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Chapter 36 I’ll Deduct Your Salary If You Fight Again

Chapter 36 I’ll Deduct Your Salary If You Fight Again

Everyone was having a great time eating and laughing, but because of these guys, the mood changed and some even quickly paid and left.

“Hey, young lady over there, why is our food not served yet?” One of them pointed at the barbecue on Chen Fan’s table. “We ordered more than them, why didn’t you serve us first?”

“I will…serve…serve…you…soon.” The little girl’s face was pale white as she spoke with a trembling voice.

“Haha, Si Mao, you’re frightening her.” The young man sitting on the left whose left ear was full of studs said, “Don’t you know how to be a gentleman?”

“Gentleman?” The man who was called Si Mao had an exaggerated expression on his face. “Yesterday you were surely not a gentleman when you spent the night with your internet friend in the motel.”

“I can’t eat anymore!” Wang Bing ran his fingers through his hair, put down his hot plate clam and said, “Boss, shall I shut them up?”

“Shut them up? How are you going to shut them up?” Chen Fan twitched his mouth and said, “Do you think they will listen to you?”

Wang Bing smiled enigmatically. “Of course, my fists will do the talking!”

“Just go ahead then! Don’t blame me for not warning you if you fail.” Chen Fan waved his hand absentmindedly and continued to eat his own food.

“Of course… I won’t fail!” Wang Bing narrowed his eyes and the expression on his face looked like he was about to do something bad.

“Hey, lower your volume when you boast!”

Wang Bing turned to the table and said to the four guys who were still chatting loudly, “It’s okay if you’re full of sh*t but just don’t show it to others!”

His voice was so loud that all the diners focused their attention on Wang Bing and were startled to see how ’brave’ this young man was.

“There’s going to be a good show here!” Chen Fan slapped his head and muttered to himself. Then, he leaned on the wall to avoid being caught up in this impending battle.

“You… You… Are you f**king talking about us?” The young man, who was called San Ya, clenched his teeth and his eyes flashed with uncontrollable anger while pointing at himself.

“Bingo, that’s exactly it. Too bad there’s no reward!”

Wang Bing scratched his head and said something even meaner, “By the way, the guy with a pile of sh*t in your head, the Gerber mini folding tactical knife is fake and it only costs about 15 RMB for one, right?”

Silence crept in… The atmosphere was suddenly as silent as the dead! The four miscreants stared at Wang Bing with their eyes wide open as if they had seen a ghost.

“Why are you staring at me like that?”


Wang Bing smashed a white porcelain beer glass on the guy’s forehead.

“Does this guy have a death wish or something?” All the other diners rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

“I’ll stab you to death…” The guy shouted while covering his forehead with his left hand. His right hand grabbed the folding knife on the table and pointed his knife at Wang Bing, trying to stab him with it.

But who did he think Wang Bing was?

He was a beast who had beaten up five men in just ten seconds. Looking at the guy who was dashing toward him, he didn’t even bother to avoid it and calmly stood still instead. Then, he grabbed the iron stick on the table, and threw it using only one hand. As quick as lightning, the stick pierced the lad’s hand which was holding the knife.

Most of the iron barbecue sticks were made from steel bars like those of a bicycle spoke that were sharpened at one end, which was very suitable for near distance piercing. The right hand of the man that was holding the knife was directly pierced by the iron stick and was pinned down together with the knife.

“Ouch…” The young man couldn’t care less about the pain on his forehead. He grabbed his left hand quickly in pain, stumbled back two steps and sank into the chair with a cry of pain.

This gave everyone a shock and even the three guys who were boasting loudly were scared to death. They looked at Wang Bing without daring to speak a word.

“Let’s leave!” After recovering from the initial shock of the fight, Chen Fan stood up and pulled Wang Bing by his collar.

Wang Bing spat on the ground and said, “The four of you, listen very carefully. I am Xie Ruijiang, the captain of the Riot Brigade of the armed police detachment of Zhongyun City. My duty is to suppress violence with violence! If you all haven’t had enough today, just come and look for me!”

He is the captain of the riot squad. No wonder he is so strong!

All the other diners finally understood the reason why the armed police detachment was directly managed by the province armed police headquarters. Others didn’t have the right to question his actions. Beating up a few youths must be as simple as drinking water for him.


While dragging Wang Bing to pay and leave, Chen Fan’s face showed a bit of displeasure, “How could you act so violently? Even though they were little thugs, you didn’t need to pierce that guy’s hand, did you?”

“Boss, it’s not as serious as you think!” Wang Bing gave a wave of his hand. “The iron stick is so thin that it will only hurt for a few days. He won’t have a major injury.”

“It’s not a matter of resulting in any major injuries. If they attacked us first, then I wouldn’t have cared if you beat them up, but you shouldn’t risk getting yourself in trouble by starting it first, even they were quite annoying.”

“I know, I know, I promise to get your consent first before I do it next time!” Wang Bing said in a “don’t care manner”.

“Let’s do it this way. In order for you to learn your lesson… If there is such a similar situation in the future where I have not allowed you to do so, I will deduct 1,000 RMB from your salary,” Chen Fan said.

“What…” Wang Bing said worriedly, “Erm… boss, this time no money will be deducted, right?”

“No I won’t deduct any money this time!” Chen Fan waved his hand. “By the way, who is the captain of the police brigade, this Xie Ruijiang, that you mentioned just now? You just blurted out his name without even thinking. Is he your former comrade?”

“Hehe, yes!” Upon hearing Chen Fan say that he would not deduct his salary for this month, Wang Bing was relieved and said, “I had a good relationship with him. He was transferred to the armed police brigade of Zhongyun City after some time.”

“If I hadn’t been expelled from the troop, he would have been one of my men in two years. It’s a pity that I’m embarrassed to see him now!”

“You are a shameless fellow. How can you set-up your own comrade!” Chen Fan said with an “I despise you” expression.

“This guy is not a good person anyway. He had tricked a lot of people in the army. Using his name in this is only a small matter. Once when I was in the hostel looking for a prostitute, I filled in his name and ID on the registration form!”

“Erm…” Chen Fan was speechless!

After walking for a distance, Chen Fan saw that they were approaching the beach where the electric eel was, so he turned around and said, “I have a stomachache and there is a beach not far away from here, so let me excuse myself for a while. Wait for me here.”

It was Wang Bing’s turn to be speechless this time!

After waiting for a long time, Wang Bing finally saw Chen Fan holding something like a conch in his hands.

“What do you have in your hand? It looks like a spiral conch.”

“I’m not sure either. It looked strange and I’m not sure what type of conch it is, so I just got it to play with.” Chen Fan said while toying with the giant squid’s beak in his hand. “Call a cab, we have things to settle tomorrow.”

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