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Chapter 38 Freeze!

Chapter 38 Freeze!

“If that’s the case, it was her husband who ran away with someone else this morning!” Wang Bing still had that impatient look on his face.

“Our general manager has not been married yet!” the female receptionist retorted immediately.

“Okay, okay, I have some business to settle with your general manager,” Chen Fan said while revealing the giant squid’s beak in his hand. “I’ve heard that your boss needs this to cure his wife, and I found one when I was fishing in the sea a few days ago.”

“What… seriously?” The receptionist immediately dismissed her idea of calling the security guard and dialed the phone hurriedly instead. “I’ll contact our general manager immediately!”

“Hello, general manager? I’m Zhen Qian, the receptionist. Two men are here saying that they have the beak of the giant squid,” she said excitedly. She would probably get some commission from this.

“Both of you gentlemen, our general manager will be with you in a moment.” The female receptionist immediately changed her manner of speech into a polite one. “Please have a seat on the sofa and wait for a while. I’ll make two cups of tea for you to quench your thirst.”

“Boss, how are we going to settle this later?” Sitting on the sofa, Wang Bing felt uneasy.

Even now, he still couldn’t believe that Chen Fan had the giant squid’s beak.

“You can rest assured, I have many years of experience in lying, and I promise we won’t get into any trouble.”

“We are doomed, I knew that you couldn’t possibly have a real giant squid’s beak!” Wang Bing looked around, tugged at Chen fan’s sleeve and said, “Boss, why don’t we leave now since there isn’t anybody around!”

“Young man, you have to be braver!” Chen Fan said calmly as he closed his eyes and took a sip of tea.

“Boss, boss, look… look!” Wang Bing poked Chen Fan’s arm strongly. “There is a gorgeous looking western girl coming out from the lift.”

“Where?” Chen Fan stopped pretending to be steady and looked around with his eyes wide open to spot the target immediately.

“Wow…” Chen Fan sucked in a cold breath as he saw her coming out of the elevator. She was a western beauty with honey yellow, wavy long hair, and a hot body. She had a pretty face with beautiful blue eyes and was wearing a pure black blouse.

These were not really the reasons why Chen Fan was surprised. Unexpectedly, this beautiful western lady was the one that Chen Fan had met the last time at the breakfast nook.

“Hello!” Wang Bing stood up and used his broken English to greet her.

However, he was ignored by the beautiful lady.

“Ah… You… Aren’t you the one who got into a fight at the Wansheng Breakfast Nook?” The beautiful western lady was shocked when she faced Chen Fan.

Chen Fan reluctantly scratched his head. “What a coincidence meeting you here. Yes, it was me indeed.”

The beautiful western lady looked around and saw that there were no other new faces in the hall except for these two men, so she asked Chen Fan hesitantly, “You have the giant squid’s beak, right?”

“Yes!” Chen Fan’s face was full of surprise. “The last time I met you, your Mandarin wasn’t that fluent. How come you can speak fluently now with a Zhongyun accent?”

“Is it really the beak of the giant squid?” The beautiful lady’s face immediately beamed with happiness. “Don’t ask so many questions for now. Follow me to the hospital right now, as my aunt is still waiting for this thing to cure her!”

“Wait… What, your aunt?” Chen Fan was even more puzzled. How could a foreigner have a Chinese aunt?

“Are you a mixed-blood?” Wang Bing was the one who caught a clue. Although the eyes of this beautiful woman were blue, they were less blue than the foreigners and the outline of her face looked a little Asian.

“Yes, don’t talk so much, just follow me to the hospital!” The beautiful lady tugged at Chen Fan’s clothes anxiously and pulled him out.

This beautiful woman seemed like an impatient person like Chen Fan. As soon as she started her white Audi A4L, she called Ma Rongtao immediately.

“Uncle, this is Wu Ruoyu. I found a man who has the beak of the giant squid. I am taking them to the hospital now.”

“Okay, I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

“Erm, young lady, we understand how you feel right now…”Chen Fan, who was sitting in the back seat, leaned forward. “But, could you please be considerate of our

feelings too? If I’m not mistaken, your aunt must be in Zhongyun People’s Hospital, and from where we are now, I don’t think ten minutes is enough to get there.”

“You… Can you get there in half an hour?”


The mixed-blood beauty rejected it in a hasty manner and stepped on the gas. The 2.0 CC car roared with a sound that was similar to a race car.

She was true to her word, and a few seconds before ten minutes she reached the basement of the hospital’s infirmary.

“F**k, she almost scared the hell out of me!” As soon he got out of the car, Wang Bing kept patting his chest as if he was in shock.

“Please come with me!” The mixed-blood beauty didn’t even have time to care about Wang Bing’s vulgar words and dragged Chen Fan to the lift.

As they rushed into the single-bed intensive care unit, they bumped into a fat and fair-looking middle-aged man.

“Young man, is what you are holding really the giant squid’s beak?” The man was clearly restraining his excitement.

“Yes, I found a dead giant squid when I was fishing in the sea a few days ago. It had a very strange mouth, so I cut it off to keep as a collector’s item.” Chen Fan simply made up a story.

“Doctor Zhang!” Ma Rongtao rushed over to the grey-haired old man who was standing in the back and said, “Could you please come and have a look to see whether this is the beak of a giant squid?”

After the old doctor carefully examined the thing in his hand, he said, “Yes, it is, it’s exactly like the one that I have seen before! Mr. Ma, your wife’s arm can be saved now.”

“Erm…” Wang Bing was totally shocked and his face was filled with confusion. Is the old doctor an idiot? How could he not distinguish between a ’conch’ and the beak of a giant squid?

“Thank you so much, young man!” Ma Rongtao shook Chen Fan’s right hand excitedly. “Do you have a bank account? I will ask someone to transfer the money now.”

“Yeah, I do….” Chen Fan gulped.

“Sha Sha!” Ma Rongtao turned to the mixed-blood beauty and said, “Call Manager Liu and ask him to transfer two million RMB from the company’s sales to this young man’s bank account.”


“Boss, I beg you, just tell me the truth. Where did you get that thing?”

While walking on the main road outside the hospital, Wang Bing pleaded. “You said it was sent to you by your foreign business partner, but I feel that something fishy is going on!”

“I said that I accidentally found it, but you didn’t believe me, and you still didn’t believe me when I said it was from a foreign business partner!”

Chen Fan shook his head and said, “Well, I’ll tell you the truth!”

“Yes! Of course!”

“I can tell you, but you must keep it as a secret without telling anyone. Remember, you must tell no one about it!” Chen Fan had a serious expression on his face.

“Don’t worry, boss!” Wang Bing nodded constantly like a chicken pecking for food. “I swear, I won’t even tell my future wife.”


Chen Fan paused for a second and said, “Forget it, I won’t tell you because I don’t want you to look at me differently.”

“Boss, tell me, I promise not to tell anyone!” Wang Bing’s eyes were almost popping out due to his anxiousness.

“Then… swear that you won’t…”

“If I tell anyone the secret of my boss, I will never have a wife for the rest of my life!”

“Since you swore so sincerely, okay then, I’ll tell you!”

Chen Fan frowned, took a deep breath and said, “Actually, I am the legendary superman! I have been secretly protecting the peace of the earth for more than seven hundred years…”

“But due to a recent shortage of money, I made a giant squid beak to earn some money!”

“What the…”

Wang Bing looked like he had just eaten a fly, and it was definitely a big one.

“Boss, I have a secret to tell you too!” Wang Bing imitated Chen Fan’s serious expression. “Actually, I am also one of the legendary supermen…”

“Ah” Chen Fan twitched his mouth and said with exaggeration, “I’ve been waiting for more than 700 years, and finally, I have you as my heir.”

“Enough boss…” Wang Bing was annoyed. “I believe that your foreign business partner sent it!”

Chen Fan had a ’you should have believed it since the beginning’ expression. “By the way, do you have a driver’s license?”

“Yeah, of course!” Wang Bing took out a green leather notebook from his pocket. “Boss, are you going to buy a car after getting the money?”

“Yes, stop a cab. Let’s go now.”

“Cab!” Wang Bing immediately jumped onto the main road. Without any regard for oncoming traffic, he stopped a cab.

Zhongyun Rundong Automobile Industry…

“Boss, I think that this Hummer H2 beside me is more macho?” Wang Bing said while pointing to the blue Hummer.

“It costs only one hundred and twenty-eight thousand!” Chen Fan looked at the catalog and shook his head. He acted as though he were filthy rich and said, “I’ll buy this black BMW 740 that costs about 1.4 million RMB.”

The BMW 7 series was a model that was designed especially for bosses.

Apart from the two passenger seats in the back seats, there were three air-conditioning outlets with independent temperature adjustment and ventilated seats, not to mention the electrical leather seats that could be adjusted freely.

Only by looking at the two 9-inch LCD screens that were installed behind the front seats and the wireless remote controls that controlled the car’s stereo system could one feel that this model would be very comfortable for bosses.


It was impossible to describe Chen Fan’s feelings at that moment as he had only been an ordinary college student who was worried about his future a few months ago.

However, things were starting to change now. He was now a rich man with a private bodyguard who drove a more than 1.4 million RMB luxury car.

“Boss, this luxury car costs about one million RMB, and we already feel so cool driving in it!” Wang Bing, who sat in the driver’s seat, was filled with emotion.

“What about the six or seven million RMB Rolls-Royce Phantom? Won’t the girls get super excited and ecstatic?”

“Concentrate on driving the car!” Chen Fan stopped fiddling with the dazzling buttons and laughed wretchedly. “Wait for me to get even richer, I’ll get a Bugatti Veyron that costs more than forty million RMB and let’s see then what the look will be of the girls who sit in it!”

“They will surely be so pleased!” Wang Bing’s expression was full of affirmation.

“Boss, where are we going now, by the way?”

“Let’s head home first. I want to change into a handsome suit, then go and flirt with some pretty girls!”

A high price came with good quality. It took about half an hour to get home by cab, but they got there twice as fast in the BMW because of the powerful engine. Chen Fan, who sat in the back seat, enjoyed the smooth ride home.

“Boss, we might as well take a bath in ’Victoria’!”

Chen Fan took out the key and opened the door, then turned to Wang Bing and said, “We don’t need to bathe in “Victoria” when we have a solar powered water bath at home.” Chen Fan opened the door and was just about to step into his house.

Suddenly, at that particular moment from behind the door… a dark gun barrel was held up and quickly aimed at Chen Fan’s waist.

“Freeze! If you dare to even move a muscle, I will shoot him!”

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