at all times after collecting the marriage certificate. No matter where she went, many bodyguards followed her and she did not have the slightest bit of privacy.

Although her freedom was restricted at that time, Mo Jiangye would often bring her out to relax. He took her to many beautiful places.

He thought of everything and yearned to make her smile. Besides freedom, he gave her all the material things that were envied by every woman in life. He had given her all the patience, forgiveness and pampering that he could!

Unfortunately, she was blind to everything and only wanted to escape from him. Whenever she had an opportunity, she would find ways to contact Lin Jingxuan and as a result, made Mo Jiangye fly into a rage repeatedly.

He had serious ‘mania’!

At normal times, one could not tell that he had such an illness.

However, when he flared up, the most frequent thing that he would do was to kill someone. He would fight with the numerous bodyguards, wanting to kill them. Like an apocalypse, he affected everything around him.

Furthermore, she was usually the main culprit who set off his rages.

This was a type of mental or psychological illness. Each time he flared up, he destroyed everything around him and even hurt people.

The only person he would not touch was Ye Erruo.

Even if she was standing by his side, he would not hurt her the slightest bit…

What capabilities did she, Ye Erruo, have to deserve a man who loved her so deeply? This person belonged to her. He was her man and husband!

Ye Erruo lowered her long eyelashes. Her arms, which were holding onto Mo Jiangye’s arms, tightened their grip. It was as if she was hugging a precious treasure, fearful that someone would snatch it away.

Naturally, Mo Jiangye sensed her tightening hold. There was coldness in him that tightly pursed his thin lips. He wondered if this saying was true: A woman’s body is the path to her heart. To get her heart, one has to take her body first. In that case, perhaps he should have conquered her body long ago?

This was because the before-and-after changes were so obvious that he was at a loss over what to do. If this was a beautiful dream…

He really hoped that she could continue to be like that and allow him to dream forever.

When he descended the stairs from the third floor, out of the corner of his eye, Mo Jiangye saw Lin Jingxuan who was on the first floor!

All of a sudden, his breathing became heavier. Ferocious, sharp and icy hail-like beams were seemingly falling from the sky, freezing the surroundings.

Ye Erruo, who was in his arms, followed his line of sight. Mo Jiangye pressed and locked her head in his arms immediately.


“Who told you to come back!!??”

Lin Jingxuan’s gaze was fixed on Ye Erruo. “I came to apologize to elder brother. No matter what, it’s all my fault. Yesterday, I must have been possessed by a ghost to have brought Ruoruo to collect the marriage certificate. Please don’t be angry at Ruoruo. I promise that I won’t contact Ruoruo again in the future.”

Ye Erruo sneered. In her past life, she detested Mo Jiangye even more due to Lin Jingxuan’s words. This was because Mo Jiangye prevented her from becoming Lin Jingxuan’s woman.

The veins in the arms of Mo Jiangye that were carrying Ye Erruo were bulging. Ruoruo? Angry? Ah!

Ye Erruo’s head peeked out from his arms. “I won’t contact that man downstairs ever again. After breakfast, we will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau. I am serious in promising you this. If you discover me meeting that man downstairs again, it must be that he seduced or provoked me. I won’t utter a word even if you kill him.”

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