Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 359 - Lending Me Your Bird to Play With

Chapter 359 Lending Me Your Bird to Play With

“You brat can express your idea directly. Why did you beat around the bush?” Qi Qingshan stretched out his hand from afar, knocked on Ding Hao’s forehead, and scolded with a smile, “To be honest, now on the Sword-hidden Peak, besides those flowers, the grass, birds, fishes and flies in the mountain, we are the only three living people. From now on, Juefeng is the eldest brother, and you’re the third one. All kinds of courses are taught by Juefeng, and you will just learn from him in a steadfast manner!”

“Hey… Hey?” Ding Hao was transfixed and said, “Oh, no. I just came and you’re already wanting to leave. I feel that I was just cheated by you!”

“Hahahaha…” Qi Qingshan laughed and in the next moment, he completely disappeared from the lawn without leaving any traces.

“Master is secretive in his movements and tracing, and he seldom appears in daily life. You just stay on the mountain obediently and slowly learn from me,” Wang Juefeng said, and when he looked at Ding Hao, there were care and appreciation in his eyes.

Ding Hao, who was already on a pirate ship could not say anything.

The cynical man arranged for Ding Hao to stay in a thatched cottage beside the peach tree.

From then on, that was Ding Hao’s new house.

That lawn was Ding Hao’s practice field. Spiritual qi around was rich, full of five elements’ qi. When he stood on the edge of the cliff, he could overlook the towering mountains below. All the mountains looked small from a high place, and it could help cultivators practice their mental state. Therefore, that place was an excellent place for practicing.

After having cleared up everything, Wang Juefeng patiently arranged some announcements for daily life, and then he taught the incantation of the fifth-level to the seventh-level Taixuan Sword-seeking Scripture to Ding Hao.

“The complete Taixuan Sword-seeking Scripture can be divided into twelve levels. The first three levels are the Human Rank Cultivation Method; The fourth to the sixth level are the Earth Rank Cultivation Method; The seventh to the twelfth level all belong to Heavenly Rank Cultivation Method… The Swordsmanship-seeking Sect depended on the Taixuan Sword-seeking Scripture to keep a foothold in Snow Province and could be equated with the Tranquility Academy after several thousand years.”

Speaking of that cultivation method, the cynical man was very proud.

“Well, that… Can I leave the mountain freely?” Ding Hao looked at the sea of clouds on the edge of the cliff and asked casually.

The cynical man was so angry that he jumped ten meters high. He went on the rampage and said, “You brat, please be more serious please. I am teaching you the cultivation method now. Do you know how many people want to master the cultivation method ultimacy of the last several levels in the Taixuan Sword-seeking Scripture?”

“You’ve already said many times and I’ve already remembered them. I can even recite it backwards fluently. You are so wordy,” Ding Hao said and casually recited a few incantations, and not a single word was mistaken.

The cynical man immediately felt speechless and he said moodily after a while, “Ok. You can leave the mountain once a month. When you reach the realm of Great Grandmaster, you can enter and leave the Sword-hidden Peak freely, because at that time, you will become the peak master of the Sword-hidden Peak.”

Ding Hao nodded and his eyes landed on the Magical Weapon Giant Eagle that stopped on the shoulder of the cynical man. He asked tentatively, “By the way, can you lend your bird to me?”

“It’s impossible,” the cynical man refused completely.

“I can give you this fat cat to play with,” Ding Hao did not give up bargaining.

Evil Moon immediately went on the rampage and said, “I’m not a fat cat. I’m strong. I don’t want to be played by this cynical and ugly beard.”

The cynical man was immediately irritated, and he said, “Dead cat, you can say that I’m cynical, but it’s unexpected that you would dare to say that I’m ugly. You are so dishonest. That’s fine. Third junior brother, it’s a deal. You can play with my bird and I will play with your cat.”

Ding Hao was wordless.

Why did he think that this sentence sounded a little bit strange? Was there anything wrong?

Ding Hao stayed securely in the thatched cottage, and he began to strive for the realm of Primordial Grandmaster.

What he practiced at the moment was the Invincible Fighting Method. The incantation of last several levels in the Taixuan Sword-seeking Scripture solved a big problem. In addition to the rare books that he had chosen from the library of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect, he did not worry about the rare books of other attributive cultivation methods.

Ding Hao carefully divided his time of one day as before.

The practice of the Heart Essential, Fight Essential and Mind Essential belonged to compulsory courses. In addition, he had to practice refining weapons, inscription, refining elixirs, sword intent and saber intent. He practiced continuously, and a rest of two hours a day and a night was luxurious.

Ten days passed in the blink of an eye.

That day, the sun just rose, and it was with a wild wind and beautiful scenery.

Ding Hao crossed his legs and sat under the peach tree to practice, as an old monk entering a meditative state.

He was in the critical moment of striving for the realm of Primordial Grandmaster.

Qi rumbled and operated in full speed inside his body, and his strongest power showed for the first time. His right half body was wreathed with the silver flying snow, and his left half body had orange burning flame. His hands spread out over the knees, each with a ball of ice inflammation and yellow flame bouncing like an elf. They bounced rhythmically, expanding and shrinking with Ding Hao’s breath.

On the lawn, the grass which looked like a carpet fluctuated with Ding Hao as the center.

The tip of each straw of grass seemed to receive a strange attraction. They fell down toward Ding Hao, as if in worship. Overlooked from the air, they were like countless courtiers worshiping their king.

Not only grass, but also the flowers and trees within the scope of five or six hundred meters around Ding Hao expanded and shrank with his breathing. Even the surrounding sea of clouds formed a strange wave of air. That was like a miracle.

Wang Juefeng stood secretly with a serious expression on the lawn, which was five hundred meters away from Ding Hao.

“It seems that what master said is right. Third junior brother has hidden a lot of secrets. It’s unexpected that he could practice two qi with opposite properties at the same time, and he has successfully practiced them to the realm of the nine-apertured Great Grandmaster, which is incredible. The cultivation methods that he practiced are absolutely not only the Taixuan Sword-seeking Scripture; the other one may be better than the Taixuan Sword-seeking Scripture…”

Wang Juefeng was extremely surprised in his mind.

“However, since third junior brother chose to practice that cultivation method justly and honorably without hiding, it shows that he has a clear conscience and doesn’t want to hide from us… The person that master has spent the whole year to find won’t be wrong. Ding Hao’s temperament and character doesn’t need to be doubted. Everyone has their own secrets, so it can’t indicate anything!”

When Wang Juefeng was thinking, something suddenly changed in front of him.

One silver light and one yellow light flashed and suddenly shot out from Ding Hao’s body. They were like divine light columns and both flew to the sky. They tore the void and directly poured into the heavens, which caused the movement of clouds from all directions.

“What? So fast… Third junior brother is too careless!”

The cynical man couldn’t help being shocked.

The two light columns clearly indicated that Ding Hao was in the last step of striving for the primordial realm. Qi penetrated the heavens and wanted to attract the purest elements in the Ninth Heaven to change the postcelestial physical body, in order to reach the first step of the combination of heaven and earth, achieving the primordial realm.

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