Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 963 - Re-entering the Void in the Cave

Chapter 963 Re-entering the Void in the Cave

It was the magical power of Tracing Back.

The mirror replayed what had happened before.

The scene of the fight between the successor of the Hades Ghost Sect and that of the Sky Immortal Sect could be seen in the mirror as well as the scene of the appearance of Ding Hao with a sword in his hand. Even the scenes of the appearance of the successor of Sword Daimon and Zhu Ganglie and that of the masters of the God’s Palace could be seen one by one.

There was only one difference between the scenes. The appearance of the masters from the God’s Palace and those who came later was very clear. But Ding Hao, Feng Ning and some others in the mirror were all enveloped in a thin cluster of mist-like air. Their appearance could not be seen clearly. Only some vague conversations could be heard.

“It’s a pity. The targets should have precious treasures on them, so the important information has been concealed. Their true appearance can’t be seen…” A low voice came from the black mist. He whispered to himself, “But do the other three also have precious treasures on them? Why can’t I trace their appearance? Interesting, very interesting!”

Tracing Back was not a rare magical power. Many Sage Realm Masters could use it.

But if the target of Tracing Back was a master whose strength was more powerful than the observer, the latter could only see a blurry image. If the target had a precious treasure on him or if he had used other kinds of magical power to conceal the important information, the observer could not trace his appearance.

The mysterious man in the black mist could even trace the Semi God Realm Masters of the God’s Palace by using Tracing Back. It could be seen that his strength was at least ten times more powerful than these people. His strength was terrifying to the extreme.

As soon as he finished speaking, he disappeared from where he was.

The Canopy Metal Carriage Ding Hao was driving was the core of the Heaven-exterminating Flame Army. It was running around the periphery of the Saint-alighting Mountain Range.

Soon, he found Jin Keyan and the others according to the marks left by the Celestial Master guard camp.

“Greetings, Celestial Master.” When the people who practiced physical cultivation saw Ding Hao, they immediately kept up their spirits. They excitedly gathered around him and bowed to him, as if they had found their backbone.

“What’s the situation inside?” Ding Hao pointed to the core position of the Saint-alighting Mountain Range in the distance.

Jin Keyan knelt down on one knee and reported to him. “Celestial Master, the Immortal Qi broke out three days ago. Since then, thousands of people from different forces have entered that place. They keep fighting with each other. So far, no one has run away from that place. Two days ago, a few super forces set up huge boundary formations in this place. People can only enter but not leave. According to the order you gave us, we didn’t go deep into that place. We only got some incomplete pieces of news. It is said that the immortal medicine catalysts have appeared and people are still competing for them…”

Ding Hao nodded.

He left the Saint-alighting Mountain Range two days ago. At that time, there were no restriction boundary formations. It seemed that in order to prevent others from picking up the immortal medicine catalysts, the major forces simply sealed off this place. In this way, the small forces would have no chance to obtain the immortal medicine.

In that case, whoever wanted to leave the boundary formations would attract the attention of the major forces. People would be searched or even be killed. Without powerful strength or background, even if someone was lucky enough to obtain an immortal medicine catalyst, he wouldn’t be able to leave this place alive with it.

This was the advantage of large forces.

Because Ding Hao had given an order before, none of the members of the Celestial Master guard camp had entered the core area of the Saint-alighting Mountain Range. Instead, they occupied several collapsed stone peaks and roads at the edge, waiting for the right time to come.

This was also to avoid unnecessary casualties.

Presently, God Realm Masters were the most powerful in the Great Abyss. Although the combat strength of the people who practiced physical cultivation hadn’t been suppressed, their strength was still a little lower than God Realm Masters. Once they entered that place, they would surely suffer heavy losses.

“Is there any news from Commander-in-chief Shan Xiong?” Ding Hao remembered the Nalan family.

There were also masters of the Nalan family competing for the immortal medicine catalysts, but their strength was around the Sage Realm. Since the strength of the Nalan family was very powerful, they were just small potatoes. It was a little weird that God Realm Masters such as “Heavenly Wrath Sword” Nalan Xingde did not show up.

Ding Hao did not believe that the immortal medicine catalysts were not attractive to them.

Therefore, there was only one explanation: the Nalan family was busy with something else that was more important.

“What could it be?” Ding Hao couldn’t figure it out for the time being.

“Mr. Shan, the Commander-in-chief, has sent a message as well. The residence of the Nalan family is very quiet. They haven’t taken any action.” Jin Keyan reported.

Ding Hao looked up at the huge rift in the sky.

As time went by, the rift showed no sign of fading or narrowing. Instead, it became wider and wider. Wisps of terrifying black light kept gushing out, spreading in the sky like wildly growing vines. This was a very weird situation. Ding Hao could clearly feel that as time went by, the suppressive power between heaven and earth was gradually increasing. It had begun to affect God Realm Masters.

Ding Hao’s Qi cultivation had been suppressed to around the nine-apertured Martial Emperor Realm.

Because of his special constitution, the influence of the suppressive power was not obvious to him. If it had been an ordinary two-apertured Martial Sage, he would have been directly suppressed below the Martial King Realm. The cultivation of a Semi God Realm Master would probably only be in the one-apertured Martial Emperor Realm now. An ordinary low-level God Realm Master would only have the combat capability of a high-level Martial Sage.

As for whether high-level God Realm Masters would be affected by the suppressive power between heaven and earth, Ding Hao could not figure it out with his strength. That realm was too far away from Ding Hao.

“If this continues, the combat strength of the people who practiced physical cultivation in the Vast Ocean will become more and more terrifying. Since the physical strength of the people who practiced physical cultivation is not affected by the suppressive power of the rules between heaven and earth, 1,000 people in the Saint level will have the combat strength of 1,000 Semi God Realm Masters.”

Ding Hao looked up at the sky. Lofty sentiments couldn’t help rising in his heart.

He knew that this was a crucial chance for him.

Once he seized the chance this time, he could definitely deal a heavy blow to the God’s Palace. It could also mark the forceful rise of the people who practiced physical cultivation in the Vast Ocean, which was enough to affect the power structure of the Eastern Continent. What he had to do now was to plan carefully and make the most of their advantages

“It would be great if I could contact my third uncle and the others.” Ding Hao was considering a possibility.

If he could get in touch with the Third Divine Prince and the others, he would have contact with his father’s force. If he could communicate with them and cooperate with them, he believed they would definitely give the God’s Palace a heavy blow, which might shake the foundation of the God’s Palace. Unfortunately, when he left the Third Divine Prince and the others last time, he forgot to ask for an emergency contact. He could not get in touch with them for the time being.

After thinking for a while, Ding Hao decided not to take action for the time being.

He believed that as time went by, the rift in the sky would widen, and the suppressive power would become more terrifying. At that time, the people who practiced physical cultivation would have a greater advantage, and then they would have more confidence in defeating their opponents.

He ordered the people who practiced physical cultivation to stay still and left the Canopy Metal Carriage in the physical cultivation camp. He ordered Jin Keyan to choose the elite to protect Xie Jieyu. Ding Hao himself chose to enter the underground labyrinth again.

In such a strange and changeful environment, people were full of killing intent. Only Ding Hao could proceed or step back freely.

Now the most important thing was to figure out the situation.

Perhaps he could bump into his father’s people in the void of the cave.

There were traces of fighting everywhere in the stone passageways.

Along the way, Ding Hao had seen countless corpses. Masters of different sects of the Human Clan had died. There were also corpses of the Sea Clan, the Beast Clan, and the Feather Clan. Basically, none of the corpses was complete. Broken corpses and weapons could be seen everywhere. The underground labyrinth was about to become a cemetery of creatures. Blood gathered at the low areas in the passageways, forming sticky streams. The smell of blood in the air was so pungent that it almost made people dizzy.

This was definitely the most horrible battlefield Ding Hao had ever seen.

“Even God Realm Masters have died…” Ding Hao saw the corpse of a bald master from the God’s Palace. It seemed he had been attacked by a beast. The part below his waist had been torn off, and his internal organs had been completely hollowed out. Before he died, he must have suffered some kind of terrible pain. His fingers had scratched at the stone wall of the passageway, leaving shocking traces.

His soul and Power of the Origin seemed to have been devoured by something terrifying.

When Ding Hao saw this, he was also shocked.

Along the way, he saw another few corpses of God Realm Masters, all of whom died extremely miserably. A look of unwillingness was still on their faces. Obviously, after their Qi cultivation was suppressed, they died in a humiliating way with everlasting regret.

Ding Hao could even feel a dense death aura surging in the entire passageway.

At this time, his sea of consciousness was a little hot. The Divine Artifact Heavenly Samsara Disc, which had been dormant, suddenly woke up again. It left Ding Hao’s sea of consciousness directly and turned into six clusters of flowing light of different colors. Like a peacock spreading its tail, they appeared behind Ding Hao, emitting strange brilliance and constantly absorbing the strange death aura in the passageway.

Ding Hao carefully sensed for a while, but he couldn’t figure out the meaning of such a change.

He could only continue to go forward.

Ding Hao activated the Martial Arts Third Eye from time to time and saw through the stone walls of the passageways. Having found the right direction, he rushed toward the centermost void in the cave. Horrifying energy fluctuations surged from the passageways in all directions. Those were the aftermath of the battles that broke out everywhere. There seemed to be undercurrent whirlpools coming towards him. Those whose Qi cultivation was below Primordial would be injured in an instant.

In the void of the cave, battles were still going on like raging fire.

After an entire three or four days of time, the bloody battles caused by the immortal medicine catalysts were still not over.

“Hahaha, a group of homeless dogs. Don’t try to escape…” A cold laugh was heard, and then hurried footsteps were heard. Four or five masters of the Sea Clan stumbled out of the corner of the passageway in front of Ding Hao. The leader was a little familiar to Ding Hao. He was the Whaleton Warrior who was following the Mermaid Princess of the Sea Clan that day.

These masters of the Sea Clan were all injured. Their bodies were huge. Like mammoths, their footsteps were heavy when they ran. Large amounts of blue blood spurted out of their wounds like fountains. Most of them looked panicked.

However, the Mermaid Princess of the Sea Clan was not among them.

“Could it be that she has already died in the battle?”

The Whaleton Warrior was running with his companions. They passed by Ding Hao like the wind. Since Ding Hao had changed his appearance, the Whaleton Warrior didn’t recognize him. As he passed by Ding Hao, he couldn’t help reminding the latter in a low voice. “Bro, turn around and run. There’s a group of mad dogs behind us. They kill anyone they see…”

Ding Hao did not speak.

The next moment, Ding Hao saw a group of crazy and bloodthirsty figures chasing after the masters of the Sea Clan crazily. They rushed out from the corner of the passageway in the distance. Their killing intent was so strong that it made people feel suffocated. They were like a group of greedy and cruel hyenas.

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