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Chapter 28 I’ll Do As You Said

Chapter 28 I’ll Do As You Said

“Are you, then?” Chen Fan smiled and asked Yiteng Yun.

“Erm…” Yiteng Yun felt awkward.

Yiteng Yun stared at Chen Fan for a while and then said, “I can see that you are a virgin too!”

It was Chen Fan’s turn to feel awkward. “Let’s sing, sing.” Chen Fan avoided the topic. “Lele, Yu Lin, let Yun sing a song.”

“Go ahead, Yun. Sing a song!” Yu Lin also joined in to invite Chen Fan to sing.

“Then I will sing a song called ’The Patriots’!” Yiteng Yun did not refuse and got up to go to the jukebox to pick his song.

Bang! At that moment, the door of the coach was kicked open. A young man dressed in black, accompanied by five strong guys, came in without hiding their intentions, and then shut the door behind them. Everyone felt the tension in the coach!

“Wei Songyue?” The man leading the group was the man that Chen Fan met before in the breakfast nook.

“Ahha.. Chen Fan!” Wei Songyue clapped his hands. “How did you deceive me into believing you were Chen Xingpeng? You didn’t think I could find your house, did you? ”

“How did you find my house?” Chen Fan was puzzled by this, but even more so that he found him at the place he was singing.

“It was very simple. We went through the surveillance video that day. The girlfriend of one of Boss Wei’s men who lives near your house recognized you!” Wei Songyue said proudly. “I want to resolve this matter with you. I want my revenge!”

“Well, yes, it is time for revenge!” said Chen Fan slowly.

Yiteng Yun, who was standing by him, just wanted to yank on Chen Fan’s clothes to remind him that he should now pretend to be a coward, and not to act tough in this situation. But Chen Fan had already dashed forward and grabbed the ashtray on the tea table and smashed it on Wei Songyue’s head!

Chen Fan’s sudden move startled all the people at the scene! No one had expected that Chen Fan, as weak as he was, would initiate a fight without hesitation. It must be admitted that the ashtray made of glass was thick and was very suitable for smashing upon people.

Bang! Wei Songyue covered his forehead while he squatted on the ground. Red blood was flowing down his forehead. Chen Fan’s attack made the five-strong men at the scene feel rage. How could the sheep dare to put his paws on the tiger’s face!

“Cut him into pieces!” Wei Songyue was so angry that his heart was on fire. Both of his encounters with Chen Fan had resulted in blows to his head. No need for him to command the five-strong men. They all pulled knives from their waists and charged towards Chen Fan.

“Ah!” Zhang Lele was screaming as she covered her mouth. The miserable sound was like a lamb trapped in a tiger cage. Before Yiteng Yun and Yu Lin had time to react, Chen Fan pulled out a gun from his waist and loaded the bullet swiftly, then pointed it directly at the five men.

“Ah!” It was their turn to scream this time. As strong as they were with their bulging muscles, they were screaming like scared rabbits as they looked at Chen Fan’s gun.

Waking up from his initial shock, Wei Songye stammered, “Taking… taking out a fake gun to… just scare people…” He looked at the gun in Chen Fan’s hand with a terrified expression.

“You can come see if it’s real!” Chen Fan said boldly. At that moment, Chen Fan was like a general who had power over life and death. He showed real toughness.

The sweat on Wei Songyue’s forehead was mixed with blood. “It has to be fake… fake!”

“Oh, really?” Chen Fan gave a little smile, then his right thumb pressed the firing pin behind the gun. There were two advantages to doing this. One, was when the firing pin was pressed it was already in the firing state, and if a little force was pressed on the trigger then it would bring along the firing pin. The second advantage was that all the movies use this method. It was a very good technique to intimidate people! The effect was very good and everyone on the couch was afraid to even let out a breath except for Chen Fan. All eyes were filled with cowardly fear. It was a shame that an experienced gangster could not differentiate between a real gun and a fake gun. The person standing in front could even see the 8 mm caliber barrel and the yellow bullet inside it!

“Don’t… don’t… brother, we can have a… a nice talk instead!” When Wei Songyue had first come in the door, he had been so daring, but now he was as cowardly as a mouse.

“Yes, yes!” The five men with knives said all at the same time. They looked like a few humble farmers!

“Manager Wei, what do you say about this?” Chen Fan asked with a mocking expression. “Ah! You see, my hand is shaking, shaking tremendously!”

“Oh, my little brother, we will do as you say!” Wei Songyue, now very regretful of his act, wondered why he had shut the door in the first place. It would be good if he had allowed someone to see this and report it to the police.

“Very simple! Yu Lin, you go and get 20 dozen beers!” Chen Fan snapped his fingers and said, “Right, all of you sit quietly on the sofa!”

“Sure! Sure!” Yu Lin said. “Boss… boss. Or should we just get 30 instead?”

“Yes!” Chen Fan waved his hand at Yu Lin without caring about the amount.


After a while, Yu Lin came back and opened the door of the coach. “They have a promotional event today; two dozen free beers are given for every purchase of ten dozen.”

The entertainment club’s service was so efficient that in less than a minute, three waiters walked in with their beers.

“Can you drink that much, gentlemen?” One of the waiters looked at the ten people who were sitting and asked with a concerned tone.

“Stop asking rubbish!” Wei Songyue, who was sitting on the sofa, said with a fierce look, “Just put the beers down, I’ll pay for them all.”

“Yes!” The man with blood on his head was not kind looking, nor were the five strong men with tattoos on their necks and arms. The waiter quickly apologized.

After waiting for the waiter to leave, Wei Songyue opened a can of beer. “Brother, I apologize for disrespecting you, please forgive me!” After saying these words, he drank the can of beer in one go.

Wei Songyue’s men looked at the mountain of beer, clenched their teeth, and began to drink. Two hundred and sixteen cans at an average of thirty-six cans per person were in that mountain. Although the cans were small in size, that was lot of beer for those people to handle.


“… I said… brother… Hic…” Wei Songyue was drunk, staring at the beer can in his hand. “Can we stop drinking now?”

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