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Chapter 21 Kill You with a Bomb

Chapter 21 Kill You with a Bomb

Chen Fan did not have time to sleep that night. Although the white blood cells in the electric eel’s body had stopped attacking the lizard legs, the blood vessels of the iguana claws did not connect to the eel’s. Chen Fan had to spend a lot of time stimulating the muscle tissues around the wound so that more blood capillaries could come together to provide nutrients for the new legs.


Three days later, scabs had completely formed on the the eel’s wound. As for the iguana claws, other than being shriveled due to lack of nutrients, there were no problems. The most exhilarating thing was, when Chen Fan pressed hard on any one of the claws, he could feel a weak sense of pressure in his brain. From a medical perspective, this was the most important way to determine if the limb grafting was successful. It proved that there was already a connection between the nerve centers of both parties, and the graft would not be just an adornment.

Since the body had healed, Chen Fan did not have to be afraid of the seawater causing harm to the skin anymore. The eel’s stomach had been left empty for three whole days, and it might not have the energy to release electricity anymore if it still did not eat anything. He sent the eel out, and was extremely contented with his seafood feast. Large yellow croaker, pollack, halibut, hairtail, he had them all!

At sunset, Chen Fan packed up the tent to leave. “This damn place, I couldn’t sleep in peace here!” After getting home and putting down his stuff, the first thing he did was dash to the restaurant down the street for a feast.

Chen Fan belched as he logged on to House of Seas forum back at home. It had been three days since he posted. He should have gotten a load of comments with his high reward! After clicking on the marine community board, Chen Fan saw his post immediately, as it had been highlighted by some bored moderator. He did not expect his post to be so hot; it had a few hundred comments below it.

One said, “That’s easy, just go to Australia and catch some abalone to sell, one could fetch a few thousand RMB!” Too short-sighted, Chen Fan ignored it straightaway.

“Go underwater and find a mermaid of course, and then unite your bodies!” This guy was too eager to have sex.

“Everyone, we have to believe in science and not indulge in fantasy like the OP.” This guy was just being annoying.

After going through a few pages, Chen Fan did not find any satisfactory answer. He wanted to leave the website, but then he saw a post from Yiteng Yun.

“I didn’t want to comment initially, but seeing everyone’s poor imagination, I have to say a few words. How much is abalone worth? Do you know how much one gram of sea snake venom can be sold for in the global market? Let me tell you. Ten thousand, USD! A ten meter long sea snake wouldn’t have any problem producing more than ten grams of venom each day! This is only a small amount. If you take a sonar recorder to other countries and record the whereabouts of strategic nuclear submarines, do you know how much that would be worth? I can say without exaggeration that you can get at least ten million RMB selling it to any country! If you place a concentrated explosive in the submarine during wartime, congrats, you would become a VIP of the head of state!”

“Ah, a genius among beasts!” After reading Yiteng Yun’s comments, Chen Fan’s heart was pounding. A sea snake has so many uses! And what about the electric eel when I make it grow even longer in the future? It could be a hero!

With this thought, Chen Fan quickly clicked on Yiteng Yun’s profile and added him as a friend. “How boring can this person be. Even his nickname is Yiteng Yun. Don’t tell me that’s his real name!” Chen Fan was about to start chatting with him when someone knocked at the door in the living room.

“Who is it?” Chen Fan got up from his seat to get the door.

“I’m your neighbor from upstairs!

“Coming!” Chen Fan did not suspect anything and quickly opened the door. “You are?” He saw a young man with scars on his face at the door who did not look like his neighbor. Before Chen Fan could continue, the man kicked Chen Fan fiercely in the gut.

“It’s this rascal, kill him!” The kick made Chen Fan move a few steps back, and the young scarred man dashed in, followed by another two guys holding iron rods. Chen Fan was in shock. He did not understand why these three young men had barged into his house to beat him up. Chen Fan retreated to his bedroom. Bearing with the excruciating pain in his stomach, Chen Fan shut the door with his right hand and leaned firmly against it.

Bang bang!

Just after he pressed down the lock button, Chen Fan felt sharp pain through the door and his back went numb.

Chen Fan started coughing. The sharp pounding made Chen Fan’s chest shake wildly, and he felt as if it had been stuffed with cotton! “Ah…” Chen Fan bent his knees and supported himself on the wall with his right hand while his left hand held tightly to the door lock. He stood rigidly, using his back to absorb the impact on the wooden door so the door couldn’t be kicked opened from the outside.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

These people were very experienced in kicking down doors, and every one of their kicks was around the lock. Chen Fan coughed again. His back was still numb from the continuous pounding, and he felt as if the organs in his chest were being grabbed and tossed around by huge invisible hands.

“Tear this place down! Boss instructed us to give him a hard time!” The scarred man instructed, after seeing that they could not kick down the door. Time was of utmost importance. The neighbors could call the police, and the minimum sentence for a violent home invasion was ten years in prison.

The smashing sound outside was like rolling drums pounding continuously on Chen Fan’s heart. “You were sent by Wei Songyue!” Chen Fan voice was as hoarse as a wild beasts.

“Why, don’t tell me you wanna take revenge on us?” The scarred man was arrogant. “So what if we are? Since we’re here, that means we’re not afraid of a little shrimp like you!” Whether the man admitted it or not, Chen Fan knew that this was Wei Songyue’s doing. But how did they find his house?

“Fee free to try to take revenge!” The three men left with these words and swaggered off, after they’d created a mess in Chen Fan’s house. Chen Fan had been pressing against the back of the door for more than ten minutes and finally relaxed.

He opened the door and found nothing undamaged in the living room. Chen Fan felt a raging fire from his chest dashing to his head and exploding inside. “Wei Songyue, I’m gonna make you explode!”

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