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Chapter 39 Things Took a New Turn

Chapter 39 Things Took a New Turn

“I won’t move… I won’t move!” Wang Bing, who was standing at the back, slowly raised up both of his hands, looking as innocent as a lamb.

“You two follow me. My boss wants to see you.”

Following these words, three grim-looking, burly men, carrying Beretta 92s, appeared from behind the door. As for the remaining two, one aimed his gun at Wang Bing’s chest, while the other speedily searched Chen Fan’s waist, removing an automatic pistol and a pre-paid Nokia phone.

Wang Bing’s body was then searched from top to bottom, but, apart from his phone, there was no other possible threat found. With a cold expression, the brawny man waved the gun in his hand, then demanded, “Follow us!”

“Brothers, where are we going?” Chen Fan’s teeth kept chattering, as the pressure of having a gun pointed at him was just too overwhelming!

“You’ll find out when we get there!” The burly man was not in a chatty mood. He used his wide sleeve to cover the gun, then marched Chen Fan and Wang Bing towards the grey van that was parked downstairs.

“Get in!” Another man opened the car door, then pushed Chen Fan and Wang Bing inside.

Once they got in, the man took out two pairs of handcuffs from beneath the seat, then, with a clack, cuffed both Chen Fan and Wang Bing with them. These people seemed like they were old hands at kidnapping and blackmail schemes, as the entire process flowed as smoothly as flowing river.

Through the tinted car window, Chen Fan noticed that the van was headed in the direction of the sea.

Are they going to murder us? And dump our bodies?

These two thoughts kept on circulating in Chen Fan’s brain, transforming finally into a chill, which spread from the soles of his feet to the crown of his head, then exploded in his brain. A cold sweat dripped down like rain from Chen Fan’s brow.

Turning his head towards Wang Bing, who was sitting next to him, Chen Fan placed all of his faith in this highly-paid bodyguard, praying that he would quickly prove his worth. Feeling Chen Fan’s gaze on him, Wang Bing turned his head and met his gaze. He unexpectedly grinned at the horrified Chen Fan, exposing his twin rows of snow white teeth.

“Why are you laughing?!” Chen Fan asked, while giving Wang Bing a harsh punch to the stomach.

The gray van drove on steadily, even obeying traffic rules and not running a single red light. One would never guess that there were a bunch of kidnappers with guns inside of the calmly driven vehicle! After many turns, the van arrived at an abandoned pier via a small lane.

“Get out!” the gun-bearing thug said coldly.

The abandoned pier was overgrown with weeds. However, at the end of the cement bridge was a brand new, white eight-seater speedboat that had been made of fiberglass.

“I’m sure you know what to do,” the thug said, still pointing his gun at Chen Fan.

With a gun aimed at his waist, even if Chen Fan was told to jump into the sea, he would grit his teeth and do it, so of course he would get on a boat!

“I… I know…”

Once he got on the boat, Chen Fan’s heart sank. The three kidnappers didn’t bother covering their own faces, nor Chen Fan and Wang Bing’s eyes, as they seemed to not care at all that the pair would see or remember their faces.

From their practiced movements, one could tell they were experienced pros. In this type of situation, the only possible explanation for their actions was that they never intended for Chen Fan and Wang Bing to leave there alive.

Aboard the speedboat, Chen Fan quickly focused his attention on his electric eel counterpart, which frantically waved its tail and swam towards the vessel. Although the chances of him not getting shot before the eel could bite these people to death were slim, Chen Fan still refused to let go of this tiny hope. Anyway, even if he died, he could at least live as a lonely electric eel from now on.

However, Chen Fan had underestimated the speed of the speedboat, while he had overestimated the speed of the electric eel. After all, even a mighty man would find that relying on a tail to chase a man-made speedboat is difficult.

The electric eel was still at least ten miles away, and due to the speed of the speedboat, the electric eel was forced to frantically give chase for over twenty minutes. But, in the end, it still was unable to stop the speedboat.

Just as Chen Fan was at a loss for what to do next, a command rang out from the side of the boat, “Get on the boat!”

Returning to his senses, Chen Fan raised his head and noticed that the speedboat had stopped beside a double decker yacht! The electric eel was still some distance from the speedboat, so Chen Fan gritted his teeth and temporarily stopped controlling the electric eel. He did this so that he could stand up and head towards the deck of the yacht.

An impeccably dressed young man was standing on the shiny white deck. The man was Wei Songyue, the guy who had held a grudge against Chen Fan, based on their previous encounters, for a very long time!

“Hey there! Welcome to my humble abode! Your presence honors me.” The minute Chen Fan got on the boat, Wei Songyue, who had been waiting for him, walked over with a malicious smile.

“I’ve missed you since we parted at the entertainment outlet.” Standing on the empty deck, Wei Songyue’s smile was especially dark and sinister. “Today, I really couldn’t resist, so I sent some people to invite you over to reminisce and, while we’re at it, to send both of you to hell!”

“Wei, let’s talk this out. There’s no need for knives and guns… right…” Chen Fan’s teeth chattered a bit as he spoke, revealing his nervousness.

“Well, didn’t you treat us similarly at the entertainment outlet?” Wei Songyue laughed gleefully. “We are merely returning the favor, so naturally, I thought I would get some thugs to entertain you. Look at my sincerity. I even threw in a free trip to hell for you.”

“Looking at your lewd smile, you seem pretty confident that you can kill us.” Standing at one side, Wang Bing didn’t seem to care that there was a gun pointed at him, as his tone was even more arrogant than Wei Songyue’s.

“Why don’t you tell me whether or not my confidence is justified?” Wei Songyue took out a gun from his waistband, then held it against Wang Bing’s forehead. “There’s no point in being long-winded with a man who’s about to die. I might as well send you off right now.”

“You haven’t even bought insurance, but you want to send me off?” Wang Bing was wearing a condescending expression. “Did you have a temporary lapse of sanity?”

“Gosh, it turns out that this fellow is dimwit!” Chen Fan was so worried, he was almost in tears. Now, the important thing was to stall him for as long as possible, but this guy had actually volunteered to get shot!

“Very good!” Without elaborating further, Wei Songyue immediately released the safety and pulled the bolt back. “I’ll send you off right now!”

Looking at Wei Songyue’s uplifted arm, Chen Fan had already planned on closing his eyes forever…


Suddenly, everything became a blur. The handcuffs, which were on Wang Bing just seconds earlier, were now unexpectedly flying in Chen Fan’s direction like an artillery shell.

With the booming sound, the handcuffs violently crashed against the nose bridge of the gun-bearing burly man, who was standing behind Chen Fan. The man hadn’t even had the chance to close his eyes!

Having knocked down one man, Wang Bing’s uplifted right hand then rotated, and with a bend of his body, he flashed from in front of Wei Songyue to behind him. The move took less than two seconds!

Wei Songyue had only raised his gun halfway up, when it was stolen at lightning speed by Wang Bing, who was behind him. With such a turn of events, the two burly men left standing suddenly had now become fugitives, instantly coming to the realization that things were not looking good for them!

One of the burly men was just about to raise his gun to defend himself, when a bullet shot through his temple with a huge ping. Instantly, white brain matter and bright red blood plasma came streaming out from the back of his skull! Without making a sound, the brawny man was immediately taken out.

Chen Fan thought that, at this moment, Wang Bing would pause and shout, “Don’t move! If you move, I’ll shoot!” However, without even waiting for the recoil to dissipate, Wang Bing instead sent another thug to the underworld via another bullet to the temple.

Chen Fan could not even comprehend Wang Bing’s speed. He went over the scene in his mind: Wang Bing’s using the handcuffs to knock down the one guy, snatching the gun and shooting down two people consecutively….all of which had occurred within one second!

Just as Chen Fan was about to scream out his delight, Wang Bing again fired his gun. The shock of yet another bullet sent careening through space caused Chen Fan’s planned scream to get stuck in his throat.

This shot immediately burst open the brains of the burly man who had been lying on the floor next to Chen Fan, holding his breath.

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