Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 361 - Qingshan’s Powerful Eight Adverse-blood Killing Methods

Chapter 361 Qingshan’s Powerful Eight Adverse-blood Killing Methods

Qi Qingshan was also very curious about Ding Hao’s cultivating methods, but he had never mentioned it or asked Ding Hao about it. Once someone had doubts about Ding Hao’s cultivating methods, Qi Qingshan would definitely stand up with an intimidating momentum, “It’s my apprentice. His cultivating method was taught by me, why should I explain it to you? F*ck off, otherwise I will kill you!”

That was another advantage for Ding Hao to take Qi Qingshan as his teacher.

In truth, Qi Qingshan was fully satisfied with having Ding Hao as his apprentice.

At first sight, when Qi Qingshan met Ding Hao attending the entrance examination for the Sect, he was attracted by the teenager’s particular temperament. Ding Hao’s words of “because I love the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect”, which was bullshit in other people’s eyes, it made Qi Qingshan who had been dancing and singing all weathers feel shocked by Ding Hao’s plain quality. Almost at that moment, Qi Qingshan decided that he had to take in that teenager as his apprentice and reopen the Sword-hidden Peak.

As time went by, the spiritual Qi vortex was more and more astonishing; it almost completely covered an area within a few hundred miles. The big Sword-hidden Peak was just a speck of dust compared with such a spiritual Qi vortex. Ding Hao sitting under the peach tree could be completely negligible when compared with the clouds in the sky.


“Well? Those clowns who don’t know how to live can’t sit calmly?”

Qi Qingshan was drinking liquor leisurely. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and noticed something. An ominous lightning-like surge flashed in his pupils and a sneer appeared in the corners of his mouth.

The next moment, a sharp sword-light tore the void as fast as lightning, emerging without any signs and struck Ding Hao who was in meditation.

Qi Qingshan sneered and tore it casually.

The sword light in the distance was suddenly broken and it dissipated.

After an exclamation, a dim figure originally hiding in the void was suddenly pulled by some power and showed up in a panic-stricken manner. What a pity! Before he struggled, he was crushed by Qi Qingshan’s majestic thought and divine awareness. With the sound of a bang, he burst and died as his brain was cracked.

Unfortunately, that was not the end.

At the moment when the man had burst and fallen, almost at the same time, a terrible killing intent emerged; sword light appeared around the Sword-hidden Peak. With the power to destroy heaven and earth, like flying fire and sparks it rushed towards Ding Hao to strangle him.

“You’re courting death!”

The old monster screamed coldly; his sound waves rolled up sullen shockwaves, which spread out in all directions. As if they were substantial, they smashed dozens of sword light slashes instantly.

Wang Juefeng standing by his side flashed and disappeared into place.

The next moment, in the void of the Sword-hidden Peak, a cluster of messy ripples suddenly appeared.

The sword light flashed, shadows flickered, and then blood was spilled.

It could be seen that Wang Juefeng flashed constantly in the void like a swimming dragon. He mowed down all resistance. Every time when he flashed, a cluster of blood burst in the void; a mysterious man in black tights fell to the ground with a sad cry.

In the twinkling of an eye, Wang Juefeng had killed 20 people in one breath and returned to the Sword-hidden Peak.

“They are assassins from the Falling Star Sect. Someone allowed them to come in deliberately!” Standing behind Qi Qingshan, Wang Juefeng murmured, “Those assassins were targeting Third Junior Brother. Without somebody in the Sect offering assistance, it is absolutely impossible for them to come dozens of miles into the gate of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect.”

Qi Qingshan smiled coldly and said, “Don’t worry about that too much, and just kill those who come close within one thousand meters of the Sword-hidden Peak!”

The words spoken by Qi Qingshan contained a deep Qi cultivation. They were faint, but endless and echoing in the void around. His voice was also fluttering at least ten miles away with an obvious warning. In order to protect his disciple, the old monster with the killing intent did not hesitate to kill as many people as necessary.

The old monster’s words also made the increasing surge of spiritual air vortex to stagnate all of a sudden.

Wang Juefeng stood behind the master and was thrilled with excitement.

“For so many years, I finally see my master’s arrogance. Did the God of Killing from the past, who wanted to kill all ghosts and monsters with the sword came back again?”

“Hehe. Martial Uncle Qi, what made you so angry?”

A cold and indifferent voice was suddenly heard, coming from the void. It was Tang Folei, the master of the Sky Sword Peak, who talked back to Qi Qingshan in the joint interrogation by the Six Peaks that day.

“Get away if you don’t want to be killed,” Qi Qingshan said with killing intent.

“Hehe. Why did Martial Uncle Qi fly into a rage? I, Tang Folei, with no talent, have not achieved any breakthroughs since I worked as the master of the Sky Sword Peak. I always wanted to learn your Qingshan’s Powerful Eight Adverse-blood Killing Methods, which are well-known in the Snow Province. Today is a good chance. Martial Uncle Qi, teach me your skills generously.”

In the sky, a light showed up suddenly. A burly figure flickered. He pointed at the sky with the left hand, and a 100-meter-long sword swiftly appeared, cutting down the clouds all over the sky and the Sword-hidden Peak like lightning.

“Protect your Junior Brother.”

Telling Wang Juefeng a few words, Qi Qingshan with killing intent between his eyebrows flashed and reached the sky in the next step. He shook his wine-containing gourd, the blood red wine flew out; he held the wine backhanded and the wine congealed into a long saw-tooth sword in blood red.

The next moment, without any obvious action, the blood light came out from the long saw-tooth sword in blood red and hit the magic sword with the golden light. Like pouring hot water on snow, the magic sword was swallowed instantly.

The blood light still kept its momentum and hit Tang Folei.

Just three or four meters away, it split up without any sign. Like dense red silk thread, it turned into a big net and covered Tang Folei’s burly figure in the sky. The net was twisted so that the man and the light was cut into fine pieces and fell on the ground!

Tang Folei, the head of the Sky Sword Peak, couldn’t even resist one move, and was killed?

“Was that the legendary Qingshan’s Powerful Eight Adverse-blood Killing Methods?”

No proud expression was shown in Qi Qingshan’s face. He disappeared in the void like foam and the next moment, he showed up 100 meters way and shook the red long saw-tooth sword congealed from the liquor in his hand; then, hundreds of red silk threads shot out.

“Martial Uncle Qi, your Qingshan’s Powerful Eight Adverse-blood Killing Methods seem to be outdated. Hahaha. Such a move cannot kill me!”

The voice of Tang Fole, who was supposedly dead, was heard in the sky.

The golden light reappeared, the burly figure regrouped, and then the golden streamers suddenly emerged in the void, colliding with the bloody silk thread in a dense way, bursting into clouds of magnificent fireworks.

“Let me see how many incarnations you have to protect you!”

Qi Qingshan sneered and shook his wrist. The blood light was more turbulent. Like a swarm of bees in the sky, it covered Tang Folei’s figure completely and attacked him crazily.

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