Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 1021

Chapter 1021 Shocking News

Hua Mojian could not understand the changes in his body.

When he was tortured by the fire dragons that had entered his body, his consciousness seemed to have been separated from his body and drifted to somewhere else. It was empty in his Divine Senses and he was on the verge of fainting.

It was unknown how long he had been in this state. When he finally felt like himself again, the sharp pain and burning feeling in his body had completely disappeared as he felt a strong power surging in his body. His cultivation was originally at the Primordial Realm, but at this time, he was already one step away from becoming a Martial King.

When he ran his dantian to observe, he was surprised to find that the shape and color of the Qi Seed in his dantian had been completely changed. The Qi Seed, which was like a small sword before, had turned into a burning blue flame, dancing and jumping in his dantian like an elf.

After he ran his power in his mind, two blue flames appeared in his palms.

To Hua Mojian, he didn’t find these flames hot at all. However, he knew that once he used them on others, even a high-ranking Martial King Realm expert would be instantly burned to ashes.

He was aware that this was a terrifying foreign type of power.

It was more powerful than the Heart Extinction Sutra sword Qi he had mastered before.

Feeling the faint blue Qi whistling in his meridians, Hua Mojian remained silent for a long time. He was certainly ecstatic about his powerful strength, but it also meant that the cultivation method of the Extermination Swordsmanship Sect that he had practiced before had been completely stripped from his body, and the property of the Qi had also been completely changed.

From then on, he was no longer qualified to be called a disciple of the Extermination Sword Sect.

Hua Mojian turned his head and glanced at Huo Jun who was seated beside him recuperating. “It’s all his fault. He’s the one that took what I had from me.” With a fury look in Hua Mo Jian’s eyes, the pale-blue flames in his palms suddenly thrived like a fire tree.

But in the next moment, he still could not make an actual move.

“No matter what, he didn’t harm Aunt Xing’er and me, and he’s the one that gave me my current power.

“As a matter of fact, he is my master.”

“Mojian, are you okay?” Gu Xing’er asked.

She had already figured out some clues, but she was still quite worried about Hua Mojian’s state.

Hua Mojian shook his head and said, “Don’t worry, Aunt. I’m fine.”

In terms of seniority, Gu Xing’er was of the same generation as Gu Shaochu and Hua Huai’an, while Hua Mojian was Hua Huai’an’s son, so Gu Xing’er was considered his elder. Usually, Hua Mojian would call her aunt.

At this time, Huo Jun, who had been cultivating, suddenly opened his eyes and stood up when a fierce momentum burst out.

The sound of a report came from outside.

“My lord, Inspector Lai wishes to see you.” The guard’s voice rang out.

Huo Jun sneered.

The last time Lai Pengyi came in, he barged in before the guards could tell it to Huo Jun. But this time, he respectfully waited for others to inform Huo Jun of his arrival. “Obviously, the higher-ups have made their decision, and this bastard doesn’t dare to make trouble anymore.”

Huo Jun sat on the big chair domineeringly. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Let him in.”

Soon, the door of the tent was opened, and Lai Pengyi came in with laughter. He said respectfully, “Congratulations to you, my lord.” The smile and expression on his face made him appear friendly with Huo Jun.

“How so?” Huo Jun raised his eyebrows. His expression was cold as he asked, “I got defeated. So how come you’re congratulating me?”

There was no trace of embarrassment on Lai Pengyi’s face. He said, “His Majesty has issued an order. From now on, the Southern Heavenly Army will be under your leadership, and the war on the Land of Infinity will also be under your command… Congratulations to you, my lord. Best wishes for you to rise to the top and make great contributions.”

Huo Jun was slightly startled when he heard this.

“Although I’ve expected that I won’t be punished by the God Emperor since I was defeated this time, I’ve never thought that I would receive such a great reward… This doesn’t make sense.”

However, Lai Pengyi continued to say, “And His Majesty is particularly generous. He granted your new disciple a chance to join God’s Palace.”

Huo Jun frowned when he heard this.

Ding Hao finally saw Xie Jieyu.

The Martial Demigoddess was not imprisoned by the Great Phoenix Saint.

She had indeed just returned from the battlefield, and it could be seen that she was a little tired. The continuous battles made her look a little haggard. But the moment she saw Ding Hao, her face was full of joy and brilliance again, and the surprise in her eyes was like a meteor flashing, which could not be concealed at all.

“Brother Hao, why are you here?” Xie Jieyu asked in surprise.

Ding Hao smiled and said, “I’m here to see you. I miss you.”

A blush immediately appeared on Xie Jieyu’s face. Ding Hao rarely said such romantic words, but they made her feel extremely sweet, and she was deeply moved. Women were indeed sensitive and they were easy to fool. Even if they knew that it was well-meaning sweet talk, they would still believe it.

The Great Phoenix Saint had turned into Ding Ding at some point. “Sister, handsome Ding is going to marry you. We’ve already discussed it,” she said excitedly, raising her hands high and jumping around happily.

Xie Jieyu showed a trace of surprise on her face, and then she looked at Ding Hao.

Ding Hao nodded with great certainty.

“I have already asked the Golden Eagles to choose the date. The entire True Phoenix City is preparing for it. This time, we must hold a grand wedding. Haha,” Ding Ding said with an excited expression, “I want to use this wedding to stun the whole continent and make all the women and female demons in the world envious. Haha! By the way, sister, I will design the wedding and the dresses for you personally…”

The look on the little girl’s face showed that she couldn’t wait.

Xie Jieyu looked at Ding Hao and said, “The war in the south has not ended yet…” She was smart. Although she did not know what had happened, she could vaguely guess something. Ding Hao would never betray her and she believed him very much. However, with his character, he would not consider a wedding with her now unless Ding Ding had used some means.

Ding Ding interrupted by saying, “Are you talking about those Divine Grace scums from the south? It doesn’t matter. I’ll go there personally. It will take me less than two hours to send all of them to hell…” Unconsciously, she would say some words that she had learned from her previous life on Earth.

Ding Hao also smiled and held Xie Jieyu’s hand, saying, “I will ask the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect to send someone to propose marriage. I will definitely give you a glorious wedding. Jieyu, marry me and be my bride.”

Of course, Xie Jieyu would not refuse any of Ding Hao’s requests. This was what she had dreamed of, but she still said with some hesitation, “But… I am the Holy Goddess of the Demon Clan. Now the situation is chaotic. A slight move may affect the whole situation. If… if we get married, it may be bad for your reputation. Many people will have objections!”

In her previous most wonderful imagination, when the day that everyone could no longer care about the secular world came, she would remove her identity as the Holy Goddess and be Ding Hao’s little wife with ease.

“This is our own business and has nothing to do with others.” Ding Hao smiled slightly and said, “Besides, I am also the Holy Son of the Immortal Phoenix Palace.”

Xie Jieyu could feel his determination.

She didn’t say anything else.

The news quickly began to spread throughout the Northern Region.

The Saber and Sword Addict Ding Hao and the Phoenix Xie Jieyu were about to get married.

As soon as the news came out, everyone was shocked.

Both of them were peerless figures who rose in the Northern Region in recent years. Especially in the battle of the Primitive Alliance Treaty between the Human Clan and the Demon Clan, Xie Jieyu made a stunning performance and her combat ability was shocking. It made the whole Human Clan and the Demon Clan in the Northern Region remember the peerless Martial Demigoddess.

This pair of newcomers could be said to be a perfect match for each other.

But with another piece of news spread at the same time, countless people were dumbfounded – Xie Jieyu was the Holy Goddess of the Immortal Phoenix Palace in the Northern Region. She was a member of the Demon Clan. In order to marry Xie Jieyu, Ding Hao was willing to join the palace and became the Holy Son of the Immortal Phoenix Palace.

This news was a huge bombshell, which caused the chaotic Northern Region to go completely crazy.

“The Phoenix is the Holy Goddess of the Demon Clan? Then why was she able to represent the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect to go to war?”

“What’s going on? Is Ding Hao going to betray the Human Clan?”

“He actually gave up his race for a woman?”

“It must be fake news. Lord Ding Hao is so broad-minded. How could he go back on his principles for a woman? Someone must have spread rumors and deliberately framed Lord Ding Hao!”

For a time, there were all kinds of opinions.

This news caused a lot of controversies.

It was known that since ancient times, the Human Clan and the Demon Clan had been enemies. Countless holy wars between them had accumulated great hatred, which was simply impossible to resolve. In the long history, there had been examples of the experts of the Human Clan and the Demon Clan falling in love with each other, but they had undoubtedly turned into tragedies. This kind of taboo love was not accepted in this world at all.

However, a big shot like Ding Hao had been regarded as the backer of the Human Clan in the Northern Region and the future supreme master who was powerful enough to hold up the charm of his clan. However, at this time, when the news that he was in love with the Holy Goddess of the Demon Clan came out, many people thought that it was a betrayal of his race right then.

Even those who had once crazily worshipped Ding Hao could not accept it at this moment.

Not only the Human Clan but also the major forces of the Demon Clan were shocked.

Although the Immortal Phoenix Palace was a force of the Demon Clan that had just risen in recent years, it was already a giant of the Demon Clan in the Northern Region. Many forces of the Demon Clan had acquiesced that it was a member of the Demon Clan. Now the Great Phoenix Saint dared to defy the world and wanted to recruit a human expert to join the Immortal Phoenix Palace.

This was against the rules of the Demon Clan.

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