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Chapter 22 Ocean Storm Marine Company

Chapter 22 Ocean Storm Marine Company

Chen Fan was furious. Although he had fought in group fights since he was young, he had never been beaten before. This time not only he was hit by someone, but so were the things in his house.

“Revenge. I must take revenge!” Chen Fan clutched his chest furiously.

Chen Fan could not be blamed in this matter. It was a guy named Wei Songyue who caused this to happen. If he had not smashed Chen Fan’s head with a plate, Chen Fan would not have rushed to beat him up. Well, even if it was Chen Fan’s fault, he still wanted revenge!

At that instant, Chen Fan thought of his third uncle who had blown off half of his arm while he was blast fishing in the countryside. His uncle had loved to play with explosives since he was a child and Chen Fan was always very interested in making one of his own. Taking a deep breath, Chen Fan reeled in his anger, picked up his phone, and made the call.

“Hey, uncle! It’s Xiao Fan. Do you have any explosives left? I want a dozen of them for blast fishing!”

“Explosives! Xiao Fan, a strict law has been implemented against this. If you were caught you would be imprisoned. Besides, the government has banned merchants from selling ammonium nitrate fertilizer anymore. If you want to fish, just drop by and I will take you to the sea to fish with the net!”

“Is there another way? I know that you know how to make different types of explosives.”

“It is possible, but Xiao Fan, it’s not that I’m not willing to help you, it’s just that the government is very strict on this matter. If you went blast fishing in the ocean and got caught, you would be sentenced to two years in prison, and anyone that reports the incident would be rewarded. Think about it. It is impossible to go unnoticed.”

“Oh, it’s okay then. I just wanted to play with explosives. You know, the ‘pop’ sound is very addictive!”

Shaking his head, Chen Fan hung up the phone.

What should he do now? Without help, it was impossible to take revenge, as Wei Songyue had the support of Tianhai Shipping Limited.

Can I use the electric eel to strike their boat with electricity? No, Not a good idea.The current would become extremely weak if more than 2000 volts of electricity spread across the ship.

Even if he could kill a few people, Chen Fan wouldn’t do it. His enemy was Wei Songyue, not the innocent gamblers!

If he wanted to find Wei Songyue, he would have to go to Tianhai Shipping Limited. However, that place is like a lion’s den. If he didn’t have a gang of skillful friends, there was no way that he could make a show of it.

“Tianhai Shipping Limited… Tianhai Shipping limited…” Chen Fan kept muttered as he thought

If Boss Wei can start a gambling company… Then why can’t I?


Thinking about the post from his online friend Yiteng Yun, Chen Fan was hopeful. Was there any problem that couldn’t be solved by a growing electric eel? He could get his hands on a deep-sea monster if someone wanted him to!

In the Ocean House internet forum, there were a lot of people who wanted to buy weird stuff from the ocean. There were even people that would spend 50,000 RMB just to buy a snake somebody named the “Dragon Sea King”.

There were rumors that this snake produced bile that had a miraculous curative effects on cerebral venous thrombosis disease. As long as someone continuously drank soup mixed with this snake bile, he could recover even if he was already half paralyzed!

That’s it! I should start a sea business company that specializes in carrying out strange requests! After making a fortune, I could directly hire a bunch of top fighters to burst into Tianhai Shipping Company, catch Wei Songyue, and feed him to the sharks!

Chen Fan couldn’t help but feel excited as he thought about this idea. The 200,000 RMB he had would be enough to start a business. Many people had probably dreamed to own a company of their own, and Chen Fan was one of them. Since he was young, he had always envied those big CEOs that took their mistresses for a tour in their Benz. He often daydreamed about how splendid it would be if he could also own a well-known company!

“Damn Wei Songyue, sooner or later, I will kill you!”

Snapping back into reality, Chen Fan looked around at the ruined furniture in his house and got angry all over again.

To start a company, he would need to go through official procedures that were super tedious and troublesome. Fortunately, there was another way: a company that specializes in registering new companies could help you complete the entire registration process in a short period of time. Since they provided service for everybody, all you needed to do was pay a small amount. This kind of company was common on the street.

After tidying up the mess in his house, Chen Fan took his bank card and hit the road the next morning.

He thought about it all night at home and decided to name his company “Ocean Storm Marine Company.”

Registration companies were very easy to find. After walking down two streets, he spotted one in a tiny storefront.

“Sir, do you need help to register a company?” The receptionist was not dumb. The moment she saw Chen Fan, she knew that he wanted to register a company.

“Well, yes!”

“What kind of company would you like to register?” The receptionist pulled out a stack of information and handed it to Chen Fan. “For a company that has two or more shareholders, we will need a minimum of 30,000 RMB to verify, whereas, for a sole-proprietorship company, we will need 100,000 RMB. Of course, we can also provide you a credentials!”

“I’m interested in a sole-proprietorship company. I already have the money, but do I still need to go to the bank for verification?” Chen Fan scratched his head. Of course it would be a sole-proprietorship company. He had no partner, and this way he could keep the profits all to himself.

“Yeah, I’ll have someone to accompany you to the bank to verify it later. It won’t take long!”

Private groups were definitely more efficient. All he needed to do was to fill out a form and go to the bank for verification. As for the rest, the receptionist said that she would get it done in only three days.

After paying 1,000 RMB as a deposit, Chen Fan left with satisfaction. Registering for a company was cheaper than he thought.

Now that he had a company, he needed to rent office space. He was not planning to use a big office. A few dozen square feet was more than big enough as it was just for appearances. It was the electric eel that really did all the work.

After wandering around, Chen Fan was attracted to a 16-story silver gray office building with cool-looking tinted glass. After calling the number that was printed on the advertisement banner, Chen Fan chose an office on the third floor. It was about eighty square meters. The original price was 32,000 RMB, but Chen Fan managed to bargain it down to 30,000 RMB.

After transferring the money, Chen Fan went to the furniture store and bought some office supplies like tables, sofas, and chairs. Then he went to the electrical appliance store and bought computers, fax machines, printers, and scanners.

Chen Fan was an impatient person. He never procrastinated and would make sure to complete all the work he could in one day.

When the office was tidied neatly with the help of the delivery workers, it was already past eight o’clock in the evening. Chen Fan gave them an extra 200 RMB for their dinner money.

Now that he was a boss, he needed employees. Early the next morning, Chen Fan took a cab to the job fair. Since it was not a college holiday, the recruitment market was not crowded. After paying 500 RMB to rent a spot, Chen Fan sat there crossed-legged and placed the signboard that he just printed on the table, acting like a temporary interviewer himself.

Being twenty-something-year-old young man here to recruit attracted the attention of the crowd. Most of the people who passed by stopped to look at the sign, but then shook their heads and left.

The sign read, “Ocean Storm Marine Company is looking to fill the following positions: A business manager, 20-25 years old, polite-looking, no criminal record, proficient in computer skills, must have good communication skills, no educational background limitations, at a minimum monthly salary of 1,000 RMB and a bonus given according to the dividend.

“A network technician, proficient in designing and maintaining websites, monthly salary between 1,500 RMB to 2,000 RMB, with the same requirements as the position above!

“Receptionist required, females with a sweet voice will be considered first, monthly salary is between 1,200 RMB to 1,500 RMB and the same requirements as the first position!”

These were the requirements of any dummy corporation.

An hour later, five people had come to consult, but Chen Fan had not employed them. Their demands were getting higher and higher, and they complained that the company was too small or didn’t seem to have a bright future ahead.

“Huh. Nowadays, college students are really picky!” Chen Fan yawned lazily.

“Excuse me, are you still looking for a technician?”

Just as Chen Fan was about to fall asleep, a young man in his early twenties approached him.

“Yes. Do you know how to create websites?” Chen Fan got up and looked excitedly at the young man in glasses.

“Yes.” The young man said with a calm expression.

“Ok, you’re employed. What’s your name?” Chen Fan took out a form and handed it to the young man.

“Yiteng Yun.”

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