Supremacy Games

Chapter 1401 The End Of The Trials

Goliath and the rest of the supervisors started to sweat at the notion of Felix actually passing through the special package…They were paid too handsomely to afford to fail at their mission.

‘Goliath, stop messing around and invoke the personal challenge trial.’ One of the supervisors stressed.

‘It’s too shameful.’ Goliath frowned, ‘My reputation will take a massive hit.’

‘Do we look like we can afford to care about your reputation? If the special package failed, we won’t be able to justify our exorbitant prices and they will hit rock bottom!’

Since the supervisors were considered as working under the direct government, they had a bit of authority under their names.So, they didn’t really fear the Red Fangs ruining their lives by blacklisting them or such, however, they knew that such failure would ruin their entire operation for good.


Although he wasn’t pleased, Goliath knew that he couldn’t afford to let Felix pass the trial even if it meant putting his reputation on the line.

“Your next and last trial…Is me.” Goliath gave Felix a cold stare before suddenly dropping to the ground, towering over him.He wasn’t named Goliath for no reason as he was a towering hulk of three meters with gray iron skin, shimmering with intense red light.

“To pass the trials and earn your spot in the tournament, you have to land three direct attacks on me.” Goliath smirked coldly as he had gotten into his battle position, “There is no time limit.”

Booo!! Booooo!!

The spectators went absolutely wild with boos and negative remarks as they felt like Goliath was making it way too obvious now that he wanted to eliminate Felix.

All of them were smart enough to realize that Felix must be banned to receive such treatment, and they didn’t like it one bit. After all, as citizens, all of them were subjected to the same tyranny from the city lords and they were forced to keep their heads lowered against them to avoid getting blacklisted.

Alas, if only booing could solve anything.

“Are you ready?” Goliath asked, his eyes affixed on Felix.

Felix didn’t bother to reply as he maintained his indifferent posture like he wasn’t intimidated even slightly by Goliath.

It was understandable as his giant size was nothing to Felix who fought against beings the size of celestial objects.

But his reaction wasn’t to Goliath’s pleasure as it made him feel like he was being underestimated.

‘I was planning to show you a bit of mercy, but now?’ Goliath growled in his mind, ‘I will beat you up until you will beg me to stop.’


Goliath was the first to move, his body blurring as he summoned a gust of wind to propel himself forward…His speed was astounding, bolstered by his control over the wind.

But Felix remained unmoved, his eyes narrowing as he focused on the incoming attack.

Just as Goliath was about to strike, Felix snapped his fingers.

A subtle vibration rippled outwards, subtly altering the air around him. Goliath’s punch, guided by the wind, suddenly veered off course, missing Felix by a hair’s breadth!!


Taking advantage of Goliath’s momentary confusion, Felix stepped forward and snapped his fingers once again, sending a thunderous concentrated wave of vibration directly toward Goliath!


It was too sudden for the wind spirit to dodge, and the vibrational force connected, sending Goliath stumbling back with a loud explosion – one hit.

Thud!! Thud!! Thud!!

As the viewers watched Goliath rolling into the ground uncontrollably, their booes came to a sudden halt.

Even though Felix had shown his capabilities in the tests, they were still confident that Goliath would teach Felix a lesson as he was one of the most infamous runner-ups in those tournaments!

His legacy ended when he was unsuccessful to become a champion five times in a row and he retired from the fighting scene and settled down as a supervisor, attempting to seek a career in the government.

Yet, here he was, lying on the ground with a similar stunned expression as the viewers.

‘What happened? Was that sound element abilities? It can’t be, I heard nothing, just pure silent vibrations turning into a weird explosion…’ Goliath’s mind was in shambles.

He didn’t erect a telekinesis barrier, believing that his assault would force Felix into defense or at least evade, but to retaliation and so damn efficiently? He didn’t anticipate it at all!

Still, not one to be deterred, Goliath got himself back on foot with a stern expression, telling everyone that he wasn’t going to fall for the same attack again.


Without an ounce of hesitation, he summoned a wind vortex around his fists and legs, then he charged once again with an unprecedented speed!

This time, his body was protected with a tough telekinesis barrier, gleaming under the sunlight akin to glass armor.Felix remained calm and stretched out his arms, the arena pulsated, responding to his silent command.

An almost inaudible hum filled the air and vibrations began to ripple out from him, distorting the air around him and creating a visible aura of pulsating energy!

As Goliath launched himself forward, using the gale-force winds to increase his speed, Felix sent the vibrations forward, transforming the space around him into a wild, chaotic sea of invisible, energetic waves!!

If it wasn’t because of his simple understanding of vibration and lack of training, he could have done more than this.

Still, even when he was merely touching the surface of the vibration element, Goliath suddenly found his flight path turned erratic as if he was being jostled by an unseen force!

His telekinesis barrier flickered, struggling to protect him from the turbulent energy.As a wind specialist, his situation was much worse due to the vibration and sound element being a tough counter.

He couldn’t even control the wind in the vibration field due to it being absolutely dominated by vibrations!

The onlookers watched, spellbound, as the mighty Goliath was knocked around like a puppet caught in an invisible storm!

Crack! Crack…

What’s worse, his barrier was visibly cracking under the relentless assault of Felix’s vibrations, which made him even more shocked.


His telekinesis barrier was one of his most trusted assets and had gotten him through too many troubles!

Yet, here it was, breaking at an uncanny speed like it was being assaulted by a sledgehammer!

Unbeknownst to him, the vibrations weren’t just hitting his barrier in a random manner, but a unique set of frequencies controlled by Felix.

Just like he did with the flame on his palm, Felix had found the right frequency of Goliath’s telekinesis barrier and started messing with it through the vibrations.

The results?

With each hit, the cracks spread, spider-webbing across the barrier until, with a sound like shattering glass, it splintered completely!


Goliath was left defenseless in the chaotic sea of vibrations, his confident demeanor replaced by a look of shock and disbelief.Before he could regain control over his emotions, Felix clapped his hands twice, and two concentrated vibrations waves were launched at him.


The vibrations hit their mark, striking Goliath squarely in the chest and hurling him further and further into the depth of the arena – two more hits.

Felix lowered his arms and the vibrations subsided, leaving the arena in a stunned silence.

-Three hits registered, congratulation to

The Traveler for passing the trials successfully!-

Even when it seemed like Goliath had much more to offer, too bad for him, the battle was over the moment the condition was fulfilled.


The viewers imploded into frenzied cheering with flushed cheeks and fists in the air at this magnificent f*ck you to the city lords! ๐™—๐’†๐™™๐’๐™ค๐™ซ๐™š๐™ก.๐™ฃ๐™š๐’•

A blacklisted fighter went against the odds and emerged not just victorious, but in the most extraordinary manner!

While they were screaming at the top of their lungs,a stunned silence hung heavy in the air within the VIP section.

The rich, influential sponsors had just witnessed a trial that had far surpassed their expectations.

They had come to scout capability fighters, not expecting to see one of the best possible trials from a banned fighter.

“Impressive,” Lady Iris breathed, a slow smile spreading across her face, “Truly jmpressive. This spirit, he holds capability far greater than we anticipated.”

“His control, his creativity… it’s rare. He has the instincts of a seasoned fighter. He didn’t just defeat Goliath, he made him look like a novice.” Boss Gideon nodded.

“Goliath wasn’t clearly in his greatest form as he didn’t even use his other two elements. But, praise when praise is due. This man is going to create waves in this tournament.” Mr. Atticus said, his tone as indifferent as ever, but his eyes had a gleam of interest in them.

This look was shared by the majority of the sponsors, which made Boss Alves’ expression turn bad.

‘Those f*ckers are thinking of sponsoring him.’

He knew immediately that none of them were going to respect the blacklist order and miss out on such a once-in-an-era talent.

They had no problems with respecting the blacklist order if the spirit used on it was useless and nonimportant like Karra.

But with everything that Felix showed? Some of them were already dreaming of becoming the winner of the heavenly plane tournament!

“Boss Alves, cough, can we ask what made you blacklist the Traveler? Hehe, if it wasn’t something too serious, I believe we can fix it through an apology or a payment?”

Boss Gideon was the first to launch the attack on Boss Alves, letting him know that his eyes were on Felix and he merely showed him due respect with a fair warning.

“I think so too, this fighter oozes talent and I believe we can bring the heavenly plane trophy home at last with him representing us.” Madam Arabella supported, seemingly forgetting entirely about her prepared fighters.

“I don’t care if you sponsor him, just know that you will be getting yourselves involved in a conflict far above your league.”

Without giving any more details, Boss Alves walked away, leaving them staring at his back with puzzled looks.

They didn’t know if he uttered this to convince them to drop Felix or if he was truly a laced treasure with venom and if they dared to touch him, it wouldn’t end well.

Whatever it was, at this moment, none of them seemed to have any thought of giving up on Felix!

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