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Chapter 9 Man-Eating Shark

Chapter 9 Man-Eating Shark

“Oh god, why did you send this fella to act as guardian of the treasure?” How could Chen Fan, who stayed by the sea all year round, not know this menacing creature? This shark, now five meters away, was known as the “Man-Eating Shark”. This species of shark could grow up to fourteen meters long. It had a particularly fiery temper and was known to attack fishing boats and human beings, making it as detestable as the great white shark.

This particular man-eating shark was dismayed. It had just had a hearty meal and was returning to the shipwreck for its usual afternoon nap, but was awakened by some unknown creature. Infuriatingly, this thing could release nauseating voltage like a torpedo. As the powerful leader dominating the seas all year round, he had to teach this unfamiliar creature a good lesson. One that was both lively and bloody.

Seeing this shark that reeked of blood, Chen Fan almost cried from anxiety. There was totally no point in swimming away. With the electric eel’s speed, the shark could easily catch up with it. Chen Fan was also not confident in his only method for self-protection. He had had a hard time dealing with that three meter long grouper earlier, let alone this rough and thick-skinned shark. At that instant, Chen Fan quickly turned on the voltage in his body to the maximum power and lashed its tail. Yes, lash the tail and escape!

Big bro, please don’t come after me, my flesh doesn’t taste good! Chen Fan prayed in his heart as he swam with all his might. Most animals have the same revolting behavior. If a dog barks madly at you and you run away frightened, then it will definitely chase after you immediately. But if you pretend to squat down or go after it, it will definitely be the one running away. Of course this didn’t work for all dogs, like the wolf-like tibetan mastiff, german shepherd, bernese mountain dog, or bulldog, but it worked for most.

Unfortunately, with a name like “man-eating shark,” this predator would not be deterred. Initially it hesitated because of Chen Fan’s high frequency discharge capability, but after seeing it flee, its years of hunting instinct told it that this strange creature in front of it definitely belonged to the prey category. When was an animal at its highest speed? At the moment it caught its prey, without a doubt.

The shark covered a distance of over ten meters easily, stirring up a surge of ripples at lightning speed in its wake. However, when it reached for Chen Fan ferociously, there was a soft rumble and the shark’s thunder-like body unexpectedly softened as if suddenly struck by lightning. The long body hit the bottom of the sea, waves of muddy sand erupting around it.

This shark must have been through countless horrifying hunts to grow to this length, and also counterattacks to survive until now. After being struck by voltage and sinking to the bottom, it did not retreat but advanced instead. It immediately swung its steel-like tail fin and swept it at Chen Fan. How could the electric eel avoid the swift shark? Chen Fan was thrown to the bottom of the sea by a tyrannical force before he could dodge.

“Ah!” Chen Fan was in pain and let out an earth-shattering scream. Although it had succeeded with one blow, the shark was no better off. After that powerful electric shock by Chen Fan, it felt numb all over and was moving sluggishly. Both the eel and shark suffered in their first short battle and neither gained anything out of it. After the bad experience, both parties parted immediately, swimming a safe distance away.

As an electric eel with a human’s reasoning, Chen Fan naturally would not choose to fight it out with the shark. The burning pain on his back reminded him of how ferocious that shark was. Chen Fan was thinking that if he had not released the high voltage to numb the fish, his spine could have been broken by that strike just now. His own safety was the most important thing. Chen Fan did not hesitate to flee after releasing a few waves of voltage.

However, how was the simple-minded shark able to understand Chen Fan’s thoughts? Its beasty nature reminded it that since the enemy fled, it had to give chase. A shark that could grow to this length was definitely not an inexperienced hothead. Throughout the chase, it stayed more than ten meters behind Chen Fan, where the voltage was much weaker. It followed suit when Chen Fan increased speed, and also did the same when Chen Fan swam upstream, like a sticky candy stuck to Chen Fan.

Chen Fan was going crazy and kept cursing inside. However, cursing itself could not solve the problem; he had to get away. Chen Fan could not believe that this shark could continue following him and not give up. He had obviously underestimated the shark. It was known in the ocean for its endurance. With each powerful push through the water, the shark made sure to show that it was very patient. After following behind Chen Fan for an hour, it was still full of energy and enthusiasm without any signs of tiredness.

“Oh god! Why did you let me get into trouble with this psychopath!” Chen Fan was in deep agony as he felt the beast cut through the waters behind him. That beast was as cunning as a fox. When Chen Fan released slightly higher voltage, it immediately tossed its tail and swam far away. After a few seconds, though, it waved its enormous body and came up close again. By now, Chen Fan already knew what this beast was up to. This shark intended to tire Chen Fan out before he attacked up close.

Chen Fan felt miserable. The shark’s attack speed was really too fast. Although he could use electric waves to block its path, it was useless if he could not strike back in time. It was clear that Chen Fan did not have the ability to compete in endurance with a shark often called “devil”. After swimming wildly for more than half an hour, Chen Fan was already very tired and almost could not move his tail anymore.

“Damn! Are you glue?” Furious, Chen Fan turned and gave the shark a murderous stare. He had wasted his energy fleeing the whole day and was exhausted. “Let’s fight it out. At the most I’ll just give up this avatar!” Chen Fan roared, his eyes red, and spearheaded the attack. He definitely did not have the patience of snakes. Holding his breath, Chen Fan displayed his fastest swimming speed at that instant and jumped forward.

An electric eel does not have very sharp teeth, so its most effective method of attack had to be its strong voltage attack. As he jumped, Chen Fan controlled his spinal nerve and released the last trace of energy in his body.

The shark obviously knew that this blackish thing was also not one to be trifled with. At the instant when its body felt the strong voltage, it dodged to the side with its large and yet flexible body. The shark had rough skin and thick flesh, and it was a distance away, but the high voltage released by a two meter long electric eel still affected its movements.

Seeing that the shark’s speed had clearly decreased, Chen Fan gritted his teeth and followed closely, moving his tail with all his strength. The already exhausted Chen Fan could only hold the intense discharge for a little over ten seconds. Within this ten seconds, Chen Fan could only do his best and give it a shot. However, due to the severe disparity of their bodies, it was close to impossible for Chen Fan to electrocute the shark to death.

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