Superstars of Tomorrow

Chapter 485 - Safe And Peaceful Yanzhou

Chapter 485: Safe And Peaceful Yanzhou

In Huo Yi’s opinion, a visual spectacle of luxurious gold and romanticism would definitely leave a lasting image.

This sort of impact was needed!

In five or ten years or even several decades, people would definitely still remember this image. !

As the boss of Planet Wai, Huo Yi was also well informed. He too was making preparations for the impending new era. He knew that the new generation of warp engines was already in the final testing phase. This information had yet to become public. Those in the know kept it to themselves. They waited for this to be announced before making any moves. The upgrades to warp engines would greatly decrease the costs of spaceflight. The prices of Planet Wai’s commodities would be affected. However, Planet Wai was moving towards the tourism industry. In Huo Yi’s opinion, this would be very advantageous. Huo Yi only hoped that more people would travel to Planet Wai for sightseeing!

A lot of work was going into marketing for Planet Wai’s changes and new attractions. Preparations had started long ago and were still being refined. Planet Wai wanted to find a star for an endorsement, but after a while, they still hadn’t settled on anyone. Thus, Huo Yi set his sights on Fang Zhao. However, the decision wasn’t yet final. Then, Huo Yi heard that Fang Zhao had gone to Planet Yin to perform and even rendered a meritorious service. Huo Yi immediately came knocking with the plan that satisfied him most.

However, Fang Zhao declined.

“Why? I feel it’s very good!” Huo Yi was sullen.

However, Fang Zhao only rejected the plan. He hadn’t directly rejected the request for endorsement.

“Alright, I will rethink the marketing campaign,” Huo Yi lamented. “It’s been a while since you last came to Planet Wai. We’ve undergone great changes. Bring along Curly Hair for some relaxation when you are free!”

“Alright.” Fang Zhao chuckled. Huo Yi still thought about Curly Hair from time to time.

Being in charge of Planet Wai, Huo Yi was extremely busy. It was difficult for him to find the time to make a personal call to Fang Zhao. Fang Zhao felt honored by Huo Yi’s sincerity. If Fang Zhao could make some spare time, he would bring Curly Hair over to Planet Wai and see its changes.

When the elevator reached the top floor of Silver Wing Media headquarters, the doors to the conference room opened. A few of the company’s popular artistes came out. The reason for all the cars around the building was because of Silver Wing’s artiste meeting.

The artistes who came out from the conference room were either A-listers or higher. They were considered to be among the finest of Silver Wing’s contracted artistes. Currently, they either had solemn expressions or were secretly excited and bubbling with ambition.

The expressions of these people changed slightly when they saw Fang Zhao. However, they quickly covered it up and greeted Fang Zhao.

Fang Zhao acknowledged each of them.

Duan Qianji’s assistant came out at this moment and showed Fang Zhao in. Director Duan and the other high level executives of the company were inside waiting.

After the conference room doors closed, the few popular Silver Wing artistes exchanged glances outside. These were looks filled with complicated and wary sentiments.

Resources that the company could provide were limited. Competition in entertainment was very intense. One additional person was one extra competitor.

Once they entered the lift and were out of earshot of the high level executives, someone spoke in a hushed voice, “He isn’t omnipotent either. His brand image is not as developed. This is a clear disadvantage.”

He didn’t mention names, but the others knew who he was talking about.

Everyone understood that Fang Zhao had chosen to focus on music and was behind the scenes most of the time. He didn’t have many endorsements and rarely made public appearances outside of concerts.

“But, who knows for certain? He has strong control of his global-level niche. The company won’t neglect him,” someone else interjected.

“For sure, he’ll take some resources. The question is, how much?”

“Given Director Duan’s ambition and daring, he’ll definitely take quite a lot.”

“The clash of the titans has already started to unfold. Resources and engagement will depend on ability!!”

An intense blaze appeared in the eyes of everyone present.

At this moment, in the top floor conference room.

“Fang Zhao, you are one of the trump cards of our company. You aren’t like the other company artistes. Strictly speaking, we only have a collaborative relationship, and our contract is limited to music. However, the upcoming period is a really crucial phase. The entire entertainment industry is going to heat up with competition. Our competitors will go all out with their accumulated strength. The company is also very concerned with your future development. Fang Zhao, what plans do you have lined up?”

Silver Wing’s big boss Duan Qianji used a very gentle tone. Fang Zhao was a collaborator. Most of the time, the collaboration was led by Fang Zhao, not Siler Wing. Furthermore, as the director, Duan Qianji owed Fang Zhao some personal favors.

Fang Zhao pondered. “In this coming two months, aside from some interviews and program invites, music-wise…”

Fang Zhao briefly spoke about his scheduled itinerary. He would be participating in two global academic conferences and attending the concerts of three reputable artists. He also had to give Mo Lang a report every month.

The few high level executives stiffened when they heard this.

All of these activities were indeed related to music and sounded classy. But! Did these activities have anything to do with Silver Wing? What benefits could it provide them? How much attention would it garner for them?

In the past, they would have been grinning from ear to ear if they had company artistes in high-level academic circles. It would be useful for their reputation.

But, with the winds of change blowing, they wanted popularity and traffic!

Who cared about reputation? Could reputation be exchanged for more money?

As long as it wasn’t illegal, the company didn’t mind using any sort of means to garner benefits in the short term!

This was what they were seeking!

Towards other artistes receiving priority development, their request was:

Get busy!

Increase your exposure!

Feature yourself more prominently!

The activities Fang Zhao spoke of were indeed high quality. But, what use were they in the eyes of Silver Wing?

A few high level executives shot Boss Duan Qianji glances.

We don’t like the sound of what Fang Zhao just said. Hurry up and think of ideas to help him arrange more gigs!

Duan Qianji rubbed her temples. Without any change in expression, she said to Fang Zhao, “Whether through concerts, variety programs, or any other activities, you have to be more aggressive to capture the public’s eyes. Fang Zhao, the company has very high expectations for you and has other arrangements for your consideration. Of course, if you have any ideas, let us know so the company can help you.”

Fang Zhao thought about the interviews and variety show invites Nanfeng had mentioned. There were invites for other popular online activities, but he wasn’t too familiar with them. Fang Zhao decided to list them out and let the company help filter through them. After all, Silver Wing would definitely know more about the great changes that were coming to the entertainment circles.

Just as he was about to speak, his communications device vibrated. Fang Zhao glanced at the notification and raised a surprised eyebrow.

“Excuse me, I have to take this important call.”

Duan Qianji raised her hand and indicated for her assistant to lead Fang Zhao into the room at the side.

After Fang Zhao left, one senior executive smiled profoundly. “Looks like he is also well informed and understands the great wave that is coming.”

“He has had interactions with the military and Inter-planetary Fund. Furthermore, he was just at Planet Yin for a performance. It isn’t out of the ordinary for him to know,” Duan Qianji said.

“Then, what sort of arrangements should we have for Fang Zhao?” another high level executive asked with tightly furrow brows.

Silver Wing was one of the big players of Yanzhou’s media industry. They would still be one even without Fang Zhao. However, it was still somewhat difficult for them on the global scale. They had to rely on Fang Zhao and other artistes with global recognition to raise their prestige.

The number of company artistes under them who had both excellent commercial value and academic accomplishments could be counted with the fingers of one hand. And on this list, Fang Zhao was ranked first.

But, the company had limited resources. Every senior executive had their own biases, and the resources they held would definitely skew towards their trusted personnel. They had yet to decide how many resources could be diverted to Fang Zhao. Some of these executives flipped through their electronic files to determine what they could arrange for Fang Zhao.

As the big boss of the company, Duan Qianji also had considerable resources at her disposal. She definitely wanted to allocate some to Fang Zhao.

After a short while, Fang Zhao finished his call and returned.

“Shall we continue with what we were discussing just now?” Duan Qianji indicated for Fang Zhao to continue.

“I had originally wanted to have Silver Wing help filter through some of the invites and requests I received, but with this call, I have a new assignment,” Fang Zhao said with a somewhat pensive smile.

Duan Quanji’s curiosity was piqued. “Who called you?”

“Yanzhou Public Safety Bureau…”


All the high level executives stared at Fang Zhao.

“They contacted me with a request for me to endorse ‘Safe & Peaceful Yanzhou’,” Fang Zhao added.

The conference room suddenly fell dead silent. All the burning gazes lingered on Fang Zhao.

Director Duan secretly canceled out the work arrangements she had initially intended to give Fang Zhao.

She had intended for Fang Zhao to be the face of their company. She never imagined that Fang Zhao would be the face of an entire continent!

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